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Dear Everyone

I decided to write on his passing anniversary this year.

On April 17th, a soft cover version of Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” was published from a prestigious publisher, Iwanami Shoten. While the original hard cover version (by Ochanomizushobo) was printed for 7 times totaling 4500 copies, the first print for this soft cover has 4500 copies already. Today, this book is stored in more than 200 libraries in Japan, yet, I have heard enough of people lamenting that they couldn’t get a copy since the last print.

This soft cover version is the exact same content with a new full-on book foreword/review at the end (which is common for books in Japanese) but it is lighter and cheaper. People can easily travel with it. Many who already have the original version are still seeking for this version as well as those who could not get an original copy for a long time.

Mino gave up on royalties to keep the price very low for an academic book. This time, we will use the royalties for our future projects under “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU.” We are already working on a small booklet that records many “bang” from a petal thrown by Mino.

Brenda Croft, a Gurindji artist, whose cousin knows Mino in person, curated an exhibition “Still in My Mind,” collecting and connecting many Gurindji artworks and various involvements in Gurindji history. She offered me to include Mino’s and my knitting work in her exhibition. The Australian tour took off in May 2017 at UNSW, then moved to UQ Art Museum in August. The tour will continue to travel throughout Australia for the next few years. Thanks to this incredible opportunity, Kyoko Uchida who is a translator and a good friend of mine and I received a fee for the writing contribution to the catalogue and my knitted work. We decided to donate the fee directly to the ANU’s Mino fund.

It has been 14 years since Mino’s passing. I am not sure if I have done enough or I still have more to do. Well, I can do more for him and I will, as you all know.