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In Old Jimmy's view, the core of the immorality of Australian colonisation is that the Europeans never asked for permission to enter Aboriginal land.
"Why he never say: 'Oh, come on mate, you and me live toegether. You and me living together, mates together.... Mate[s] together. Live together. One Mangari [food]. One table. Cart up wood together. No more fighting one another....' But you never do that." (Jimmy Mangayarri)

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Friday, July 08, 2016 [ Mailing List ]


Dear Mino

Happy 45th Birthday, Mino!

You were afraid of being forgotten. You wished your friends would remember you, think of you, mention you in conversations. Don’t worry. They have been thinking about you.

In Feb, Ms. Sachiko Shoji of Fukuoka Art Museum asked me for permission to use the word of your creation, “Doing history!” as a planned exhibition title. Ms. Shoji has worked with Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki before, and learned about you and your work. She says your work “opened” her world and she wishes many people to know about it, then engage in “Doing history” together. Local artists will express their own "Doing History!" through their works for this exhibition. She wants this exhibition to be a part of “the bang” that you have started by “throwing a petal.”

In April, another mail came from your old friend of UNSW International House days. Mr. Kenji Kitamura works for Research Institute of Humanity and Nature, and asked for permission to write about you, using the materials from the website. He shared the draft with me and I can tell how your work influenced him and help re-evaluate his own work. He says this article will be a starting point for his work to move forward.

In June, I received a mail from a board member of Japanese Oral History Association. This September, they will have an annual conference at Hitotsubashi University where you graduated from, and wished to have a photography exhibition “The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari”, just like they did at Rikkyo University in 2011. Also, they are planning to have a symposium about your work. Ms. Tazuko Kobayashi says in the mail that JOHA hope both the exhibition and the symposium will attract young scholars and introduce your work to them.

Mino, it has been 12 years since you passed. I (as a non-scholar) am overwhelmed and feel how fortunate we are that you have accomplished so much in such a short life and that has been inter-connected with so many different areas of studies.

My friend and our good supporter, Irumi Sasakura, told me this before; Many studies and researches are published every year, but "good work" do not necessarily reach out to the world. No matter how "good" research is, if it does not reach out to the audience, it is the same as "non existent". You left your work to change the world. Your work is still reaching out to more audiences, even after your passing. I am stunned.

I was going to sign off this message here, then one more mail just arrived.

“Hi Yuki!

I just bought your (knitting) pattern, “2HB+S series: Jarrett" from Nimara & Japarta. I love the pattern, and I was touched by your story about your brother Mino. I lost my brother, Andrew, to cancer when he was 30 -- so your story definitely hit home for me. I hope your fundraising goes well! You have my sincere sympathy.


I will hold an annual fundraising event “Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016” again this September, hoping to fill the gap of AUD$5,000, closer to our target. I just hope my tennis elbow (from intense sock knitting!) gets better in time.

Happy Birthday, Mino. We are thinking of you.

Your sister, Yuki





今年2月に、福岡市美術館の正路佐知子さんから、貴方の創造語「歴史する!Doing history!」を展覧会のタイトル()に使わせてもらいたいと、連絡がありました。正路さんは、テッサと仕事したことがあるそうで、それが貴方のことを知るきっかけになったそうです。正路というお名前が「正しい路(道)」ということにすぐ気づき、これも何かの縁かと思いました。「ラディカル」を読んで、「世界が開けた感覚があり、もっと知って、多くの人に読んでもらい、一緒に考えながら、歴史実践に意識的になりたい」と、思ったそうです。地元の参加アーティストが、「歴史する」行為について思考しながら、作品を準備しているとのこと。この展覧会が、一つの「爆発」のかたちになれるように、という思いで進めてくださっています。嬉しいことですね。





「Hi Yuki! たった今、貴方の編み物パターンを購入しました。このカウルのデザイン(2HB+S series: Jarrett)すごく気に入りました。そして、貴方の弟さん、Minoのコトを知り、心を打たれました。実は、私も30才の弟を癌で亡くしたんです。だから、貴方のことをとても身近に感じます。寄付集めが順調にすすむよう、祈ってます。Miranda」

今年も9月に、三回目の編み物寄付集めイベント"Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016”を開催します。目標額まで、あと豪5000ドル。そのときまでに、私のテニス肘(靴下を一気に何枚も編みすぎました)が治ってるといいのですが。



Wednesday, January 27, 2016 [ 2016 Catalogue ]


Dear Everyone -

I am writing to you with a very good news.

