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>> 2010 ANU Minoru Hokari Scholarship Winner [ News ]

Dear Everyone -

I have another great news!

I am sorry for the delay on this annual news. ANU's 2010 Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship winner is Dr. Yuriko Yamanouchi (Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology, Sydney), the first Japanese recipient.

The below is a comment from the committee.

* * * * *

The committee selected Dr Yuriko Yamanouchi for the scholarship. She will examine the history of relationships between Japanese migrants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in northern Australia. Using oral history interviews, she will also explore how contemporary generations with this dual-heritage experience their identity as both Indigenous and Japanese. Yamanouchi’s research will not only contribute to Indigenous Australian history but also to a little-researched facet of Japanese migrant studies. She will use the Minoru Hokari Scholarship to conduct fieldwork on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. Her research experience as an early-career post-doctoral scholar combined with the strong support she has from Professor Martin Nakata, the leading researcher in Torres Strait Islander studies, ensures that she will make effective use of the scholarship. Yamanouchi’s research project on the history and legacy of Japanese migratory workers and Indigenous Australians extends and celebrates Minoru Hokari’s research. We look forward to her future publications on this fascinating chapter in Indigenous Australian history.

* * * * *

This year's award is A$2500 as the fund needs more funding to achieve its perpetuity of annual A$5000 scholarship. The fund balance is now AUD$64,168 and it requires another AUD$50,000 to secure the perpetuity.

Along with the publishing contract, I signed an agreement with the UNSW Press to transfer any proceeds from the Mino's English book, directly to the ANU Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Upcoming photography exhibition catalogue sale is designed specifically for fundraising for this fund. Once we set up to receive payment from overseas, I will announce the details to you all. I appreciate if you consider purchasing a copy to support the fund.

I am firmly convinced that any form of Mino's research should be returned to the Indigenous Australians.


Yuki Hokari
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