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Dear Everyone

I am coming to Australia in May to attend a book launch of "Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" (UNSW Press)!! We have booked one in Sydney, May 10 (Gleebooks) and the other in Canberra, May 12th (ANU Co-op bookstore). As many of you know, May 10 is our sad anniversary of Mino's passing and it will be exactly 7 years since. However, I am very excited to spend this day at a long-awaited book launch.

Please find the invite for those who will be able to join me at this exciting event in Sydney (An invite for Canberra launch will follow.) as well as the first wonderful review of "Gurindji Journey."

Since I will be in Sydney and Canberra, if any of you would like to purchase the exhibition catalogue, please write to info@hokariminoru.org by April 20. The price is JPY 2900/A$35 (No shipping charge) However, please read the instruction below carefully.

1. IF you come to the book launch and receive a copy of the catalogue from me in person, you have to pay through Paypal (info@hokariminoru.org) in JPY2900, before May 1st. No money exchange will be allowed at the book launch.

2. IF you can meet me in Sydney or Canberra during my stay (May 9 through May 11 in Sydney and May 12 in the afternoon in Canberra), you can pay me A$35 in cash. I am more than happy to meet you for either coffee, lunch or dinner, and share our memories of Mino.

The catalogue includes many pictures which are not in his book, his series of essays "The Living Earth: The World of the Aborigines" which was first published in a Japanese newspaper in 2003, then in "Conversations" (Summer 2006) in English, and a few essays from those who were involved in the first Exhibition in Japan. All the text are bilingual; Japanese and English.

Again, this catalogue sale is to fundraise the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU, to support the young researcher in the field of Indigenous Australians. Please consider to be a part of it.

Of course, you will have to read "Gurindji Journey" as well. Mino will be back with us and talk to us with passion. His voice is so vivid and clear. I cannot wait for you to hold this book in your hand.

I am also pleased to announce that another photography exhibition "The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari" will be held at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, from April 8 to May 8. People who are involved with its planning and preparation have never met Mino in person. A poster/flyer was designed by Morikatsu Sato, who also designed the cover of the catalogue. The connection to Mino is still spreading.

I look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to follow me & Mino in Twitter @hokari_minoru

Yuki Hokari
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