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Dear Everyone,

I came back from Melbourne about a week ago and am gradually recovering from the trip. When I arrived there, he was at the hospital for the third cycle of chemotherapy. He got discharged a few days later and came home. For the first 5 days or so, he didn't feel well at all from nausea, tiredness, and minor fever. Around that time, he was lying in his bed all day long except a meal time. When he became feeling better, he had to go back to the chemo for the 4th cycle.

This is a typical reaction and routine for his treatment. When he is doing well, chemo knocks him down as well as cancer. He gets week, then better, then goes back for chemo.

Since many of you asked me or him when you can visit him, I have to tell you more about his treatment. As I mentioned before, chemo decreases his white blood cell count which controls the immunization system. For the normal people, it ranges from 4 to 11. His went down all the way to 0.02. So, I am not exaggerating how dangerous it is for him to get an infection. He gets discharged and becomes outpatient because the hospital has numerous germs. They want chemo patient away from the hospital.

We people are covered with germs. Any skin touch or cough or sneeze could spread the numerous germs. But healthy people don't get sick since we have normal white blood cell count. Believe or not, we sanitize his plates and silverware with hot boiling water each time he uses and use different sponge to clean his plates. He constantly sanitizes his hands and brushes his teeth. He cannot eat fresh vegetables like salad, and we cannot use a knife to cut fruits for him. Other than the fully cooked foods, he can eat only canned fruits or banana or oranges, which he can peel it by himself.

He gets really nervous when we come back from outside. He did not even let our parents to come to his room or living room when they arrived from Japan. They had to change all the clothes, wash hands and rinse their mouths before seeing him. When he goes to the hospital for blood work or any other procedure, he wears a mask and gloves and when we come back home, he changes his clothes and takes shower. He never goes outside except his trip to the hospital.

In general, he cannot really accept any visitors while he is on chemo. We feel really bad since we know that all of you want to see him and encourage him. But I beg you to understand the situation. He feels really bad to turn down your offer for a visit. Please do not pressure him.

Once his chemo is over, the infection threat will be gone, so that he will be able to see you. Please be patient. We will let you know when he is ready.

Best regards,


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================