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This is Mino's sister, Yuki. [ Message ]

Dear Mino's friends,

I am Yuki, Mino's sister. As you all have received a mail "Message from Mino (English/Japanese)" recently, Mino asked me to send that mail to all of you. I accessed to his hotmail account and found the problem in sending all of you at once in one day, so I decided to send it from my own account. I will attach the original message again to this mail. I already have received encouragements and thoughts from some of you and I really appreciate that. I will visit him 8/14 to 8/25 and will bring your message to him. He is my dearest brother and I have a strong faith in him to overcome this sickness and recover as soon as possible. Please pray for him with me. Best regards,


== Mino's message ==

Hi, everyone,

I am sending this mail to every address I've got in my account. Please excuse me if you have not heard from me for years. Since I cannot access to the Internet right now, I asked my sister to send this to all of you.

It is unfortunate to tell you that I was diagnosed as Lymphoma. I am going to focus on my treatment from now on and my apology for canceling most of my near future schedule which may affect your plan as well.

I had a serious back pain and hospitalized, then soon doctors found a tumor in my spine and had an urgent operation. Last few weeks were truly dramatic, but it was not too bad as a life experience.

I am now experiencing rapidly reconciliation between body and mind, as well as quiet and deep exploration of myself. Such experiences are so precious and amazing that I am far from miserable. Furthermore, it is such a gift to be totally free from social obligations and doing what I really want to do (listening to good music, reading quality books, exploring inner self, etc.).

However, I understand some of you may urgently need to contact me for publication or administrative purpose. I am especially keen not to delay publishing procedures of which I have already submitted manuscripts. Please contact my sister in the U.S. who can handle English. She will let me know your message and I will try to settle things out as soon as possible. Just remind you that I am not able to respond to your e-mail because I don't have an access to the Internet right now. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

Since my last 10 years was truly amazing and wonderful, the possible worst scenario does not bother me much. It could have been much more difficult for me to accept his sickness if it had happened 10 years ago. I am lucky. But anyway, I am planning to survive at least 20 more years! So, I hope to see you when I get back on the normal social life. Until then, take care of yourself!

Lots of love,
Mino (Minoru Hokari)

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================


私は、実の姉で由紀といいます。ここ数日、英語と日本語で"Message from Mino"というメールが届いたかと思います。メールにもありましたように、弟に頼まれて私が彼のhotmailのアカウントから送信したのですが、一日に送れるメール数と一つのメールで送れるあて先数が限られていたため、時間がかかってしまい、私のアドレスから直接お送りした方も多いかと思います。念のため、このメールにもオリジナルの彼のメッセージを添付するのでご確認ください。メールを送信してから、いくつもの激励のメールを頂き、感謝しています。 8/14から25まで、私は渡豪しますので、頂いたメッセージは本人に届けさせていただきます。彼は私の本当に大事な大事な弟であり、この病気に打ち勝って早く回復することを私は強く信じています。由紀

== 実のメッセージ ==








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