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Mino's update (8/6) [ Message ]

Dear Friends,

I have got so many responses from you and thank you very much. Originally there were 300 contacts that I sent the last message, which I had to divide 4 separate mails to send out. I am sorry, but I cannot keep up with replying most of your messages. I will bring everyone's message to him when I go to Australia next week.

On the way to his field work, due to the severe back pain, he went to E.R. in Alice Springs. They don't have a proper equipment to find out what was wrong, so they flew him to Adelaide on the next day. He had a tumor taken out and started his treatment there, but after a while, he plans to move to Melbourne where he has a very good friend to live with. Since we are not sure when he can move, he decided to let you know the address only after he gets settled.

Many friends who were not on the original mailing list also e-mailed me, but I cannot keep track of it. So, please forward this message again to your friends.

He is fighting hard. I heard he is smiling. He has a good spirit. Keep pray for him with me.


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================



フィールドワークに向かう途中、Alice Springsという町で、背中の痛みが激化し、弟は緊急入院しました。ところが、そこでは何が問題なのかを特定する適切な器械がないということで、翌日、アデレードに飛行機で飛ばされました。そして、腫瘍を摘出、現在治療中です。しかし、治療が一段落したら、弟は一緒に住んでくれる親しい友人のいるメルボルンに移る予定です。ただ、治療のスケジュールと彼の状態次第で、いつになるかが決まるため、実際にメルボルンで住所確定してから、皆さんにご連絡することに決めたのです。