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Message from Minoru Hokari [ Message ]

Dear Friends,

With my lots of tears, I have to let you know that my dearest brother, Minoru Hokari, passed away at 12:45 AM (Melbourne time) on May 10th. As he wished always, he didn't lose his consciousness almost all the way till the end. For the last nine months, he has been very brave, calm and positive, and we are very proud of him. We will have a memorial service here in Melbourne on Wednesday morning, cremate his body and take his ashes back home in Japan.

About a few days before he died, he mentioned to me that he might want me to translate his message to you into English. At that moment, he did not have strength to do it. Then, he got deteriorated quickly and he never handed his laptop to me. But his family decided to convey it to you. As he promised you in a previous mail, he wrote to you again.

He could have translated with different wording, but I tried my best. From his family, we appreciate all your supports for the last nine months. I have so much to tell you, but I can't right now. Maybe some day, I will write to you again.

Best regards,

Yuki, Mino's sister

******Mino's last message

How are you, everyone? It's me, Mino, again. Yes, I am still surviving. At the hospital where I had gone through chemotherapy, my doctor told me that I would lose my consciousness in a few weeks, but my mind is still clear and I am myself just like I had been. These days I have to use a wheelchair even when going to bathroom. I don't have much strength so that I rarely answer the phone and don't see visitors either. I am totally exhausted by just speaking. When I do meditation, I feel rested.

Would you please do me a favor? Under this difficult situation, I don't accept almost all the visitors and phone calls. Simply, I cannot take it physically. Although I know this is my selfish wish, I am always grateful as I feel connected with all of you, my dear friends. So, please stay connected with me. Please do not make me feel lonely. I am here with you and I feel so much support from you. This is nothing to do with the facts that I cannot either answer the phone or see you because of the luck of strength. Within the loneliness, I stay connected with all of you, which has been and is deeply supporting me.

I have a great news for you. It seems that I can soon publish my book. From Ochanomizushobo, my maiden book will be published in June or July. If you are interested in Aborigines or oral history, please take a look at it. I am amazed myself that I finished it at the terminally ill stage, but it was made possible with all the kind supports from my friends. The possible title will be "Radical Oral History - Australian Aborigines historical practice" Although it might take longer, I am planning to publish an English version.

Well, I may be able to write to you again. Until then, why don't we live every minute and every second of our precious lives.

From Melbourne

Minoru Hokari

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================