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2009 ANU Minoru Hokari Scholarship Winner [ News ]

Another Minoru Hokari Scholar was announced in May. There was the first Japanese applicant for the scholarship this year. 2009 winner is Ms Abby Cooper.

The below is a comment from the committie.


The number of applicants is less than in 2008 but the quality remains good and the topics interesting.

The committee selected Cooper for the award because her application is not only strongly historical but also connects with other disciplines and approaches, and has a fundamental connection with the Indigenous community. Her topic is the relationship between the sporting history of the Wimmera and southwestern Victoria and the development of Indigenous identities. Sport is a relatively unusual subject but an important area of Indigenous and Australian life with which the public can readily engage and accord esteem. Her project is clearly defined and has the enthusiastic support of a number of substantial scholars and agencies. There is no doubt that Cooper has a good relationship with her informants. It is also commendable that she has made provision for the repatriation of her interviews and that these will be available for use by the community, the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre and by museums, in a variety of alternative formats. Her application is specifically directed at further developing community involvement and the sharing of ideas, through meetings and film-making. We believe that the resources provided by the scholarship are therefore well directed and that Cooper is appropriately prepared to undertake these activities. She is in her third year of doctoral studies at ANU, working in the ACIH.

Barry Higman, Chair
Desley Deacon
Shino Konishi

===The following is written in Japanese===



今年の申請者数は昨年よりも減少したものの、研究内容の質は依然として高く、興味深い研究課題であった。2009年の受賞者はMs. Abby Cooper。彼女の課題は、Wimmera とSouthwestern Victoriaの スポーツの歴史である。これは珍しいトピックであると同時に、アボリジニとオーストラリア人の生活に欠かせない分野である。Cooper氏のプロジェクトは明確に定義づけられており、多くの研究者や団体から熱心な支持を得ていること、情報提供者ときわめて友好な関係にあることは明白である。この奨学金の使途目的は、ミーティングや映画製作を通じて、コミュニティとのかかわりを深め、アイデアを共有することであり、今回の受賞にふさわしいと判断された。彼女は、ANUの博士課程3年目であり、ACIH (AUstraian Centre for Indigenous History)にて勤務している。