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Minoru Hokari - my third visit to Australia [ Message ]

Dear Everyone,

To tell the truth, it's been a very stressful month. Right after Mino was done with 4 cycles of chemotherapy, he got an infection with very high fever for several days. He had to go back to the hospital for about a week. Doctors found a bug in his system and he was on antibiotics. He got discharged and is getting better. Since he was hospitalized so long, his leg mustle got weaken, but he started taking a very short walk every day. 10 minutes walk mekes him very exhausted, but his spirit is always up.

I will be off to Melbourne again from tomorrow and stay there for only one week this time. Even though it doesn't make much sense to fly all the way to Australia for 20 hour flight, 2 weeks is a bit too much for my son and husband. (My son had horrible days at his school and my husband missed two credit card payments!! But I did not say anything since I told him before I left "Don't kill my son and don't burn down the house, that's all I want." and he kept the promise!!)

While I am there, we will have a meeting with his doctor and find out how well chemo has been working and what we will do next.

When I am away from him, I feel really close to you guys. I really appreciate your warm words and encouragements. I will contact you again when I get back. Please keep praying for him with me.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari








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