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Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents visited us again for 3 weeks in November and since they left, I has been crazy busy, but nothing seriously bad, just normal daily chaos for a family with 2 pre-teen/teenagers. My son, Kyle, will be 17 years old next week. I cannot believe he transformed to a nice young man whom I fully enjoy having around. Nicole will be 13 in April, who is emotionally extremely colorful these days and I am exhausted to keep up.

I have several updates for 2017.

* As of September 2017, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance reached $139,467, thanks to all of your support and ANU’s very capable and reliable fund management.

* 2016 Winner of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship is Tjanara Goreng Goreng, whose proposed project is concerned with: "The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation". This subject will be researched through fieldwork research conducted in Western New South Wales and Central Queensland as a part of her current PhD Research.

A list of past winners is here.

* 2017 Winner of the scholarship is Rebecca Richards of the University of Adelaide. In 2010, she became Australia’s first indigenous Rhodes Scholar. The scholarship will make it possible for her to participate a series of 8 workshops to work with community leaders and members to generate collaborative support for her work.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017 was held in Oct/Nov. 19 knitters knitted 44 projects in one months, totaling 10,435.84 yards. All of our fun interaction and event results are recorded at online knitters community called Ravelry. Ravelry has 7.6 million registered users all over the world and at any given time of a day, about 5,000 users are online. My designs for fundraising are there, so as Mino’s stories. Yes, that’s how Mino keeps meeting new people. Here is an article that ANU put together.

* The release of Mino’s Japanese book (full version in lighter cover) is pushed back to Spring 2018.

* About 500 copies of “Gurindji Journey” (Univ. of Hawaii Press version) are still available.

We can expect some movement toward completing that Mino’s documentary film. I hope we all have a wonderful year ahead and stay being connected!