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To R.T. [ Message ]

Dear R.T.

I was listening to "Forever Young" and got really emotional.

As I watched my dad interacting with my daughter, I could not help but thinking how Mino would have been around with my children. He was thinking to spend some time in the US, close to me and them, around the Xmas time in 2003 if he did not get sick or even planned to seek for a position in the US.

I was away from my parents and Japan for a while after his passing. This trip was good and I am glad that I did it, but at the same time, it was emotionally hard for me to breathe the air there and revisit what had happened to him.

Many people imagine what he would have done if he had lived longer, but it is true that he has done a lot for his short life and I am certain he was fulfilled as he told me. I just have to keep thinking about what I can do for him and his work. I have one more thing to do....publish his book in English. I am working on it.