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Dear Everyone

A happy new year. Finally I have time to sit down, reflect on year 2019 and write this message.

My father who had a stroke in June, patiently worked hard on rehabilitation. Kyle and I visited him in August. Kyle played Shogi (Japanese chess) with him every day. Little pieces were hard to pick up and place in a right spot, but my father took it as a challenge. My mother drove us everywhere, even though she just could not park. Kyle and I rolled our eyes every time she did not park straight. “Mom! Why did she turn the steering wheel when she didn’t have to??” “I told her not to turn, but she didn’t listen!!!!” …every single time….But thanks to her, we went everywhere and we had a great time in my hometown. With “miraculous recovery” as his doctor put, my father resumed driving in October and went back to a driving range in November. I can’t wait to hear a news that he goes back to a 18-hole course. A good byproduct of this setback is that my parents enjoy traveling together to hot springs since he does not go to a golf tournament, a few times a week!

Kyle is having a blast as a college freshman in Boston. He made good friends who care about grades (not partying, but yes to xbox ), enjoys playing soccer in the intramural league which does not require practice commitment. (Kyle has committed to club soccer over 10 years and he is truly done.) and tries to eat healthy. Nicole is now high school freshman, balancing swimming and schoolwork. She also enjoys being a member of her high school swim team.

Here are updates for 2019.

* As of April 2019, the balance of the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund was A$157,980 (US$106,800) up from A$143,380 in May 2018.

* The scholarship 2019 was awarded to Elizabeth Muldoon of LaTrobe University. Ms Muldoon is in her second year of her PhD candidature and her research explores the contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to the Black Movement in Redfern, Sydney between 1968 and 1973, with a focus on their role in founding the first Aboriginal community-controlled services. Ms Muldoon intends to use the funding from the scholarship to visit co-researchers in Sydney, Townsville and Cairns; fund their travel to meet all together when necessary; pay not-for-profit community organizations when using their meeting rooms; and, ideally, reimburse Mudgin-Gal for their contribution to the “Redfern Women’s Political History Tent”.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2019 was a truly fun event for everyone. It has established as a “kick off knitting event for the season” in knitters’ mind and they look forward to it every year. 14 of us knitted 29 projects with 7,770 yards (4.4 miles = 7.1 km) of yarn. Although I have not knitted or designed for a whole year, my elbows are in better shape and I took on good amount of knitting. With each finished project, I feel relaxed and accomplished.

John and I are going to Japan in April. We scheduled to hold Mino’s photography exhibition in Niigata, our hometown, probably as the last location for this project. We will also visit Kyoto and Tokyo.

I wish all of us have a good year, staying connected with Mino and making our world a better place.

Yuki Hokari