January 04, 2020 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2020.1.4

Dear Everyone

A happy new year. Finally I have time to sit down, reflect on year 2019 and write this message.

My father who had a stroke in June, patiently worked hard on rehabilitation. Kyle and I visited him in August. Kyle played Shogi (Japanese chess) with him every day. Little pieces were hard to pick up and place in a right spot, but my father took it as a challenge. My mother drove us everywhere, even though she just could not park. Kyle and I rolled our eyes every time she did not park straight. “Mom! Why did she turn the steering wheel when she didn’t have to??” “I told her not to turn, but she didn’t listen!!!!” …every single time….But thanks to her, we went everywhere and we had a great time in my hometown. With “miraculous recovery” as his doctor put, my father resumed driving in October and went back to a driving range in November. I can’t wait to hear a news that he goes back to a 18-hole course. A good byproduct of this setback is that my parents enjoy traveling together to hot springs since he does not go to a golf tournament, a few times a week!

Kyle is having a blast as a college freshman in Boston. He made good friends who care about grades (not partying, but yes to xbox ), enjoys playing soccer in the intramural league which does not require practice commitment. (Kyle has committed to club soccer over 10 years and he is truly done.) and tries to eat healthy. Nicole is now high school freshman, balancing swimming and schoolwork. She also enjoys being a member of her high school swim team.

Here are updates for 2019.

* As of April 2019, the balance of the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund was A$157,980 (US$106,800) up from A$143,380 in May 2018.

* The scholarship 2019 was awarded to Elizabeth Muldoon of LaTrobe University. Ms Muldoon is in her second year of her PhD candidature and her research explores the contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to the Black Movement in Redfern, Sydney between 1968 and 1973, with a focus on their role in founding the first Aboriginal community-controlled services. Ms Muldoon intends to use the funding from the scholarship to visit co-researchers in Sydney, Townsville and Cairns; fund their travel to meet all together when necessary; pay not-for-profit community organizations when using their meeting rooms; and, ideally, reimburse Mudgin-Gal for their contribution to the “Redfern Women’s Political History Tent”.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2019 was a truly fun event for everyone. It has established as a “kick off knitting event for the season” in knitters’ mind and they look forward to it every year. 14 of us knitted 29 projects with 7,770 yards (4.4 miles = 7.1 km) of yarn. Although I have not knitted or designed for a whole year, my elbows are in better shape and I took on good amount of knitting. With each finished project, I feel relaxed and accomplished.

John and I are going to Japan in April. We scheduled to hold Mino’s photography exhibition in Niigata, our hometown, probably as the last location for this project. We will also visit Kyoto and Tokyo.

I wish all of us have a good year, staying connected with Mino and making our world a better place.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2020.1.4





* 2019年4月時点で、オーストラリア国立大学・保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は、豪157,980ドル(1170万4千円)となりました。昨年5月時点での残高は豪143,380ドルでした。

*2019年の奨学金受賞者は、La Trobe大学のElizabeth Muldoonさんです。博士課程2年目の彼女のリサーチの課題は、1968年から1973年の間、Redfern, Sydneyにおいて発生したBlack Movementに、アボリジ二とトレス諸島の女性たちがどのような形で貢献したか、特にアボリジナルコミュニティ主導の活動をどのように始めていったか、を中心にしたものです。この奨学金は、オーストラリア国内にいる共同研究者とのミーティング参加諸費用に使うそうです。

*Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2019は、世界中の編み物仲間との楽しいイベントでした。仲間の中で、このイベントは「編み物シーズンのキックオフ」的な地位を獲得し、毎年楽しみにしているという嬉しい言葉をたくさんもらいました。14人で29作品を7.1kmの毛糸で編みました。編み物のしすぎが原因である肘の炎症のため、ここ1年デザインも編み物も一切してなかった私ですが、今回はそれなりの数の作品を編み上げ、イベント終了後も編み物を続けています。編み物は心が落ち着き、編み上げると達成感があります。






July 07, 2019 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2019.7.8

Happy 48th birthday to you, Mino. Which news would you like to hear first, good or bad? Yes, I have a bad news that’s why I could not get on drafting this mail for a while.

Let’s start with a bad one because this is not devastatingly bad. It is bad, but with hopeful outlook.

Dad had a stroke. A day after a golf outing, he felt weak on his right leg. As he has an issue with his right knee, he was going to see an orthopedic Dr. But Mom noticed his speech was a bit slur, so right away she suspected a stroke and took him to Dr, Dr confirmed it, then to ER.

The first week was bad, not knowing how bad the outcome was. Dad was calm, even when he was cancelling all the golf and travel plans. Mom lost an appetite completely, but she had good friends who called her to see how she was doing, and took her out for dinner.

Since Dad is always appreciative for the care he receives, he is very popular among nurses. They say “Hey, Mr. Hokari, you look handsome as always.” As you know, a few month ago, Dad achieved Age Shooting with score 83, and our main concern was if he could play golf again. Dr said “Yes, you will be able to play golf again. Keep working hard on rehab.” that made Dad and Mom very happy. it is. We are hopeful.

With a 2-week delay that raged Mom, he will move to a hospital specialized in rehab tomorrow. As he has been very active 83 years old, rehab has been and will continue to be effective and I know he will be fine. Mino, you just watch over him, please.

In June, Nicole graduated from middle school and Kyle from high school. With many festivities were on until late June, John and I decided not to share the news right away. After graduation, out of nowhere, Kyle lightly mentioned that he would like to see his grandparents in Japan before he gets too busy at college. He must sensed something. Mino might have sent a message to Kyle, I thought. John’s mom, Barbara, kindly offered her help and suggested me to go see Dad and Mom, and I decided to go to Japan in August, with Kyle.

Also I already have planned another trip to Japan next spring. We will have your photography exhibition, finally in our hometown, Niigata (2020.4.18-19). The royalty from your Japanese softcover book will cover the cost. That Irumi will fly from Hokkaido to take care of the preparation, is my huge relief, and hopefully, we will have some form of gathering to celebrate your softcover book belated launch. I hope to see as many people as possible who have been supporting us at this occasion.

I am pleased to tell you that I started receiving emails from people in different disciplines, like poet, film maker or jurist, who are inspired by your work and they send me, (“the closest person to you on earth” they say) their published work. I am overwhelmingly happy for you and feel very proud. On top of that, I appreciate my knowledge expands, thanks to your connection.

Lastly, as for your birthday gift, Irumi and I put together some booklet (in Japanese only) on the path that your book made since you’re passing. Your book, on behalf of you, has been traveling all over Japan, meeting many people as you wished. “Explosions made by a petal” is the title of this booklet. (Note: If anyone wishes to receive a copy, please reply to this mail with your postal address. Please note that it is written in Japanese only.)

Happy birthday, Mino. I will spend a day today, appreciating that you are born as my little brother.


