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Happy 48th birthday to you, Mino. Which news would you like to hear first, good or bad? Yes, I have a bad news that’s why I could not get on drafting this mail for a while.

Let’s start with a bad one because this is not devastatingly bad. It is bad, but with hopeful outlook.

Dad had a stroke. A day after a golf outing, he felt weak on his right leg. As he has an issue with his right knee, he was going to see an orthopedic Dr. But Mom noticed his speech was a bit slur, so right away she suspected a stroke and took him to Dr, Dr confirmed it, then to ER.

The first week was bad, not knowing how bad the outcome was. Dad was calm, even when he was cancelling all the golf and travel plans. Mom lost an appetite completely, but she had good friends who called her to see how she was doing, and took her out for dinner.

Since Dad is always appreciative for the care he receives, he is very popular among nurses. They say “Hey, Mr. Hokari, you look handsome as always.” As you know, a few month ago, Dad achieved Age Shooting with score 83, and our main concern was if he could play golf again. Dr said “Yes, you will be able to play golf again. Keep working hard on rehab.” that made Dad and Mom very happy. So..here it is. We are hopeful.

With a 2-week delay that raged Mom, he will move to a hospital specialized in rehab tomorrow. As he has been very active 83 years old, rehab has been and will continue to be effective and I know he will be fine. Mino, you just watch over him, please.

In June, Nicole graduated from middle school and Kyle from high school. With many festivities were on until late June, John and I decided not to share the news right away. After graduation, out of nowhere, Kyle lightly mentioned that he would like to see his grandparents in Japan before he gets too busy at college. He must sensed something. Mino might have sent a message to Kyle, I thought. John’s mom, Barbara, kindly offered her help and suggested me to go see Dad and Mom, and I decided to go to Japan in August, with Kyle.

Also I already have planned another trip to Japan next spring. We will have your photography exhibition, finally in our hometown, Niigata (2020.4.18-19). The royalty from your Japanese softcover book will cover the cost. That Irumi will fly from Hokkaido to take care of the preparation, is my huge relief, and hopefully, we will have some form of gathering to celebrate your softcover book belated launch. I hope to see as many people as possible who have been supporting us at this occasion.

I am pleased to tell you that I started receiving emails from people in different disciplines, like poet, film maker or jurist, who are inspired by your work and they send me, (“the closest person to you on earth” they say) their published work. I am overwhelmingly happy for you and feel very proud. On top of that, I appreciate my knowledge expands, thanks to your connection.

Lastly, as for your birthday gift, Irumi and I put together some booklet (in Japanese only) on the path that your book made since you’re passing. Your book, on behalf of you, has been traveling all over Japan, meeting many people as you wished. “Explosions made by a petal” is the title of this booklet. (Note: If anyone wishes to receive a copy, please reply to this mail with your postal address. Please note that it is written in Japanese only.)

Happy birthday, Mino. I will spend a day today, appreciating that you are born as my little brother.