Mino's CD collection

:: rock ::

genre artist album
rock Aerosmith Permanent Vacation
rock Arto Lindsay Ambitious Lovers(1984)
rock Arto Lindsay Mundo Civilizado
rock Beck! ODELAY
rock Crunched Grind LIGHTS
rock Crunched Grind switch
rock David Bowie Best Selection
rock David Bowie Never Let Me Down
rock Dead Can Dance INTO THE LABYRINTH
rock FALCO The Remix Hit Collection
rock Latin Play Boys DOSE
rock Marilyn Manson mechanicalanimals
rock O.G. Funk Out of the Dark
rock Pink Floyd The Dark Side of The Moon
rock Rage Against The Machine rageagainstthemachine
rock The Beatles A Head Day's Night
rock The Beatles Abbey Road
rock The Beatles Beatles for sale
rock The Beatles HELP!
rock The Beatles Let It Be
rock The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
rock The Beatles Past Mastersvol 1
rock The Beatles Past Mastersvol 2
rock The Beatles Please Please Me
rock The Beatles Revolver
rock The Beatles Rubber Soul
rock The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
rock The Beatles THE BEATLES
rock The Beatles with the Beatles
rock The Beatles Yellow Submarine
rock The Power Station The Power Station
rock Tom Waits Franks Wild Years
rock Tom Waits Rain Dogs
rock Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones
rock Tom Waits The Early Years
rock Tom Waits The Early Years Vol.2
rock Tom Waits The Heart of Saturday Night
rock VanMorrison Inarticulatespeechoftheheart
rock Vanio Vaisanen Vega ENDLESS
pop/rock Ani Difranco So Much Shoutinf
pop/rock Ani Difranco Totheteeth
pop/rock Beth Orton Trailer Park
pop/rock Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man out of season

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