>> 2019.7.8













December 29, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.12.29

Dear Everyone

I hope you all had a good year. My son, Kyle, has been accepted into Northeastern University (Bio-Engineering, his first choice!) and we are having a relaxing and happy holiday season. Kyle and I were in Melbourne during Mino’s last month. Kyle, who was 3 years old at that time, clearly remembers about visiting Uncle Mino at a hospice. Mino gave him Japanese candy every time we visited. Nicole was born a year after Mino’s passing, and her middle name is “Minori,” a girl version of Minoru. Nicole is going to be a high schooler this fall as Kyle will be a freshman in college. John and I will have an empty nest in 4 years. Oh boy.

Here are some updates for 2018.

* As of May 2018, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance was A$143,380, up from A$139,467 in Sept 2017.

* 2018 Winner of the scholarship is Sarah Yu, a Doctoral candidate at the Heidelberg University in Germany. Her project “Window to the Soul” will tell a story of the pearling industry through the gaze of Yawuru, Mayala, Bardi, Jawi and Karajarri people. Sarah draws on ”Hokari’s insights, experiences and approach to history to write stories that show how some saltwater people think about and ‘pay attention’ to the world through the story of pearling.” The scholarship will fund her return to the north west coast communities where she will seek further insights, approval and critiques to write, with the local historians, a look at the world through Aboriginal eyes.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2018 was held again. I had suffered tendinitis in both elbows, which prevented me from knitting for almost 6 months this year. I did not design much and was not sure if I should hold the event this year. My fellow knitters encouraged me to continue the tradition and 12 of us knitted 29 projects with 7,359.2 yards (=4.2 miles = 6.7 km) of yarn. They are my true supporters; some have been with me for years, and others are new friends, just like all of you. My design carries Mino’s story and keeps helping him to meet new people all over the world.

* Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” continues to do well, with all positive feedback and reviews. I look forward to hearing from the publisher for the second print, another a few thousands copies?!

I wish all of us have another fruitful year, staying connected with Mino.


>> 2018.12.29


年末年始のこの時期をいかがお過ごしでしょうか。また1年が過ぎました。息子の海瑠が無事にボストンにあるNortheastern Universityへの入学が決まりました。専攻は生物工学。早々に第一志望の大学に決まり、家族でのんびりと休暇を楽しんでいます。ミノルの最後の1ヶ月を、3歳だった海瑠と私はメルボルンで過ごしました。海瑠はみぃちゃんのお見舞いに行き、その度に森永のラムネキャンディをもらったことをしっかりと覚えています。仁香瑠が生まれたのはミノルが亡くなってから1年後。彼女のミドルネームはMinori です。今秋に海瑠が大学に進むと、仁香瑠が高校1年生です。あと4年で我が家には私とジョンだけが残ります。さてさて。


* 2018年5月時点、オーストラリア国立大学保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は143,380豪ドル (1,114万円)に達しました。為替の関係で日本円換算では2017年9月から100万円ほど減っていますが、豪ドルでは139,467ドルからの増加ですのでご心配なく。

* 2018年の奨学金受賞者は、ドイツのHeidelberg Universityの博士課程在籍中のSarah Yuさん。彼女のプロジェクト”Window to the Soul”は、真珠産業に関わるYawaru, Mayala, Bardi, Jawi, Karajarriの人々のストーリーです。保苅実の歴史への洞察、経験とアプローチを取り込み、真珠産業を通じて世界にどう「注意を払う」ことをこれらの人々が考えているか、を描いています。奨学金により、Sarahはコミュニティに戻り、さらなるアドバイスを得られることとなりました。

* 今年もNimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2018を開催することができました。今年の春から編み物のし過ぎて両ひじに炎症を起こしてしまい、半年ほど休んでいたため、ほとんど新しいデザインをすることができず、このイベントを今年もやるべきかどうかと迷いました。編み物友達の励ましを得て、無事に12人で29作品を6.7kmの毛糸で楽しく編み上げることができました。この11人の参加者は私のこの活動の真の支持者です。皆さんと同様、編み物を通じてもう何年も付き合いがある仲間と、最近私のデザインを通じて知り合った仲間がいます。私のデザインはミノルのストーリーを抱えて、ミノルが世界中で新しい出会いを続ける助けをしています。

* 岩波現代文庫の「ラディカル」は順調に売り上げを伸ばしています。好意的な書評とコメントがあちこちで見られるので何よりです。岩波書店から第二版の連絡をいただけるのも近いでしょうか?



July 07, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.7.8

Happy Birthday, Mino. I am now 51 years old, so of course, you would be 47. The thought of you being 47 is disconcerting for me, though, since in your photographs you’re still only in your ’30s. At 47, you would’ve had gray hair and little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. I bet you would’ve been gorgeous with silver-gray-hair.

The new paperback version of Radical Oral History has been working really hard to reach even more readers — with the help of Mr. Fuchigami, the editor at Iwanami Shoten and the tremendous support of readers who have been waiting for this. Can you believe it’s being described as “a legendary masterpiece”?!

I am happy to report that I’ve received many responses to my message in May.

Kohei-kun, who told us that he was assigning Radical Oral History as required reading in his seminars at Fukushima University, is to start teaching at Tsuda University next April. Those neighborhoods of Kokubunji and Kodaira that were once ours, where you and I and Noguchi-san roamed during the same period -- they will become home to Kohei-kun and his family.

Hisamatsu-san says that she has had occasion to visit the Australian embassy in helping to lay the groundwork for a new project being launched as part of the “lifesaving” (monitoring beaches to prevent accidents) work she has been volunteering for these 30 years. “Australia Now,” a program designed to introduce modern Australia to the world, is being held in Japan this year, so you have been much in her thoughts.

Mihoko-san, who always looks forward to my emails, says she read Radical Oral History “less as a book about history than as a book about how to interact with people, a guide to how to live one’s life.” She continued: “I think it’s wonderful that someone somewhere on Earth is always thinking about Hokari-san…. Reading his writing, with that distinctive style, it’s as if he’s right there, and I feel close to him and miss him both at the same time. I can’t help wondering: How do people who didn’t know him read his writing? Would I read his work differently if I hadn’t known him?”

Prof. Shimizu, now busy as a professional chanson and Latin singer, says that a paperback edition of the book he wrote while thinking of you was also published under the Iwanami Gendai Bunko imprint, just ahead of yours. Along with Tessa’s book, all three will grace bookstore shelves together.

Ann and Karen have always been just an email away. Their support for us have been amazing; keeping me up to date about your memorial scholarship. People at ANU have been adoring the tree that Tessa planted for your memory.

Chantal reached out to me and let me know that she still enjoys your stereo every day.

