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In Old Jimmy's view, the core of the immorality of Australian colonisation is that the Europeans never asked for permission to enter Aboriginal land.
"Why he never say: 'Oh, come on mate, you and me live toegether. You and me living together, mates together.... Mate[s] together. Live together. One Mangari [food]. One table. Cart up wood together. No more fighting one another....' But you never do that." (Jimmy Mangayarri)

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Friday, January 12, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.01.12

Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents visited us again for 3 weeks in November and since they left, I has been crazy busy, but nothing seriously bad, just normal daily chaos for a family with 2 pre-teen/teenagers. My son, Kyle, will be 17 years old next week. I cannot believe he transformed to a nice young man whom I fully enjoy having around. Nicole will be 13 in April, who is emotionally extremely colorful these days and I am exhausted to keep up.

I have several updates for 2017.

* As of September 2017, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance reached $139,467, thanks to all of your support and ANU’s very capable and reliable fund management.

* 2016 Winner of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship is Tjanara Goreng Goreng, whose proposed project is concerned with: "The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation". This subject will be researched through fieldwork research conducted in Western New South Wales and Central Queensland as a part of her current PhD Research.

A list of past winners is here.

* 2017 Winner of the scholarship is Rebecca Richards of the University of Adelaide. In 2010, she became Australia’s first indigenous Rhodes Scholar. The scholarship will make it possible for her to participate a series of 8 workshops to work with community leaders and members to generate collaborative support for her work.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017 was held in Oct/Nov. 19 knitters knitted 44 projects in one months, totaling 10,435.84 yards. All of our fun interaction and event results are recorded at online knitters community called Ravelry. Ravelry has 7.6 million registered users all over the world and at any given time of a day, about 5,000 users are online. My designs for fundraising are there, so as Mino’s stories. Yes, that’s how Mino keeps meeting new people. Here is an article that ANU put together.

* The release of Mino’s Japanese book (full version in lighter cover) is pushed back to Spring 2018.

* About 500 copies of “Gurindji Journey” (Univ. of Hawaii Press version) are still available.

We can expect some movement toward completing that Mino’s documentary film. I hope we all have a wonderful year ahead and stay being connected!


>> 2018.01.12






* 2017年9月時点、オーストラリア国立大学保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は139,467豪ドル(約1,225万円)に達しました。これも皆様のご協力とANUの確かな基金運用のおかげです。

* 2016年の奨学金受賞者は、Tjanara Goreng Gorengさん。キャンベラ大学で教鞭を取りつつ、ANUの博士課程で勉強されています。プロジェクトのタイトルは”"The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation"奨学金は、Western New South WalesとVentral Qeenslandでのフィールドワークの資金となります。


* 2017年の奨学金受賞者は、アデレード大学のRebecca Richardsさん。2010年に、オーストラリアで初めてアボリジニ出身のローズ奨学生(世界最古の国際的フェローシップ制度で、英オックスフォード大学で学ぶ)となられた方です。この奨学金で、アボリジニコミュニティのリーダーやメンバーとの、8回にわたるワークショップに出席することが可能となるそうです。

* Nimara & Jakarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017を、満月から新月、そしてまた満月までのサイクルの約1ヶ月間の間に開催しました。19人のニッターがこの期間に合計で9542mの糸で44作品を編み上げました。この間の楽しい「会話」と全作品は世界のニッターによるオンラインコミュニティであるRavelryに記録として残っています。760万人の登録会員をもつRavelryには、常に五千人程度のニッターが世界中からアクセスしています。私のデザインパターンは、ミノルのストーリーとともに、このRavelryで寄付募集目的パターンとして販売されています。こうやって、ミノルは新しい出会いを続けています。ANUがまとめた記事はこちらです。



Friday, July 07, 2017 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2017.7.8.

Dear Mino

Happy Birthday, Mino. I turned 50 in June, and you became 46. Kyle is 16 and Nicole is 12. They are just like how we were at that time.

As we are deep into summer, morning glories and sunflowers are growing in my garden. Do you remember we planted them to observe and record how they grew for summer homework? Nicole brought back grass seeds planted in a water bottle from school. Grass seeds?! Not exciting at all, right? What a heck... I said. Bravo, Japanese education system!

For my 50th birthday, John planned a party for me. My friends whom I have known over 20 years since I landed in this country and their husbands gathered at a nearby restaurant. Kids asked me “So, Mom. A half of your life is over, how do you feel? (chuckle)” I answered “Well, I feel as if I still have another half to go.” As I am fully content how I spent the last 50 years and wonder what else I should do before my time comes to the end, I thought I should read more books.

Kyle reads lots of books fast. He reads the same books again and again. Nicole reads less books but slowly, and she understands each book deeply. Any book that she recommends to me has been always a good book, like “BFG” and “Wonder.” She noticed I am spending more time on reading lately and told me to read “Flowers for Algernon.”

I remember that I was back and forth in an email thread with Irumi (who has been helping me with “Mino business”), we discussed that it was hard to understand the young generation’s behavior, it seems they are lacking of “imagination.” She said “Lack of imagination comes from the fact that they have not read books growing up.” It totally makes sense. You need “imagination” in order to understand and enjoy a story or even an essay. “Flowers for Algernon” was indeed such a book to foster one’s imagination.

I enjoy reading books written for teenager/young adults in English since I can imagine how my children will grow and experience things in this country, which is different from my own experience growing up in Japan. While reading, I find myself being back at that age, feel like living in the story with all the characters. I can’t even knit once I am deep into the story. Many parents complain kids read less once they have their own phone, but I believe they will never forget the fun of reading and it can come back to them when it needs to or when they want it to.

That’s my thoughts on my 50th birthday. How about yours? Oh, I am happy to tell you this; Kyle says he will read “Gurindji Journey” this summer. Let's see what he thinks of your work.


>> 2017.7.8.








そんな毎日を送っています。そうそう、夏休み中に海ちゃんは”Gurindji Journey”を読むそうです。さてさて。


Saturday, April 22, 2017 [ Message ]










Wednesday, April 05, 2017 [ Message ]





去年の夏、福岡市美術館で「Doing History!歴史する!」という展示が1か月間行われ地元のアーティストがこのテーマで創作しました。このとき、担当の方が「ラディカル」を販売しようと在庫を探し、その時に御茶の水書房に在庫はなくなったと言われ、それを機会に、私のほうから増刷を依頼しました。御存知の通り、担当者の橋本育氏は退職しています。父親の社長は高齢ということで、新しい方が担当者となり、その方と直接交渉して、500部増刷が決まりました。










Sunday, January 29, 2017 [ News ]

Mino's Tree

Mino's tree was planted at the Coombs Courtyard in the ANU campus soon after his passing in 2004, proposed by Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki.


Mino tree plaque.JPG

In 2007, Mino's friend sent me a picture of the tree.

Mino tree 2007.JPG

At the year end of 2016, Mr. Yugo Ono who never met Mino in person, visited his son, Rintaro, at the ANU and took a picture and drew a painting.

Mino Tree by Ono Dec 2016.jpeg

Mino Tree by Ono.jpg

I am very touched by Mr. Ono's kindness and I am so moved that many people have been connected with Mino for all these years.




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