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Dear everyone -

I am pleased to announce that Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU has reached our goal of AUD$127,000, the balance that can provide $5,000 annual scholarship. Since Mino’s passing in 2004, the fund has grown steadily with your love and support under the good care of the ANU Endowment team. Every year, the selection committee thoroughly reviews each candidate’s work and accomplishment and awards this scholarship. Over the past years, although it was not as much as $5,000, the scholarship has been helping several PhD students who studied various aspects of the indigenous Australians through fieldwork. Everyone - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This week, I had a chance to meet Kristina Kluger, a new appoint at the ANU, whom I will work with to further promote Mino’s fund. There are many possibilities that can be put together to promote Mino’s work, creating more opportunities for those who work with Indigenous Australians. We are excited to having Prof. Ann McGrath back at ANU soon and I am sure we all will make something happen, with help of Kristina’s expertise and experience in this field.

Although we have reached our goal and I emphasize that you have done your part for Mino, I will continue my fundraising efforts to further stabilize the fund’s performance and its eternity under unforeseen market conditions. You know there are many bogus charities out there. You won’t hear how your donation has been spent. It is often spent for advertising and we even hear a scandal here and there, such as the top management spends donation for their own benefits. When I told my good friend about our accomplishment, she put it this way; “Well, you will still accept my donation, right? If I have money to donate, I would like it to be a part of your brother’s fund. It is for a good cause and I trust that you will make sure of that.” Yes, I will make sure of that. Yes, we will keep accepting donation.

As the fund continues to grow, Mino’s work keeps reaching out to more people. Here are a few things to share.

1. Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” is now 8th print (500 copies), reaching Mino’s goal of the total 5,000 copies. Mino gave up the royalties of this book to keep the book price low and we always honor that arrangement.

2. Mino’s English book, “Gurindji Journey” is now “print on demand” status. If you plan an event that can sell this book, please contact the publisher, NewSouth Books, 10 days prior. All the royalties of this book would go straight to Mino’s fund.

3. This year’s Nimara & Japarta: Knit-a-Thon 2017 was held, after we learned that the fund has reached $127,000. We still had a good group of knitters and enjoyed all the completed projects. This year, we followed the moon for a month. I posted a pic of the moon on that day and knitters around the world posted a picture of the moon in their own location. Next year, we will schedule the Knit-A-Thon based on the lunar calendar; full moon to full moon, so that visually we know how many days left to complete a project.

Again, thank you, everyone, for your support all these years. Have a happy holiday season and I will talk to you on Mino’s birthday in July, if not sooner.


Yuki Hokari