I recently confirmed with the ANU Endowment that as of 2015 year end, Mino's fund has AUD$122,000 balance after the donation transferred from Japan and the US. As you know, our goal is AUD$127,000 to provide annual $5,000 scholarship in perpetuity. We have just AUD$5,000 (=US$3,500) to go.

Now, I am planning to boost our fundraising efforts.

First, we recently did the second printing (100 copies) of a photography exhibition catalogue "The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari".

* We lowered the price to US$25 (including S/H, only shipped to the US Mainland).
* If you purchase more than 10 copies, each copy receives $1 discount.
* If you teach a related subject at a college/university (or any institution) and can suggest your students to purchase a copy, that would be wonderful. We also issue the statement/receipt for a business expense.

If you are outside of the US and wish to purchase, please contact me.

Second, my fundraising patterns are slowly reaching out to more knitters all over the world. I plan to have various promotions for my knitting pattern to boost the sales and continue to advertise the Knit-a-Thon to encourage more knitters to participate.

Third, if you kindly consider donating to the fund, you may donate online or send a personal check to the "ANU Foundation USA"

Mr. John Wellard
c/ ANU Foundation USA
1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20036

Please know that 100% of all the proceeds have been and will be donated to the fund. I have not taken and will not take even a penny. Any expense (wiring fee etc) are not paid from your donation.

Thank you very much for your continuous support. May the force of Mino be with you.







* 1部2500円+送料(現在360円)
* 10部以上のご購入の場合は、1部につき100円割引します。
* 高校や大学その他の教育施設にて、関連課目を教えている研究者の方がおられましたら、教科書や参考文献としての指定を御一考くださると嬉しいです。請求書にも対応します。


a. 郵便振替口座(00500−2−41246)
b. ジャパンネット銀行口座(3708074)



Friday, January 08, 2016 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2016.1.8

Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents left yesterday after 4-week stay over the holidays. It was great to have them here all day long every day. They struggled with jet lag at the beginning, but soon started working out in the basement (We have the state-of-art gym that my husband built). We went out for a long walk here and there, and went to NYC visiting The Metropolitan Museum and Xmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Kyle played Shogi (Japanese Chess) every day with my Dad and Nicole learned Abacus from my Mom.

My Grandma was a wise woman, whom my Mom took care of for several years in her late years. Unlike most elderly, she stopped insisting on being right “because I know I am wrong” to Mom. She said “Thank you” often for the care she received. She never got angry, and stayed happy and calm until her last breath. I can tell my parents learned from her. They are very calm and grateful, enjoy their lives and each other’s company. They know what to do to stay healthy; eat well and exercise, but not too much to injure themselves.

We talked a lot about Mino, my Grandparents and my Great Grandma whom even my Mom never met. Mom told me about many of her childhood memories. They are the episodes so long ago, and I felt like I was listening to the bed time stories as a small child, which I will pass them down to my children for sure. I am fortunate that they are healthy enough to visit all the way to the US. Ironically, because I live so far away from Japan, I can spend time together with such a depth at the age of 48. At the airport, I cried as I hugged them tightly, drove back home crying and ate a rice ball that Mom made.

After losing Mino, we managed to survive and are living well, to everyone’s surprise. Again, we thank you all to stay connected with us for all these years. I am grateful that every day a new person arrives at to learn about Mino and his work, through a simple google search or my knitting endeavor. I cannot imagine how we would have been without the memorial scholarship fund that the ANU have founded.

