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In Old Jimmy's view, the core of the immorality of Australian colonisation is that the Europeans never asked for permission to enter Aboriginal land.
"Why he never say: 'Oh, come on mate, you and me live toegether. You and me living together, mates together.... Mate[s] together. Live together. One Mangari [food]. One table. Cart up wood together. No more fighting one another....' But you never do that." (Jimmy Mangayarri)

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Saturday, December 29, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.12.29

Dear Everyone

I hope you all had a good year. My son, Kyle, has been accepted into Northeastern University (Bio-Engineering, his first choice!) and we are having a relaxing and happy holiday season. Kyle and I were in Melbourne during Mino’s last month. Kyle, who was 3 years old at that time, clearly remembers about visiting Uncle Mino at a hospice. Mino gave him Japanese candy every time we visited. Nicole was born a year after Mino’s passing, and her middle name is “Minori,” a girl version of Minoru. Nicole is going to be a high schooler this fall as Kyle will be a freshman in college. John and I will have an empty nest in 4 years. Oh boy.

Here are some updates for 2018.

* As of May 2018, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance was A$143,380, up from A$139,467 in Sept 2017.

* 2018 Winner of the scholarship is Sarah Yu, a Doctoral candidate at the Heidelberg University in Germany. Her project “Window to the Soul” will tell a story of the pearling industry through the gaze of Yawuru, Mayala, Bardi, Jawi and Karajarri people. Sarah draws on ”Hokari’s insights, experiences and approach to history to write stories that show how some saltwater people think about and ‘pay attention’ to the world through the story of pearling.” The scholarship will fund her return to the north west coast communities where she will seek further insights, approval and critiques to write, with the local historians, a look at the world through Aboriginal eyes.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2018 was held again. I had suffered tendinitis in both elbows, which prevented me from knitting for almost 6 months this year. I did not design much and was not sure if I should hold the event this year. My fellow knitters encouraged me to continue the tradition and 12 of us knitted 29 projects with 7,359.2 yards (=4.2 miles = 6.7 km) of yarn. They are my true supporters; some have been with me for years, and others are new friends, just like all of you. My design carries Mino’s story and keeps helping him to meet new people all over the world.

* Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” continues to do well, with all positive feedback and reviews. I look forward to hearing from the publisher for the second print, another a few thousands copies?!

I wish all of us have another fruitful year, staying connected with Mino.


>> 2018.12.29


年末年始のこの時期をいかがお過ごしでしょうか。また1年が過ぎました。息子の海瑠が無事にボストンにあるNortheastern Universityへの入学が決まりました。専攻は生物工学。早々に第一志望の大学に決まり、家族でのんびりと休暇を楽しんでいます。ミノルの最後の1ヶ月を、3歳だった海瑠と私はメルボルンで過ごしました。海瑠はみぃちゃんのお見舞いに行き、その度に森永のラムネキャンディをもらったことをしっかりと覚えています。仁香瑠が生まれたのはミノルが亡くなってから1年後。彼女のミドルネームはMinori です。今秋に海瑠が大学に進むと、仁香瑠が高校1年生です。あと4年で我が家には私とジョンだけが残ります。さてさて。


* 2018年5月時点、オーストラリア国立大学保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は143,380豪ドル (1,114万円)に達しました。為替の関係で日本円換算では2017年9月から100万円ほど減っていますが、豪ドルでは139,467ドルからの増加ですのでご心配なく。

* 2018年の奨学金受賞者は、ドイツのHeidelberg Universityの博士課程在籍中のSarah Yuさん。彼女のプロジェクト”Window to the Soul”は、真珠産業に関わるYawaru, Mayala, Bardi, Jawi, Karajarriの人々のストーリーです。保苅実の歴史への洞察、経験とアプローチを取り込み、真珠産業を通じて世界にどう「注意を払う」ことをこれらの人々が考えているか、を描いています。奨学金により、Sarahはコミュニティに戻り、さらなるアドバイスを得られることとなりました。

