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Dear Mino

Happy 45th Birthday, Mino!

You were afraid of being forgotten. You wished your friends would remember you, think of you, mention you in conversations. Don’t worry. They have been thinking about you.

In Feb, Ms. Sachiko Shoji of Fukuoka Art Museum asked me for permission to use the word of your creation, “Doing history!” as a planned exhibition title. Ms. Shoji has worked with Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki before, and learned about you and your work. She says your work “opened” her world and she wishes many people to know about it, then engage in “Doing history” together. Local artists will express their own "Doing History!" through their works for this exhibition. She wants this exhibition to be a part of “the bang” that you have started by “throwing a petal.”

In April, another mail came from your old friend of UNSW International House days. Mr. Kenji Kitamura works for Research Institute of Humanity and Nature, and asked for permission to write about you, using the materials from the website. He shared the draft with me and I can tell how your work influenced him and help re-evaluate his own work. He says this article will be a starting point for his work to move forward.

In June, I received a mail from a board member of Japanese Oral History Association. This September, they will have an annual conference at Hitotsubashi University where you graduated from, and wished to have a photography exhibition “The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari”, just like they did at Rikkyo University in 2011. Also, they are planning to have a symposium about your work. Ms. Tazuko Kobayashi says in the mail that JOHA hope both the exhibition and the symposium will attract young scholars and introduce your work to them.

Mino, it has been 12 years since you passed. I (as a non-scholar) am overwhelmed and feel how fortunate we are that you have accomplished so much in such a short life and that has been inter-connected with so many different areas of studies.

My friend and our good supporter, Irumi Sasakura, told me this before; Many studies and researches are published every year, but "good work" do not necessarily reach out to the world. No matter how "good" research is, if it does not reach out to the audience, it is the same as "non existent". You left your work to change the world. Your work is still reaching out to more audiences, even after your passing. I am stunned.

I was going to sign off this message here, then one more mail just arrived.

“Hi Yuki!

I just bought your (knitting) pattern, “2HB+S series: Jarrett" from Nimara & Japarta. I love the pattern, and I was touched by your story about your brother Mino. I lost my brother, Andrew, to cancer when he was 30 -- so your story definitely hit home for me. I hope your fundraising goes well! You have my sincere sympathy.


I will hold an annual fundraising event “Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016” again this September, hoping to fill the gap of AUD$5,000, closer to our target. I just hope my tennis elbow (from intense sock knitting!) gets better in time.

Happy Birthday, Mino. We are thinking of you.

Your sister, Yuki