Ray replied to me, like always:

“Because you appear to be able to do more, you will do more. If you were to list what you have done, it would show what ‘one woman can do in the memory of a loved one’. You have thrown many petals, and there have been many bangs. ‘Enough’ can only be said later I think, much later, if the time ever comes when you can do no more. Until then it sounds as if you intend to keep working. When you can work no longer there will remain a legacy with a number of aspects, including ‘what you did, and what happened as a result’, as well as the ongoing research projects, knitting and other matters. This means that even at the time when you can do no more, your work will still be having ongoing outcomes. ‘What Yuki did’ can become a best-seller too, I suspect.”

Even though you are not here with us any more, thanks to everyone’s love and support, your book — and I as well — can keep going. As you know, this is because you asked them to stay connected with you. I believe it is the best birthday gift for you, letting you know that we are all still with you.


>> 2018.7.8





久松さんが30年もボランティアなさっている「ライフセービング活動(海辺の監視活動)」の一環として新しく立ち上げたプロジェクトの基礎固めで、オーストラリア大使館に足を運ぶことがあるそうです。” Australia Now” という現代オーストラリアを紹介するプログラムが今年は日本で開催ということで、貴方のことに想いを馳せてくださっています。





「由紀さんが(実さんのために)もっと何かできると思うからこそ、今後も活動を続けることになるでしょう。貴女がこれまでしてきたことを全て列挙すれば、一人の女性が『親愛なる亡き人に捧げてどれだけのことを成し遂げられるか』が明らかになります。貴女が投げ入れた幾枚もの『花弁』はすでに数多くの『爆発』につながっています。にも拘らず、『充分』成し遂げたと感じるのはもっともっと先のこと、それ以上何もできない時が訪れるとすればその時のことで、それまでは活動を続けるつもりのようですね。それ以上できなくなった後も、『何をして、その結果何が起きたか』に加えて継続的に行なわれている研究プロジェクト、編み物その他 を通じて、様々な形での遺産、痕跡が残されます。つまり、貴女自身が活動を続けられなくなった後もずっと、貴女の貢献は長く成果をあげ続けるということです。『由紀さんの貢献録』もベストセラーになり得ると僕は思いますね。」



May 09, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.5.10

Dear Everyone

I decided to write on his passing anniversary this year.

On April 17th, a soft cover version of Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” was published from a prestigious publisher, Iwanami Shoten. While the original hard cover version (by Ochanomizushobo) was printed for 7 times totaling 4500 copies, the first print for this soft cover has 4500 copies already. Today, this book is stored in more than 200 libraries in Japan, yet, I have heard enough of people lamenting that they couldn’t get a copy since the last print.

This soft cover version is the exact same content with a new full-on book foreword/review at the end (which is common for books in Japanese) but it is lighter and cheaper. People can easily travel with it. Many who already have the original version are still seeking for this version as well as those who could not get an original copy for a long time.

Mino gave up on royalties to keep the price very low for an academic book. This time, we will use the royalties for our future projects under “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU.” We are already working on a small booklet that records many “bang” from a petal thrown by Mino.

Brenda Croft, a Gurindji artist, whose cousin knows Mino in person, curated an exhibition “Still in My Mind,” collecting and connecting many Gurindji artworks and various involvements in Gurindji history. She offered me to include Mino’s and my knitting work in her exhibition. The Australian tour took off in May 2017 at UNSW, then moved to UQ Art Museum in August. The tour will continue to travel throughout Australia for the next few years. Thanks to this incredible opportunity, Kyoko Uchida who is a translator and a good friend of mine and I received a fee for the writing contribution to the catalogue and my knitted work. We decided to donate the fee directly to the ANU’s Mino fund.

It has been 14 years since Mino’s passing. I am not sure if I have done enough or I still have more to do. Well, I can do more for him and I will, as you all know.

>> 2018.5.10



4月17日に「ラディカル」が岩波現代文庫から刊行されました。御茶の水書房から増版を七回重ねて合計4500部でましたが、この度は初版で4500部です。今や、日本国内200以上の図書館に蔵書されているとはいえ、欲しかったのに買えなかったという方達はもちろんのこと、タイミングよく(偶然にも)、人類学者の今福龍太氏がStudio Voice Vol. 412で「保苅実というオーラル・ヒストリアンの痕跡」という記事を寄稿された効果もあり、初めて本を購入された方も多いようです。購入できた喜びの声や、読了後の感想などが、Twitterで流れています。「保苅実」で検索してみてください。

Brenda Croftというグリンジ出身の写真家が、私に連絡して来たのはもう数年前のことでしょうか。彼女の従兄弟がダグラグでミノルと接しています。2016年にグリンジ牧場退去運動の50周年記念祭で、私のメッセージを読んでくれたのは彼女です。その後、彼女は”Still in My Mind”というグリンジの歴史とそれを表現した大勢の人々のアートをまとめた大規模な展示を企画し、その中にNimara & Japartaのニット作品を加えたいと声をかけてくれました。ありがたいことに、カタログへの寄稿と作品展示料ということで豪ドル$1,310を受け取りました。寄稿料の半分は翻訳家の内田恭子さんの分ですが、彼女の申し出を受け、全額ANUの基金へ送金してもらう手配をしたところです。この展示は去年5月にUNSWで始まり、8月にはUQ Art Museumで開催されました。この先数年かけてオーストラリアの各地で展示ツアーの予定です。



January 12, 2018 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2018.01.12

Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents visited us again for 3 weeks in November and since they left, I has been crazy busy, but nothing seriously bad, just normal daily chaos for a family with 2 pre-teen/teenagers. My son, Kyle, will be 17 years old next week. I cannot believe he transformed to a nice young man whom I fully enjoy having around. Nicole will be 13 in April, who is emotionally extremely colorful these days and I am exhausted to keep up.

I have several updates for 2017.

* As of September 2017, the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund balance reached $139,467, thanks to all of your support and ANU’s very capable and reliable fund management.

* 2016 Winner of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship is Tjanara Goreng Goreng, whose proposed project is concerned with: "The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation". This subject will be researched through fieldwork research conducted in Western New South Wales and Central Queensland as a part of her current PhD Research.

A list of past winners is here.

* 2017 Winner of the scholarship is Rebecca Richards of the University of Adelaide. In 2010, she became Australia’s first indigenous Rhodes Scholar. The scholarship will make it possible for her to participate a series of 8 workshops to work with community leaders and members to generate collaborative support for her work.

* Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017 was held in Oct/Nov. 19 knitters knitted 44 projects in one months, totaling 10,435.84 yards. All of our fun interaction and event results are recorded at online knitters community called Ravelry. Ravelry has 7.6 million registered users all over the world and at any given time of a day, about 5,000 users are online. My designs for fundraising are there, so as Mino’s stories. Yes, that’s how Mino keeps meeting new people. Here is an article that ANU put together.

* The release of Mino’s Japanese book (full version in lighter cover) is pushed back to Spring 2018.

