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Dearest friends,

I'm finally writing a message from my own email account (not via my sister). At the end of forth cycle of chemotherapy, I had CT scan, PET scan and bone marrow aspiration to see how effective our cancer treatment was. The result was fantastic! I'm very happy to tell you that my cancer is now in remission. However, doctor said there was always a possibility of micro cancer being still alive and not detected by the recent technology. In conclusion, even though it may not be necessary, we agreed to have two more cycles to make sure of doing our best for the future.

I will be under chemotherapy for six more weeks until the end of this year. I don't hesitate to repeat here how tough and horrible chemotherapy is. I hate it! It is physically and mentally so challenging that I feel my 'life (power)'is threatened. For this very reason, I sincerely thank for your generous support and encouragement. I need your love and prayer in order to go through this difficult time - in order to survive. Please be with me for another six weeks, and the worst year of my life will be over. I cannot wait to see you at cafe, restaurant, museum, library, office, or on the street somtime next year!

Be brave, be cool, and be beautiful.

With many many thanks,


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================