* 今年もNimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2018を開催することができました。今年の春から編み物のし過ぎて両ひじに炎症を起こしてしまい、半年ほど休んでいたため、ほとんど新しいデザインをすることができず、このイベントを今年もやるべきかどうかと迷いました。編み物友達の励ましを得て、無事に12人で29作品を6.7kmの毛糸で楽しく編み上げることができました。この11人の参加者は私のこの活動の真の支持者です。皆さんと同様、編み物を通じてもう何年も付き合いがある仲間と、最近私のデザインを通じて知り合った仲間がいます。私のデザインはミノルのストーリーを抱えて、ミノルが世界中で新しい出会いを続ける助けをしています。

* 岩波現代文庫の「ラディカル」は順調に売り上げを伸ばしています。好意的な書評とコメントがあちこちで見られるので何よりです。岩波書店から第二版の連絡をいただけるのも近いでしょうか?



Saturday, July 07, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.7.8

Happy Birthday, Mino. I am now 51 years old, so of course, you would be 47. The thought of you being 47 is disconcerting for me, though, since in your photographs you’re still only in your ’30s. At 47, you would’ve had gray hair and little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. I bet you would’ve been gorgeous with silver-gray-hair.

The new paperback version of Radical Oral History has been working really hard to reach even more readers — with the help of Mr. Fuchigami, the editor at Iwanami Shoten and the tremendous support of readers who have been waiting for this. Can you believe it’s being described as “a legendary masterpiece”?!

I am happy to report that I’ve received many responses to my message in May.

Kohei-kun, who told us that he was assigning Radical Oral History as required reading in his seminars at Fukushima University, is to start teaching at Tsuda University next April. Those neighborhoods of Kokubunji and Kodaira that were once ours, where you and I and Noguchi-san roamed during the same period -- they will become home to Kohei-kun and his family.

Hisamatsu-san says that she has had occasion to visit the Australian embassy in helping to lay the groundwork for a new project being launched as part of the “lifesaving” (monitoring beaches to prevent accidents) work she has been volunteering for these 30 years. “Australia Now,” a program designed to introduce modern Australia to the world, is being held in Japan this year, so you have been much in her thoughts.

Mihoko-san, who always looks forward to my emails, says she read Radical Oral History “less as a book about history than as a book about how to interact with people, a guide to how to live one’s life.” She continued: “I think it’s wonderful that someone somewhere on Earth is always thinking about Hokari-san…. Reading his writing, with that distinctive style, it’s as if he’s right there, and I feel close to him and miss him both at the same time. I can’t help wondering: How do people who didn’t know him read his writing? Would I read his work differently if I hadn’t known him?”

Prof. Shimizu, now busy as a professional chanson and Latin singer, says that a paperback edition of the book he wrote while thinking of you was also published under the Iwanami Gendai Bunko imprint, just ahead of yours. Along with Tessa’s book, all three will grace bookstore shelves together.

Ann and Karen have always been just an email away. Their support for us have been amazing; keeping me up to date about your memorial scholarship. People at ANU have been adoring the tree that Tessa planted for your memory.

Chantal reached out to me and let me know that she still enjoys your stereo every day.

Ray replied to me, like always:

“Because you appear to be able to do more, you will do more. If you were to list what you have done, it would show what ‘one woman can do in the memory of a loved one’. You have thrown many petals, and there have been many bangs. ‘Enough’ can only be said later I think, much later, if the time ever comes when you can do no more. Until then it sounds as if you intend to keep working. When you can work no longer there will remain a legacy with a number of aspects, including ‘what you did, and what happened as a result’, as well as the ongoing research projects, knitting and other matters. This means that even at the time when you can do no more, your work will still be having ongoing outcomes. ‘What Yuki did’ can become a best-seller too, I suspect.”

Even though you are not here with us any more, thanks to everyone’s love and support, your book — and I as well — can keep going. As you know, this is because you asked them to stay connected with you. I believe it is the best birthday gift for you, letting you know that we are all still with you.


