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Dear Mino

Happy 44th Birthday to you!

At the beginning of this year, our Grandma passed away and our parents came to visit us for 3 weeks in April. Mom took a very good care of Grandma and she passed away very happily and quietly. Mom was content with what she has done for her mom (Grandma), who had a very hard life in her childhood. Mom believes that Grandma was convinced that she had a happy life with a very peaceful ending.

Dad enjoyed playing golf with local golfers wherever he played without speaking in English. He loved lobsters and ate it at every restaurant we went. On the other hand, Mom got dehydrated but thought it was a stroke and started writing a will in her head. We laughed and urged her to drink tons of water as kids watched her closely and kept reminding her to drink. Within a day, she was fully recovered. Kyle learned Shogi from Dad, Nicole took care of their breakfast every morning, after English speaking members went to bed, three of us talked and talked in Japanese until late at night, like we used to do. At the airport, they said “I am not sure if we deserve to enjoy everything this much.” They are coming again during Christmas time.

When I was at the middle school, you were still in grade school. At our dinner table, we could not stop talking about everything. Even after everyone finished eating, we had a cup of tea and seasonal fruit and kept talking. I have not been able to create the same family time at dinner and wondered why for all these years. Now, Kyle is 14 and Nicole is 10, our dinner table is becoming like ours and I realized that my kids are growing up. I am very very happy.

Recently ANU announced Ms Jess Rogers as a recipient of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship this year. Ms Rogers is an Indigenous Doctoral Student at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR), ANU. The award will assist Ms. Rogers to undertake field work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarding school students in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The committee was impressed with Ms. Roger's previous experience in and commitment to Indigenous education, ethical research practices and the use of Indigenous research methodologies that uphold the principles of Indigenous research including reciprocity and respect for Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing. 

In honor of your birthday, I designed a shawl called “Talking to the Moon.” I cried for so many times while designing and listening to a song by Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon.” I hope many knitters would knit this shawl for the third annual Knit-A-Thon 2015.

Well, that’s it for now. Please send my best regards to Grandpa and Grandma. Nicole had a dream of three of you playing Hopscotch. LOL.

Your sister, Yuki