* About 500 copies of “Gurindji Journey” (Univ. of Hawaii Press version) are still available.

We can expect some movement toward completing that Mino’s documentary film. I hope we all have a wonderful year ahead and stay being connected!


>> 2018.01.12






* 2017年9月時点、オーストラリア国立大学保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は139,467豪ドル(約1,225万円)に達しました。これも皆様のご協力とANUの確かな基金運用のおかげです。

* 2016年の奨学金受賞者は、Tjanara Goreng Gorengさん。キャンベラ大学で教鞭を取りつつ、ANUの博士課程で勉強されています。プロジェクトのタイトルは”"The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Sacred and Visionary Eldership on Community Transformation"奨学金は、Western New South WalesとVentral Qeenslandでのフィールドワークの資金となります。


* 2017年の奨学金受賞者は、アデレード大学のRebecca Richardsさん。2010年に、オーストラリアで初めてアボリジニ出身のローズ奨学生(世界最古の国際的フェローシップ制度で、英オックスフォード大学で学ぶ)となられた方です。この奨学金で、アボリジニコミュニティのリーダーやメンバーとの、8回にわたるワークショップに出席することが可能となるそうです。

* Nimara & Jakarta: Knit-A-Thon 2017を、満月から新月、そしてまた満月までのサイクルの約1ヶ月間の間に開催しました。19人のニッターがこの期間に合計で9542mの糸で44作品を編み上げました。この間の楽しい「会話」と全作品は世界のニッターによるオンラインコミュニティであるRavelryに記録として残っています。760万人の登録会員をもつRavelryには、常に五千人程度のニッターが世界中からアクセスしています。私のデザインパターンは、ミノルのストーリーとともに、このRavelryで寄付募集目的パターンとして販売されています。こうやって、ミノルは新しい出会いを続けています。ANUがまとめた記事はこちらです。



July 07, 2017 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2017.7.8.

Dear Mino

Happy Birthday, Mino. I turned 50 in June, and you became 46. Kyle is 16 and Nicole is 12. They are just like how we were at that time.

As we are deep into summer, morning glories and sunflowers are growing in my garden. Do you remember we planted them to observe and record how they grew for summer homework? Nicole brought back grass seeds planted in a water bottle from school. Grass seeds?! Not exciting at all, right? What a heck... I said. Bravo, Japanese education system!

For my 50th birthday, John planned a party for me. My friends whom I have known over 20 years since I landed in this country and their husbands gathered at a nearby restaurant. Kids asked me “So, Mom. A half of your life is over, how do you feel? (chuckle)” I answered “Well, I feel as if I still have another half to go.” As I am fully content how I spent the last 50 years and wonder what else I should do before my time comes to the end, I thought I should read more books.

Kyle reads lots of books fast. He reads the same books again and again. Nicole reads less books but slowly, and she understands each book deeply. Any book that she recommends to me has been always a good book, like “BFG” and “Wonder.” She noticed I am spending more time on reading lately and told me to read “Flowers for Algernon.”

I remember that I was back and forth in an email thread with Irumi (who has been helping me with “Mino business”), we discussed that it was hard to understand the young generation’s behavior, it seems they are lacking of “imagination.” She said “Lack of imagination comes from the fact that they have not read books growing up.” It totally makes sense. You need “imagination” in order to understand and enjoy a story or even an essay. “Flowers for Algernon” was indeed such a book to foster one’s imagination.

I enjoy reading books written for teenager/young adults in English since I can imagine how my children will grow and experience things in this country, which is different from my own experience growing up in Japan. While reading, I find myself being back at that age, feel like living in the story with all the characters. I can’t even knit once I am deep into the story. Many parents complain kids read less once they have their own phone, but I believe they will never forget the fun of reading and it can come back to them when it needs to or when they want it to.

That’s my thoughts on my 50th birthday. How about yours? Oh, I am happy to tell you this; Kyle says he will read “Gurindji Journey” this summer. Let's see what he thinks of your work.


>> 2017.7.8.








そんな毎日を送っています。そうそう、夏休み中に海ちゃんは”Gurindji Journey”を読むそうです。さてさて。


December 16, 2016 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2016.12.16

Dear everyone -

I am pleased to announce that Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU has reached our goal of AUD$127,000, the balance that can provide $5,000 annual scholarship. Since Mino’s passing in 2004, the fund has grown steadily with your love and support under the good care of the ANU Endowment team. Every year, the selection committee thoroughly reviews each candidate’s work and accomplishment and awards this scholarship. Over the past years, although it was not as much as $5,000, the scholarship has been helping several PhD students who studied various aspects of the indigenous Australians through fieldwork. Everyone - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This week, I had a chance to meet Kristina Kluger, a new appoint at the ANU, whom I will work with to further promote Mino’s fund. There are many possibilities that can be put together to promote Mino’s work, creating more opportunities for those who work with Indigenous Australians. We are excited to having Prof. Ann McGrath back at ANU soon and I am sure we all will make something happen, with help of Kristina’s expertise and experience in this field.

Although we have reached our goal and I emphasize that you have done your part for Mino, I will continue my fundraising efforts to further stabilize the fund’s performance and its eternity under unforeseen market conditions. You know there are many bogus charities out there. You won’t hear how your donation has been spent. It is often spent for advertising and we even hear a scandal here and there, such as the top management spends donation for their own benefits. When I told my good friend about our accomplishment, she put it this way; “Well, you will still accept my donation, right? If I have money to donate, I would like it to be a part of your brother’s fund. It is for a good cause and I trust that you will make sure of that.” Yes, I will make sure of that. Yes, we will keep accepting donation.

As the fund continues to grow, Mino’s work keeps reaching out to more people. Here are a few things to share.

1. Mino’s Japanese book, “Radical Oral History” is now 8th print (500 copies), reaching Mino’s goal of the total 5,000 copies. Mino gave up the royalties of this book to keep the book price low and we always honor that arrangement.

2. Mino’s English book, “Gurindji Journey” is now “print on demand” status. If you plan an event that can sell this book, please contact the publisher, NewSouth Books, 10 days prior. All the royalties of this book would go straight to Mino’s fund.

3. This year’s Nimara & Japarta: Knit-a-Thon 2017 was held, after we learned that the fund has reached $127,000. We still had a good group of knitters and enjoyed all the completed projects. This year, we followed the moon for a month. I posted a pic of the moon on that day and knitters around the world posted a picture of the moon in their own location. Next year, we will schedule the Knit-A-Thon based on the lunar calendar; full moon to full moon, so that visually we know how many days left to complete a project.

Again, thank you, everyone, for your support all these years. Have a happy holiday season and I will talk to you on Mino’s birthday in July, if not sooner.


