Locations of Spirituality:
Experiences and Writings of the Sacred


"Locations of Spirituality: Experiences and Writings of the Sacred"

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by Linda Rae Bennett

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What are the politics of discussing, writing and representing our own and other's spiritual realities?

How are the identities and work of anthropologists, historians and other social thinkers transformed through our experiences and writings of the sacred?

What is the significance of syncretism and post-secularism for our attempts to theorize within the shifting ground between spirituality and religion in the era of globalization?

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Table of Contents

:: Acknowledgements

:: Preface to the Conference proceedings - Deborah Bird Rose

:: Introduction to the Conference proceedings - Linda Rae Bennett

:: Conference papers

Jennifer Badstuebner
Red Subjectivities: Witchcraft, Blood and Rumors in urban Cape Town

Linda Rae Bennett
Spirituality in the sterile field: Childbirth, syncretism and Islam

Roland Boer
Secularism, utopia and the discernment of myth

Fiona Crockford
Travessia: Re-siting and re-citing East Timorese lived experiences of the sea

Greg Dening
An Archaeology of Believing, or, the Self as Another Country

Jo Diamond
Hinengaro: Maori Women in Spirit and Knowledge

John Docker
Scenes of Death, Hopes of Eternity: Spinoza, Socrates, Jesus

Debjani Ganguly
Buddha, Bhakti and superstition: A post-secular reading of Dalit conversion

Minoru Hokari
Re-enchantment of History: Writing Aboriginal Spiritualities

Jinki Trevillian
Talking with ghosts: A meeting with Old Man Crocodile on Cape York Peninsula
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