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Mino's message 2 [ Message ]

Dear Everyone,

Please find the attachment, the second message from Mino. I left the US on 14th and got trapped in the airport when the blackout happened. I waited for 5 hours at the airport and finally took off 3 hours later, but missed a connecting flight from LA to Australia. I had to stay in LA for one night and caught a flight 24 hours later. I stayed with Mino for about 10 days, my parents arrived on 22nd, moved him to Melbourne on 25th and got back here in the US on 27th. I am heavily jet lagged. As a result, I am sorry to pass his message late.

Mino is doing really well. Not much side effects although he started losing his hair when we exactly expected it to happen. Maybe it was because I was with him during the recovery stage of a 3-week chemotherapy cycle, he had a good appetite and enjoyed my cooking. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, even argued, and allowed ourselves to spend money freely by making an excuse "Well, I (you)'ve got cancer, what a heck."

It is really encouraging for him to receive letters and phone calls, but it is true that he gets tired very easily by talking on the phone a lot. As the treatment goes, he might not be able to answer the phone so often, but please understand the situation. Even you can get to talk to him, try not to keep him on the phone too long. He has to save his energy to eat good amount of meals, take a shower every day to avoid infections and move around to use his weakened muscles.

I also met his doctor at the hospital in Melbourne. All the questions that we had were answered very well and I felt really good after the meeting.

Our parents are with him now until the mid September when I will go back there. We are amazed there are so many friends who are supporting him and us. Again, thank you very much for your support.

Yuki, Mino's sister

==== Mino's message

Dearest friends,

I again asked my sister to send this mail to you all. I've received unbelievable number of very warm and encouraging messages from all over the world. I really don't know how to express my thanks to you, but I must say I was moved to tears realising how much my life has been supported and cared by many many friends. My sincere apologies for not being able to write to you individually.

By the time you receive this message, I should be in Melbourne starting a serious cancer treatment (chemotherapy). As you probably know, it is expected that the more treatment progresses, the sicker and weaker I will be ? in my case, at least for next six months. Although it's tough, I have no doubt that this will help me to grow - to become a person who experiences and understands toughness of cancer treatment. I've already been through a major operation and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy will be the toughest challenge to win the grand slam of cancer treatments?!

A friend of mine called me "King Cockroach" ? impossible to kill Mino! I personally have a little more romantic vision that caterpillar-Mino enters a cocoon to come out as butterfly-Mino. Or, being inspired by Indigenous Australian tradition, I take this opportunity as my initiation ceremony. Ceremony cannot be hold by myself. Reading your encouraging messages, feeling your warmest support and love, I am now ready to enter the cocoon. Furthermore, I really hope our relationship is not just one-way traffic. I will send you "something important" for all of us from the cocoon ? it may not be visible, but I will. I never felt so strongly that it is such a simple truth that human cannot exist without connectedness, and the world (universe?) is connected. It was worth being sick for me even just to reach this deep realisation.

Since I will be extremely vulnerable to infection during this period, please forgive me that I may not be able to accept your kind offer of visiting me. However, let me repeat here hundred times that how much I am moved and encouraged by your web of love. I cannot wait to see you when a cockroach-powered butterfly coming into the world. Till then, let us make our lives move on to the future!

Lots of love,

Mino (Minoru Hokari)

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================


弟からの2回目のメッセージを添付しましたのでご覧ください。私は14日に出発したのですが、あの停電に巻き込まれ、空港で 5時間待った後に、3時間遅れのLA行きの飛行機でとんだのですが、LAからの乗り継ぎ便に乗り遅れ、LAで一泊し、24時間遅れでオーストラリアに向かいました。10日間ほど弟と過ごしましたが、その間、22日に両親が到着、25日にアデレードからメルボルンに引越し、私自身は27日にアメリカに戻りました。かなりひどい時差ぼけで、その結果、皆様へのご報告が遅れたこと、お詫びします。








このメールが皆様に届く頃には、僕はアデレードの緊急入院先を出て、メルボルンで本格的な化学療法が始まっているはずです。ご存知の方も多いと思いますが、化学療法というのは治療が進めば進むほど副作用で身体が弱っていきます。それがこれから約半年は続きます。とはいえ「癌治療の辛さを経験してわかる人間になること」は、その長さ如何を問わず今後の僕の人生にとって決してマイナスではないと思っています。既に腫瘍摘出手術と放射線療法を経ましたので、癌治療三冠獲得(!)にむけてこれからが正念場です。友人に「おまえはKing Cockroach(ゴキブリの王様)だから大丈夫」と言われました。どんなに殺したくても殺せない、という意味らしいです。僕自身はといえばもう少しロマンチックで、イモムシの自分がまゆに入り、そして蝶になって生まれ変わる、というビジョンを持っています。あるいは、これまで学んできたアボリジニの人々の教えにそって、これを僕の通過儀礼という風にも考えています。儀式は一人では不可能です。皆様からの暖かいメッセージを読みながら、皆さんの応援と支えがあるから自分はまゆに入れるのだと心から実感しました。そしてこれが一方的な関係ではないことを祈るばかりです。まゆの中から、僕も皆様に「何か大切なもの」を、それが目に見えないものであったとしても送り続けるつもりです。人は繋がっているし、世界は繋がっているということを今ほど深く確信したことはないように思います。それだけでも癌になった甲斐(?)があるというものです。