>> 2018.7.8





久松さんが30年もボランティアなさっている「ライフセービング活動(海辺の監視活動)」の一環として新しく立ち上げたプロジェクトの基礎固めで、オーストラリア大使館に足を運ぶことがあるそうです。” Australia Now” という現代オーストラリアを紹介するプログラムが今年は日本で開催ということで、貴方のことに想いを馳せてくださっています。





「由紀さんが(実さんのために)もっと何かできると思うからこそ、今後も活動を続けることになるでしょう。貴女がこれまでしてきたことを全て列挙すれば、一人の女性が『親愛なる亡き人に捧げてどれだけのことを成し遂げられるか』が明らかになります。貴女が投げ入れた幾枚もの『花弁』はすでに数多くの『爆発』につながっています。にも拘らず、『充分』成し遂げたと感じるのはもっともっと先のこと、それ以上何もできない時が訪れるとすればその時のことで、それまでは活動を続けるつもりのようですね。それ以上できなくなった後も、『何をして、その結果何が起きたか』に加えて継続的に行なわれている研究プロジェクト、編み物その他 を通じて、様々な形での遺産、痕跡が残されます。つまり、貴女自身が活動を続けられなくなった後もずっと、貴女の貢献は長く成果をあげ続けるということです。『由紀さんの貢献録』もベストセラーになり得ると僕は思いますね。」



Wednesday, May 09, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.5.10

Dear Everyone

I decided to write on his passing anniversary this year.

On April 17th, a soft cover version of Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” was published from a prestigious publisher, Iwanami Shoten. While the original hard cover version (by Ochanomizushobo) was printed for 7 times totaling 4500 copies, the first print for this soft cover has 4500 copies already. Today, this book is stored in more than 200 libraries in Japan, yet, I have heard enough of people lamenting that they couldn’t get a copy since the last print.

This soft cover version is the exact same content with a new full-on book foreword/review at the end (which is common for books in Japanese) but it is lighter and cheaper. People can easily travel with it. Many who already have the original version are still seeking for this version as well as those who could not get an original copy for a long time.

Mino gave up on royalties to keep the price very low for an academic book. This time, we will use the royalties for our future projects under “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU.” We are already working on a small booklet that records many “bang” from a petal thrown by Mino.

Brenda Croft, a Gurindji artist, whose cousin knows Mino in person, curated an exhibition “Still in My Mind,” collecting and connecting many Gurindji artworks and various involvements in Gurindji history. She offered me to include Mino’s and my knitting work in her exhibition. The Australian tour took off in May 2017 at UNSW, then moved to UQ Art Museum in August. The tour will continue to travel throughout Australia for the next few years. Thanks to this incredible opportunity, Kyoko Uchida who is a translator and a good friend of mine and I received a fee for the writing contribution to the catalogue and my knitted work. We decided to donate the fee directly to the ANU’s Mino fund.

It has been 14 years since Mino’s passing. I am not sure if I have done enough or I still have more to do. Well, I can do more for him and I will, as you all know.

>> 2018.5.10



4月17日に「ラディカル」が岩波現代文庫から刊行されました。御茶の水書房から増版を七回重ねて合計4500部でましたが、この度は初版で4500部です。今や、日本国内200以上の図書館に蔵書されているとはいえ、欲しかったのに買えなかったという方達はもちろんのこと、タイミングよく(偶然にも)、人類学者の今福龍太氏がStudio Voice Vol. 412で「保苅実というオーラル・ヒストリアンの痕跡」という記事を寄稿された効果もあり、初めて本を購入された方も多いようです。購入できた喜びの声や、読了後の感想などが、Twitterで流れています。「保苅実」で検索してみてください。