Yuki Hokari

>> 2016.12.16




先日、ANUに新しく就任したKristina Klugerと会う機会をもちました。Prof: Ann McGrathももうすぐイギリスからANUに戻ることになっており、Kristinaのこの分野における経験と実績を借り、様々なイニシアティブとタイアップさせて、ミノルの基金、ひいては彼の業績と人生を、世界に向けて広めていく努力を続けていきたいと思っています。



1. 「ラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー」が、第8刷500部印刷となりました。これで、ミノル自身が目指してきた5000部に達しました。ミノル自身が本の価格を抑えるために、印税は放棄し、引き続き、私たち遺族は一切印税を受けとっていません。

2. “Gurindji Journey”は、”Print on demand”の扱いとなりました。イベント等で販売を希望する際には、最低10日前に、直接NewSouth Boooksに注文してください。こちらの印税は、すべて基金に直接送金される仕組みになっています。

3. 今年のNimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016は、目標額を達成したことを受け、お祝いムードでの展開となりました。イベント期間が1か月ということで、月の満ち欠けを追い、世界中でニッターが月を眺め、写真をとり見せ合って、ミノルが言っていた「世界のどこからでも同じ月をみている」という事実を楽しみました。これが、あまりに好評だったので、来年のKnit-A-Thonは、満月から新月そして、また満月という1か月に合わせてスケジュールし、月の満ち欠けを見ながら、編み、締め切りに間に合わせようという話になりました。



July 08, 2016 [ Mailing List ]


Dear Mino

Happy 45th Birthday, Mino!

You were afraid of being forgotten. You wished your friends would remember you, think of you, mention you in conversations. Don’t worry. They have been thinking about you.

In Feb, Ms. Sachiko Shoji of Fukuoka Art Museum asked me for permission to use the word of your creation, “Doing history!” as a planned exhibition title. Ms. Shoji has worked with Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki before, and learned about you and your work. She says your work “opened” her world and she wishes many people to know about it, then engage in “Doing history” together. Local artists will express their own "Doing History!" through their works for this exhibition. She wants this exhibition to be a part of “the bang” that you have started by “throwing a petal.”

In April, another mail came from your old friend of UNSW International House days. Mr. Kenji Kitamura works for Research Institute of Humanity and Nature, and asked for permission to write about you, using the materials from the website. He shared the draft with me and I can tell how your work influenced him and help re-evaluate his own work. He says this article will be a starting point for his work to move forward.

In June, I received a mail from a board member of Japanese Oral History Association. This September, they will have an annual conference at Hitotsubashi University where you graduated from, and wished to have a photography exhibition “The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari”, just like they did at Rikkyo University in 2011. Also, they are planning to have a symposium about your work. Ms. Tazuko Kobayashi says in the mail that JOHA hope both the exhibition and the symposium will attract young scholars and introduce your work to them.

Mino, it has been 12 years since you passed. I (as a non-scholar) am overwhelmed and feel how fortunate we are that you have accomplished so much in such a short life and that has been inter-connected with so many different areas of studies.

My friend and our good supporter, Irumi Sasakura, told me this before; Many studies and researches are published every year, but "good work" do not necessarily reach out to the world. No matter how "good" research is, if it does not reach out to the audience, it is the same as "non existent". You left your work to change the world. Your work is still reaching out to more audiences, even after your passing. I am stunned.

I was going to sign off this message here, then one more mail just arrived.

“Hi Yuki!

I just bought your (knitting) pattern, “2HB+S series: Jarrett" from Nimara & Japarta. I love the pattern, and I was touched by your story about your brother Mino. I lost my brother, Andrew, to cancer when he was 30 -- so your story definitely hit home for me. I hope your fundraising goes well! You have my sincere sympathy.


I will hold an annual fundraising event “Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016” again this September, hoping to fill the gap of AUD$5,000, closer to our target. I just hope my tennis elbow (from intense sock knitting!) gets better in time.

Happy Birthday, Mino. We are thinking of you.

Your sister, Yuki





今年2月に、福岡市美術館の正路佐知子さんから、貴方の創造語「歴史する!Doing history!」を展覧会のタイトル()に使わせてもらいたいと、連絡がありました。正路さんは、テッサと仕事したことがあるそうで、それが貴方のことを知るきっかけになったそうです。正路というお名前が「正しい路(道)」ということにすぐ気づき、これも何かの縁かと思いました。「ラディカル」を読んで、「世界が開けた感覚があり、もっと知って、多くの人に読んでもらい、一緒に考えながら、歴史実践に意識的になりたい」と、思ったそうです。地元の参加アーティストが、「歴史する」行為について思考しながら、作品を準備しているとのこと。この展覧会が、一つの「爆発」のかたちになれるように、という思いで進めてくださっています。嬉しいことですね。





「Hi Yuki! たった今、貴方の編み物パターンを購入しました。このカウルのデザイン(2HB+S series: Jarrett)すごく気に入りました。そして、貴方の弟さん、Minoのコトを知り、心を打たれました。実は、私も30才の弟を癌で亡くしたんです。だから、貴方のことをとても身近に感じます。寄付集めが順調にすすむよう、祈ってます。Miranda」

今年も9月に、三回目の編み物寄付集めイベント"Nimara & Japarta: Knit-A-Thon 2016”を開催します。目標額まで、あと豪5000ドル。そのときまでに、私のテニス肘(靴下を一気に何枚も編みすぎました)が治ってるといいのですが。



January 08, 2016 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2016.1.8

Happy New Year, everyone.

My parents left yesterday after 4-week stay over the holidays. It was great to have them here all day long every day. They struggled with jet lag at the beginning, but soon started working out in the basement (We have the state-of-art gym that my husband built). We went out for a long walk here and there, and went to NYC visiting The Metropolitan Museum and Xmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Kyle played Shogi (Japanese Chess) every day with my Dad and Nicole learned Abacus from my Mom.

My Grandma was a wise woman, whom my Mom took care of for several years in her late years. Unlike most elderly, she stopped insisting on being right “because I know I am wrong” to Mom. She said “Thank you” often for the care she received. She never got angry, and stayed happy and calm until her last breath. I can tell my parents learned from her. They are very calm and grateful, enjoy their lives and each other’s company. They know what to do to stay healthy; eat well and exercise, but not too much to injure themselves.

We talked a lot about Mino, my Grandparents and my Great Grandma whom even my Mom never met. Mom told me about many of her childhood memories. They are the episodes so long ago, and I felt like I was listening to the bed time stories as a small child, which I will pass them down to my children for sure. I am fortunate that they are healthy enough to visit all the way to the US. Ironically, because I live so far away from Japan, I can spend time together with such a depth at the age of 48. At the airport, I cried as I hugged them tightly, drove back home crying and ate a rice ball that Mom made.

