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Dearest friends,

Very sad news I have to tell you. Since my cancer is exceptionally aggressive, doctors concluded it would be impossible to reach remission again. Accordingly, there is no possibility of bone marrow transplant. In other words, from Western modern medical point of view, there is no hope of cure of my disease. I personally do not believe the dead-end of chemotherapy is the real dead-end. I practise possible alternative treatments to make my life as long as possible, and more importantly, as more meaningful and profound as ever. I will move from the current hospital to a new hospice in Melbourne. In order not to waste my precious time, I decided not to go back to Japan at this stage. For the same reason, please allow me not to see many visitors especially during the critical period (next few months).

Treatments I have been through were really tough, but I think it was worth doin g it. I have no doubt I grew up mentally and spiritually much more than ever before. It was truly amazing experience I have gone through. I was also very happy to receive hundreds of mails from many of my friends saying they were also encouraged by my messages. We are connected and in two-way relationship, aren't we? There is nothing like meaningless life, either. Experiencing interesting but depressing hospital life, many kinds of pain and suffer and deep conversation with my body, as well as receiving your generous support and love from all over the world, I cannot believe how fortunate and lucky person I am!

This is not the last mail from me. I will survive, no worries.

With full of love and thanks,


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================