I am sending my deepest regards to those who sponsored the Knit-A-Thon 2015. This year’s Knit-A-Thon had 32 knitters (up from 27 last year) to knit my designs with 32,748.7 yards (up from 19,550.5 yards) and raise $1,637.44 (up from $977.52).As of September 2015, the fund balance was AUD$108,546 (up from $100,555 March 2015), which provides AUD$4,850 scholarship annually. Including the knitting pattern sale of my designs, donations and proceeds from other ongoing projects/events that I manage for the last few years, approximately AUD$9,200 was wired to the fund at the end of 2015. Our goal is to raise AUD$127,000 to provide AUD$5,000 scholarship every year, in perpetuity. I expect it will be fully funded in the next few years and I promise that once we reach the goal, I let the fund grow by itself. I won’t keep asking for your donation. I do not treat this fund to be an endless pit that never fills up. So, please bear with me for a few more years.

I want to share a message from my knitting friend who knits like a mad women during the Knit-A-Thon.

“Yuki, three years ago I was one of those people whom you emailed because I bought patterns. I read about Mino and wanted to contribute. I think I bought all of your patterns. This was only a few months after I lost one of my best friends to cancer at the age of 53--the one I referred to in my “your arms around me” project page. What I didn’t know immediately was that on the very same day I was “introduced” to Mino and purchased the patterns, another best friend and kindred spirit to me, lost her niece who was 15--she was the same age as my son. She and her best friend accepted a ride home from a party (no drugs or alcohol/just a small gathering of good friends). The driver had just gotten his driver’s license the day before. The two girls were killed on impact when the driver lost control and smacked into a tree--this happened just blocks away from their homes. I had just met this girl a month before the accident and was amazed at how much she looked like a friend of mine from college--so beautiful! I was going to keep my eye on her as she grew up to see if they would still look alike. This is why I knit like a mad woman for Mino. We lose amazing people, who aren’t given the chance to mature to their full potential, to uncontrollable circumstances; but, we need to carry on for those who are up and coming. You are one of those people who keep energy moving in a positive direction. I’ve told you before that you amaze me with your energy and creativity. The least I can do is knit for you, and for Mino, and for as many budding scholars as I can.”

Reading her mail and I thought this is the reason why I could keep going. There will be always support for what I do and there will be always a person who would enjoy meeting Mino. Then, I received another mail from a knitter who lives in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

“Hi Yuki, I have just stumbled on one of your patterns and read the story of your brother and the scholarship that has been set up in his honour. Unfortunately today I have no money to buy the pattern/s but I have kept a diary note so that in a couple of weeks when I get paid again I will buy myself at least one pattern and will also gift at least one more pattern. I just wanted to congratulate you on what you are doing - sharing your love of knitting and designing while unselfishly donating the proceeds of that labour of love to such a wonderful project. The subject of the scholarship is also dear to my heart, as an Australian, so I really wish you well in your endeavours and with your kind permission I will also post a message to my local group ladies pointing them to one of your patterns so that they can also read (and hopefully be moved to purchase/donate).”

A knitter who came across my designs would like to be a part of the fund. Mino’s fund is very special and unique this way and I am very proud of it.

I wish you all a very healthy and fruitful year. I will write to Mino on his birthday in July again.



>> 2016.1.8






Knit-A-Thon 2015に向けて、寄付してくださった方達に、心からお礼を申しあげます。今年は32人のニッターが集まり(去年は27人)、32,780.7 yardの毛糸で、数々の私のデザインを編み(去年は19,550.5 yards)、US$1637.44(去年は$977.52)の寄付を募ることができました。2015年9月時点で、基金残高はAUD$108,546 (2015年3月時点では、$100,555)あり、毎年$4,850の奨学金を支給できています。私の編み物デザインのパターン販売収益をはじめ、その他のイベントやプロジェクトからの収益、ここ数年間に頂いた寄付を合わせ、年末に日本とアメリカから合計でAUD$9200ほどを基金に送金しました。目標額はAUD$127,000の基金で、毎年$5000の奨学金を永遠に支給し続けることです。あと数年でこの目標額を達成することができると感じています。そして、達成した時点で、私は寄付募集活動を止めるつもりです。この基金を、終わりの見えない寄付集めの穴にするつもりは毛頭ありませんので、あと数年、ご協力くださいませ。









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