After losing Mino, we managed to survive and are living well, to everyone’s surprise. Again, we thank you all to stay connected with us for all these years. I am grateful that every day a new person arrives at to learn about Mino and his work, through a simple google search or my knitting endeavor. I cannot imagine how we would have been without the memorial scholarship fund that the ANU have founded.

I am sending my deepest regards to those who sponsored the Knit-A-Thon 2015. This year’s Knit-A-Thon had 32 knitters (up from 27 last year) to knit my designs with 32,748.7 yards (up from 19,550.5 yards) and raise $1,637.44 (up from $977.52).As of September 2015, the fund balance was AUD$108,546 (up from $100,555 March 2015), which provides AUD$4,850 scholarship annually. Including the knitting pattern sale of my designs, donations and proceeds from other ongoing projects/events that I manage for the last few years, approximately AUD$9,200 was wired to the fund at the end of 2015. Our goal is to raise AUD$127,000 to provide AUD$5,000 scholarship every year, in perpetuity. I expect it will be fully funded in the next few years and I promise that once we reach the goal, I let the fund grow by itself. I won’t keep asking for your donation. I do not treat this fund to be an endless pit that never fills up. So, please bear with me for a few more years.

I want to share a message from my knitting friend who knits like a mad women during the Knit-A-Thon.

“Yuki, three years ago I was one of those people whom you emailed because I bought patterns. I read about Mino and wanted to contribute. I think I bought all of your patterns. This was only a few months after I lost one of my best friends to cancer at the age of 53--the one I referred to in my “your arms around me” project page. What I didn’t know immediately was that on the very same day I was “introduced” to Mino and purchased the patterns, another best friend and kindred spirit to me, lost her niece who was 15--she was the same age as my son. She and her best friend accepted a ride home from a party (no drugs or alcohol/just a small gathering of good friends). The driver had just gotten his driver’s license the day before. The two girls were killed on impact when the driver lost control and smacked into a tree--this happened just blocks away from their homes. I had just met this girl a month before the accident and was amazed at how much she looked like a friend of mine from college--so beautiful! I was going to keep my eye on her as she grew up to see if they would still look alike. This is why I knit like a mad woman for Mino. We lose amazing people, who aren’t given the chance to mature to their full potential, to uncontrollable circumstances; but, we need to carry on for those who are up and coming. You are one of those people who keep energy moving in a positive direction. I’ve told you before that you amaze me with your energy and creativity. The least I can do is knit for you, and for Mino, and for as many budding scholars as I can.”

Reading her mail and I thought this is the reason why I could keep going. There will be always support for what I do and there will be always a person who would enjoy meeting Mino. Then, I received another mail from a knitter who lives in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

“Hi Yuki, I have just stumbled on one of your patterns and read the story of your brother and the scholarship that has been set up in his honour. Unfortunately today I have no money to buy the pattern/s but I have kept a diary note so that in a couple of weeks when I get paid again I will buy myself at least one pattern and will also gift at least one more pattern. I just wanted to congratulate you on what you are doing - sharing your love of knitting and designing while unselfishly donating the proceeds of that labour of love to such a wonderful project. The subject of the scholarship is also dear to my heart, as an Australian, so I really wish you well in your endeavours and with your kind permission I will also post a message to my local group ladies pointing them to one of your patterns so that they can also read (and hopefully be moved to purchase/donate).”

A knitter who came across my designs would like to be a part of the fund. Mino’s fund is very special and unique this way and I am very proud of it.

I wish you all a very healthy and fruitful year. I will write to Mino on his birthday in July again.



>> 2016.1.8






Knit-A-Thon 2015に向けて、寄付してくださった方達に、心からお礼を申しあげます。今年は32人のニッターが集まり(去年は27人)、32,780.7 yardの毛糸で、数々の私のデザインを編み(去年は19,550.5 yards)、US$1637.44(去年は$977.52)の寄付を募ることができました。2015年9月時点で、基金残高はAUD$108,546 (2015年3月時点では、$100,555)あり、毎年$4,850の奨学金を支給できています。私の編み物デザインのパターン販売収益をはじめ、その他のイベントやプロジェクトからの収益、ここ数年間に頂いた寄付を合わせ、年末に日本とアメリカから合計でAUD$9200ほどを基金に送金しました。目標額はAUD$127,000の基金で、毎年$5000の奨学金を永遠に支給し続けることです。あと数年でこの目標額を達成することができると感じています。そして、達成した時点で、私は寄付募集活動を止めるつもりです。この基金を、終わりの見えない寄付集めの穴にするつもりは毛頭ありませんので、あと数年、ご協力くださいませ。








July 08, 2015 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2015. 7.8

Dear Mino

Happy 44th Birthday to you!

At the beginning of this year, our Grandma passed away and our parents came to visit us for 3 weeks in April. Mom took a very good care of Grandma and she passed away very happily and quietly. Mom was content with what she has done for her mom (Grandma), who had a very hard life in her childhood. Mom believes that Grandma was convinced that she had a happy life with a very peaceful ending.

Dad enjoyed playing golf with local golfers wherever he played without speaking in English. He loved lobsters and ate it at every restaurant we went. On the other hand, Mom got dehydrated but thought it was a stroke and started writing a will in her head. We laughed and urged her to drink tons of water as kids watched her closely and kept reminding her to drink. Within a day, she was fully recovered. Kyle learned Shogi from Dad, Nicole took care of their breakfast every morning, after English speaking members went to bed, three of us talked and talked in Japanese until late at night, like we used to do. At the airport, they said “I am not sure if we deserve to enjoy everything this much.” They are coming again during Christmas time.

When I was at the middle school, you were still in grade school. At our dinner table, we could not stop talking about everything. Even after everyone finished eating, we had a cup of tea and seasonal fruit and kept talking. I have not been able to create the same family time at dinner and wondered why for all these years. Now, Kyle is 14 and Nicole is 10, our dinner table is becoming like ours and I realized that my kids are growing up. I am very very happy.

Recently ANU announced Ms Jess Rogers as a recipient of Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship this year. Ms Rogers is an Indigenous Doctoral Student at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR), ANU. The award will assist Ms. Rogers to undertake field work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarding school students in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The committee was impressed with Ms. Roger's previous experience in and commitment to Indigenous education, ethical research practices and the use of Indigenous research methodologies that uphold the principles of Indigenous research including reciprocity and respect for Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing. 

In honor of your birthday, I designed a shawl called “Talking to the Moon.” I cried for so many times while designing and listening to a song by Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon.” I hope many knitters would knit this shawl for the third annual Knit-A-Thon 2015.

Well, that’s it for now. Please send my best regards to Grandpa and Grandma. Nicole had a dream of three of you playing Hopscotch. LOL.

