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Happy Holidays.

Somehow, I could not write before the new year. Perhaps I was too busy with my usual stuff around the house and kids, but was thinking a lot about Mino.

This summer we went to Japan for 2 weeks, spending time with my parents, visiting Mino and my grandfather’s grave, and managed to enjoy Tokyo area for a few days under unthinkable humidity and heat. My grandmother is 94 years old and I am so glad that she recognized us all and said “Cute Nicole.” Kyle and Nicole cleaned the grave and Nicole placed pretty flowers that she chose for them.

My “Knit-to-Fundraise” project is going really well. I have 33 original knit designs now. Most of my designs carry some episode about Mino and knitters all over the world will learn a piece of Mino’s life and work through my designs.

My latest designs are “Diamonds and Pearls in December” and “Right Way Hat”. As some of you know Prince was one of his favorite singers. This scarf was designed with my very first original diamonds motif and I am proud of it. “Right Way Hat” has “three Dreaming tracks” running from West to East, not from North to South. (See the attached pictures.)

We had the second annual “Knit-A-Thon 2014” in September. A knitter chooses one (or more) of my designs (100% of the pattern sale proceed will be donated to the fund) and knit within 5 weeks event period. Once a project is completed, $0.05 every yard that was knit is donated to the fund. This year, 34 knitters have made 90 projects (meaning one knitter knit several projects!) and knit 22,330 yards (20419m) to raise $1116.52. $590 sponsorship towards the event came in and I will fill the gap and wire the money to the ANU very soon along with the pattern sale proceeds etc.

Here it is. This is a brief report to you, and you should know whenever I have knitting needles in my hands, I think of Mino. I am always thinking how to have him meet new people. I appreciate the people at the ANU founded Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. Without this fund, I did not know how I have dealt with this huge loss of my life.

A happy new year to all of you.

Yuki Hokari