Brenda Croftというグリンジ出身の写真家が、私に連絡して来たのはもう数年前のことでしょうか。彼女の従兄弟がダグラグでミノルと接しています。2016年にグリンジ牧場退去運動の50周年記念祭で、私のメッセージを読んでくれたのは彼女です。その後、彼女は”Still in My Mind”というグリンジの歴史とそれを表現した大勢の人々のアートをまとめた大規模な展示を企画し、その中にNimara & Japartaのニット作品を加えたいと声をかけてくれました。ありがたいことに、カタログへの寄稿と作品展示料ということで豪ドル$1,310を受け取りました。寄稿料の半分は翻訳家の内田恭子さんの分ですが、彼女の申し出を受け、全額ANUの基金へ送金してもらう手配をしたところです。この展示は去年5月にUNSWで始まり、8月にはUQ Art Museumで開催されました。この先数年かけてオーストラリアの各地で展示ツアーの予定です。



Friday, January 12, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.01.12

Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents visited us again for 3 weeks in November and since they left, I has been crazy busy, but nothing seriously bad, just normal daily chaos for a family with 2 pre-teen/teenagers. My son, Kyle, will be 17 years old next week. I cannot believe he transformed to a nice young man whom I fully enjoy having around. Nicole will be 13 in April, who is emotionally extremely colorful these days and I am exhausted to keep up.

I have several updates for 2017.

* As of September 2017, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance reached $139,467, thanks to all of your support and ANU’s very capable and reliable fund management.

* 2016 Winner of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship is Tjanara Goreng Goreng, whose proposed project is concerned with: "The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation". This subject will be researched through fieldwork research conducted in Western New South Wales and Central Queensland as a part of her current PhD Research.

A list of past winners is here.

* 2017 Winner of the scholarship is Rebecca Richards of the University of Adelaide. In 2010, she became Australia’s first indigenous Rhodes Scholar. The scholarship will make it possible for her to participate a series of 8 workshops to work with community leaders and members to generate collaborative support for her work.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017 was held in Oct/Nov. 19 knitters knitted 44 projects in one months, totaling 10,435.84 yards. All of our fun interaction and event results are recorded at online knitters community called Ravelry. Ravelry has 7.6 million registered users all over the world and at any given time of a day, about 5,000 users are online. My designs for fundraising are there, so as Mino’s stories. Yes, that’s how Mino keeps meeting new people. Here is an article that ANU put together.

* The release of Mino’s Japanese book (full version in lighter cover) is pushed back to Spring 2018.

* About 500 copies of “Gurindji Journey” (Univ. of Hawaii Press version) are still available.

We can expect some movement toward completing that Mino’s documentary film. I hope we all have a wonderful year ahead and stay being connected!


>> 2018.01.12






* 2017年9月時点、オーストラリア国立大学保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は139,467豪ドル(約1,225万円)に達しました。これも皆様のご協力とANUの確かな基金運用のおかげです。

* 2016年の奨学金受賞者は、Tjanara Goreng Gorengさん。キャンベラ大学で教鞭を取りつつ、ANUの博士課程で勉強されています。プロジェクトのタイトルは”"The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation"奨学金は、Western New South WalesとVentral Qeenslandでのフィールドワークの資金となります。


* 2017年の奨学金受賞者は、アデレード大学のRebecca Richardsさん。2010年に、オーストラリアで初めてアボリジニ出身のローズ奨学生(世界最古の国際的フェローシップ制度で、英オックスフォード大学で学ぶ)となられた方です。この奨学金で、アボリジニコミュニティのリーダーやメンバーとの、8回にわたるワークショップに出席することが可能となるそうです。

* Nimara & Jakarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017を、満月から新月、そしてまた満月までのサイクルの約1ヶ月間の間に開催しました。19人のニッターがこの期間に合計で9542mの糸で44作品を編み上げました。この間の楽しい「会話」と全作品は世界のニッターによるオンラインコミュニティであるRavelryに記録として残っています。760万人の登録会員をもつRavelryには、常に五千人程度のニッターが世界中からアクセスしています。私のデザインパターンは、ミノルのストーリーとともに、このRavelryで寄付募集目的パターンとして販売されています。こうやって、ミノルは新しい出会いを続けています。ANUがまとめた記事はこちらです。




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