Your sister, Yuki

>> 2015. 7.8





また今年もANU保苅実記念奨学基金の受賞者が決まりました。Jessa Rogersさん、ANUの博士課程で学ぶアボリジニの学生だそうです。彼女は、New South Wales, Victoria、そして、Austrian Capital TerritoryにあるBoarding Schoolで学ぶアボリジニの学生を対象に、アボリジニの教育カリキュラムやアボリジニに関する調査方法やその原則などを研究しています。

貴方の誕生日プレゼントに、”Talking to the Moon”というショールのデザインをリリースしました。Bruno Marsの同名の曲を聴きながらデザインしたのですが、何度も泣いてしまいました。9月に開催する3回目のKnit-A-Thon 2015で、多くの参加者がこのショールを編んでくれるといいなと思っています。



January 01, 2015 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2015. 1.1

Happy Holidays.

Somehow, I could not write before the new year. Perhaps I was too busy with my usual stuff around the house and kids, but was thinking a lot about Mino.

This summer we went to Japan for 2 weeks, spending time with my parents, visiting Mino and my grandfather’s grave, and managed to enjoy Tokyo area for a few days under unthinkable humidity and heat. My grandmother is 94 years old and I am so glad that she recognized us all and said “Cute Nicole.” Kyle and Nicole cleaned the grave and Nicole placed pretty flowers that she chose for them.

My “Knit-to-Fundraise” project is going really well. I have 33 original knit designs now. Most of my designs carry some episode about Mino and knitters all over the world will learn a piece of Mino’s life and work through my designs.

My latest designs are “Diamonds and Pearls in December” and “Right Way Hat”. As some of you know Prince was one of his favorite singers. This scarf was designed with my very first original diamonds motif and I am proud of it. “Right Way Hat” has “three Dreaming tracks” running from West to East, not from North to South. (See the attached pictures.)

We had the second annual “Knit-A-Thon 2014” in September. A knitter chooses one (or more) of my designs (100% of the pattern sale proceed will be donated to the fund) and knit within 5 weeks event period. Once a project is completed, $0.05 every yard that was knit is donated to the fund. This year, 34 knitters have made 90 projects (meaning one knitter knit several projects!) and knit 22,330 yards (20419m) to raise $1116.52. $590 sponsorship towards the event came in and I will fill the gap and wire the money to the ANU very soon along with the pattern sale proceeds etc.

Here it is. This is a brief report to you, and you should know whenever I have knitting needles in my hands, I think of Mino. I am always thinking how to have him meet new people. I appreciate the people at the ANU founded Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. Without this fund, I did not know how I have dealt with this huge loss of my life.

A happy new year to all of you.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2015. 1.1




私のKnit to Fundraiseプロジェクトは、2014年も順調に活動を続けました。オリジナルデザインが33作品となりましたが、そのほとんどが何らかのミノルのエピソードを抱えています。私のデザインを通じて、世界中のニッター達が、ミノルの人生や業績の一部を知るきっかけになっています。

最新のデザインは、ミノルが好きだったプリンスの曲名からとって”Diamonds and Pearls in December”という名をつけた大きなショールです。初めてオリジナルのダイヤモンドレースモチーフをデザインしました。”Right Way Hat”は、3本のドリーミングトラックが、北から南ではなく、西から東に走っているデザインです。

9月には、第二回目の”Knit-A-Thon 2014”を開催しました。各ニッターが、私のデザインを選び(パターンの売り上げは100%基金へ寄付されます)、5週間のイベント期間中に編み上げます。編み上がった時点で、その作品に使用した毛糸の長さ、1 yard (=0.9m)につき、スポンサーが$0.05を基金に寄付するという仕組みです。今年は、34人のニッターが90作品を編み上げてくれました。編んだ毛糸の長さは20419m、$1116.52の寄付額を達成しました。スポンサーシップを募集したところ$590が寄付されましたので、足りない分を私が補い、パターンの売り上げ等と合わせて、近日中にANUに寄付させていただきます。




July 08, 2014 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2014. 7.8

Happy 43rd Birthday, Mino!

A big news on your birthday. Your book, “Radical Oral History” was used to make a college entrance exam for Shizuoka University of Art and Culture!! I found out about this when I was asked for a permission to have that question in the exam in the database. Irumi and I are talking “Mino must be laughing out loud!” We will see what type of question they made out of your book.

On July 4th, when we went to watch the fireworks for the Independence Day, Nicole noticed it was a half moon. “Mom, Uncle Mino is half awake!” Even if she was born after you passed away, it seems that she is thinking about you very often. On the other day, I was knitting a cardigan. It looks small, so she wanted it for herself, so I said “If it came out too small for me, it will be yours.” She opened her arms, reached out to the sky, said “Uncle Mino! Please let it be mine!” Then, she said to me “You know, Uncle Mino controls the universe.” with a big smile. When I suspect she is lying, I ask if she can swear to Uncle Mino. She raises her hand “I swear to Uncle Mino.” I often say to kids, “Even if no one seems to watch you, Uncle Mino is always watching you. Don’t you dare do something that makes him disappointed. “

By the way, kids seem to behave so much better when I am not there. It is so not fair. They are devils in the house! I received a biggest compliment about Kyle in my life from other parent this morning. I could not believe she was actually talking about him!!

This summer, again, is filled with soccer and swimming in July. In August, we will go to Japan. They all are looking forward to eating their favorite Japanese foods. We all will visit your grave in Niigata. I wonder if Kyle says “This is merely for the self-satisfaction of the living.” at your grave, just like you did to our ancestor’s grave when you were at Kyle’s age.

I will write to you again. Happy Birthday, Mino. I am so glad that you were born as my little brother.


>> 2014. 7.8








May 10, 2014 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2014. 5.10

Dear Everyone -

Every time I write to you, I am hoping that you are well. I hear about illness and death more often lately. After 10 years of Mino’s passing, I came to realize the obvious fact: I am getting old. We are getting old.

What I should write or want to write to you always has come to me, but somehow, it is very difficult this time. I decided that this would be the last time that I write on May 10th. Yes, I am still planning to write on his birthday and the year end to keep you informed of what I do for Mino.

10 years is a long time. It still feels like a few years ago to me, but my son is now 13 years old and my daughter is 9. A decade has passed. My heart aches when I think of how much he would have accomplished if he was still alive. I wish he had just one more year to live.

No one knows when your time will be up. I do not want to say some cliche here such as we have to treasure every minute of our lives. But knowing that your time is limited, I admire how remarkably and beautifully Mino left this world with such a content about his life. And I hope to spend the rest of my life to achieve that feeling in the end, and I hope you do too.

Do not worry about me. I am OK. My life is in full speed: my children, my "knit to fundraise" project and more Mino project is coming up. Thanks to Brenda Croft, I will go to Daguragu in 2016. We will be working together for the benefit of Gurindji Community. Yes, I will keep you in the loop. You will hear from me in July and December.


