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>>2016.1.27 [ 2016 Catalogue ]

Dear Everyone -

I am writing to you with a very good news.

I recently confirmed with the ANU Endowment that as of 2015 year end, Mino's fund has AUD$122,000 balance after the donation transferred from Japan and the US. As you know, our goal is AUD$127,000 to provide annual $5,000 scholarship in perpetuity. We have just AUD$5,000 (=US$3,500) to go.

Now, I am planning to boost our fundraising efforts.

First, we recently did the second printing (100 copies) of a photography exhibition catalogue "The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari".

* We lowered the price to US$25 (including S/H, only shipped to the US Mainland).
* If you purchase more than 10 copies, each copy receives $1 discount.
* If you teach a related subject at a college/university (or any institution) and can suggest your students to purchase a copy, that would be wonderful. We also issue the statement/receipt for a business expense.

If you are outside of the US and wish to purchase, please contact me.

Second, my fundraising patterns are slowly reaching out to more knitters all over the world. I plan to have various promotions for my knitting pattern to boost the sales and continue to advertise the Knit-a-Thon to encourage more knitters to participate.

Third, if you kindly consider donating to the fund, you may donate online or send a personal check to the "ANU Foundation USA"

Mr. John Wellard
c/ ANU Foundation USA
1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20036

Please know that 100% of all the proceeds have been and will be donated to the fund. I have not taken and will not take even a penny. Any expense (wiring fee etc) are not paid from your donation.

Thank you very much for your continuous support. May the force of Mino be with you.