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happy new year from mino hokari [ Message ]

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am glad and proud to tell you that I managed to survive through 2003, and am still alive and fine in 2004! I sincerely thank all of you for your generous support, love, prayer and encouragement, which meant a lot, a lot, a lot to me.

As you may heard from yuki, the last cycle of chemotherapy was over. I am still in danger of infection, but my everyday life is quite peaceful - reading books, listening to the music, meditating, eating and sleeping. My next challenge will be going to a cinema or reading a book at a cafe. My body weight, which at one stage I lost about 10kg, is now nearly back to normal. I plan to visit Japan in March, and (finally!) come back to Canberra in April.

It is true that I have to live with a risk of a relapse of cancer for next few years. But so what?! As I have always been so, I will do only what I want to do - a few books I want to publish, a few places I want to visit, etc. It is also true that I learnt so much from this sickness. I believe it is my new 'task' to make the best of this experience. It would be wonderful if we share and learn more from each other's life experiences.

Wish all of you and the world a better year!


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================