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Mino's Tree [ News ]

Mino's tree was planted at the Coombs Courtyard in the ANU campus soon after his passing in 2004, proposed by Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki.


Mino tree plaque.JPG

In 2007, Mino's friend sent me a picture of the tree.

Mino tree 2007.JPG

At the year end of 2016, Mr. Yugo Ono who never met Mino in person, visited his son, Rintaro, at the ANU and took a picture and drew a painting.

Mino Tree by Ono Dec 2016.jpeg

Mino Tree by Ono.jpg

I am very touched by Mr. Ono's kindness and I am so moved that many people have been connected with Mino for all these years.