Yuki Hokari

>> 2014. 5.10






どうぞ御心配なく。私の毎日はフルスピードで回転しています。二人の子供達、順調に拡大する”Knit to Fundraise”プロジェクト、そして、また新しい保苅実プロジェクトが始まりそうです。Brenda Croftさんとの出会いにより、2016年に私はダグラグに行きます。Brendaと私は、グリンジコミュニティのための共同プロジェクトを展開します。これからも、年に2回、進行状況をご報告させていただきます。



December 18, 2013 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2013.12.18

Dear Everyone -

Another busy year is almost over. I sent out the Christmas cards and finished wrapping gifts. Gifts were already sent to my parents and friends in Japan and other gifts were piled up in the attic. I have my in-laws visiting from this weekend and the schools will be closed soon.

Both Kyle (12) and Nicole (8) are doing well. Kyle’s days are fully booked with soccer, Karate and homework. He is 12, but still talks to me about things that I do not care much such as video games and silly things that he does with his friends. Yes, I know that I should embrace it while I can. Nicole is an excellent swimmer, who is smallest in her class for this past three years, but everyone agrees that she has a biggest heart. John has lost 50 lb and is now focused on building muscles. His obsession drives him to whatever goal that he sets and drags me into it, which I owe deeply to my loss of 20 lb. We are not skinny but lean and strong, which is very important for our age.

It was another fulfilling year for me and Mino. I am pleased to announce that I sent the donation of US $4200 to the Mino’s fund at the ANU. $4200 was raised for the past 2 years by all my “Knit to Fundraise” fundraising efforts.

The very first “Knit-A-Thon 2013” was a huge success. Knitters chose one or more of my designs and needed to complete it within a month. $0.05 was raised for every yard that was knitted upon completion. 45 knitters around the world participated, 65 projects were completed and $984.53 was raised.

My design pattern sale has been steady and that means more and more knitters have met Mino. One knitter knits my design, which reaches her online “friends” and the connection continues.

I have one story to share.

Just like Mino, I always like to stay up late. After my husband goes to bed, I am alone sitting and knitting with TV on. One chilly winter night, I was watching one of my favorite shows, “Criminal Mind.” At the end of an episode, there is always a quote. That night, I heard the following quote in David Rossi’s voice.

“Death stops life, not relationship”

I felt Mino’s arm on my shoulder. My next design “Your Arm around Me” was born at this very moment.

I wish everyone having happy holidays and healthy year of 2014.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2013.12.18





今年初めて開催した”Knit-A-Thon 2013”は大成功を収めました。世界中のKnitter(編み手)が、私のデザインの中から一つ以上を選び(パターンを購入。パターンの全売上が寄付の対象です)規定の1ヶ月間で編み上げます。編み上げた作品にかかった毛糸の長さに比例して、寄付額を決めました(約1mにつき$0.05)。45人の参加、65の作品、そして、寄付額は$984.53となりました。



ミノルと同じように、私は夜更かしが好きです。早起きの夫が寝室にこもると、私は一人でTVを見ながら、編み物をします。ある寒い夜、いつものように”Criminal Mind”という犯罪モノの番組を見ていました。最後に、キャストの一人がある引用文を朗読します。この夜、こんな引用文が読まれました。

“Death stops life, not relationship” (死は命を断つ。でもその人との関係は断たれない)

ミノルの腕を、肩に感じました。私の次のデザイン”Your Arm around Me”は、この時生まれました。



July 08, 2013 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2013 7.8

Dearest Mino

Happy Birthday to you! 42 years old! As my birthday gift to you, a new scarf design "Light in the Pacific Ocean" is released today. Pacific Ocean connects Japan, Australia and the US.

This year, the ANU's scholarship was awarded to Mr. Philip Adgemis, a doctoral student in Arts and Australian Indigenous Studies at Monash University. It seems that the competition level has become higher every year and the quality of the recipient's work is outstanding. The award will asset him to undertake fieldwork in and around the Northern Territory town of Borroloola as part of his research project, 'Yanyuwangala: change, resilience and identity.' The panel saw much in his application that might have resonated with Mino, not only in his willingness to watch, listen and learn from Yanyuwa intellectuals but his appreciation of his teachers as historians.

I also received a progress report from Shannyn Palmer, the recipient 2012. Shannyn wrote;

"Undertaking extensive fieldwork in remote locations can create significant challenges for a researcher. Driving to locations often several hundreds of kilometres from Alice Springs where I live is an expensive exercise. I purchased a four wheel drive to be able to get myself to places that require driving hundreds of kilometres on difficult unsealed roads and able to carry lots of people. I need to be able to cover the costs of fuel for those trips, which makes up most of the expense of this kind of fieldwork. I also provide food for people when we go on bush trips to visit places and record or film oral histories. On occasion I have also taken out paints and canvas or supplies of clothes from the op-shop for people who have requested it. These are the basics in undertaking fieldwork of this kind, which can be very difficult for a PhD student on a stipend to provide without additional funding. Receiving the Minoru Hokari scholarship has provided much appreciated assistance in carrying out my fieldwork. It has enabled me to maintain my vehicle and fuel it for fieldtrips as well as cover the costs of some of the other aspects of fieldwork mentioned above. Minoru Hokari’s work, particularly his idea of cross-culturalising the discipline of History has been a significant influence on my own work. In my research I endeavour to address some of the challenges he raised in his work and feel incredibly grateful to have received an award made in his honour. "

My "Knit-to-Fundraise" project has been going very well. The current fund balance is AUD$79,081, which produces AUD $3,342 scholarship annually. Our goal is to raise AUD$48,000 more to provide AUD$5000 every year in perpetuity. I have raised US$1,830 just from selling my patterns. I enjoy designing and meeting more and more knitters around the world. Also, I am planning a "Knit-A-Thon" event in this September; I will donate $0.50 for every 10 yards of yarns that each knits one of my designs. Two local knitting stores will have kick-off party with trunk show and the closing party to claim the yardage. For the first year, I would be happy if 10 knitters participate. I will make it an annual event. September is a good month to start Xmas gift knitting.

In August, our parents will come to see us in the US, and we all will go to Florida for vacation. Dad can play golf with Kyle and John and Mom will learn how to swim from Nicole. We have lots to catch up. I know you will be there with us.

Your sister, Yuki

>> 2013 7.8


よ、「七夕に間に合わなかった男」42歳のお誕生日おめでとう。誕生日のプレゼントに、"Light in the Pacific Ocean"というスカーフのパターンをリリースします。太平洋は、日本とオーストラリアとアメリカをつないでるでしょ。

今年のANU保苅実記念奨学金受賞者は、Monash Universityの博士課程で学ぶPhilip Adgemisさんに決定しました。話しによると、毎年この奨学金受賞者のレベルは高くなる一方のようです。素晴らしいことです。彼は、ノーザンテリトリーのBorrollolaという町でフィールドワークを行います。テーマは、"'Yanyuwangala: change, resilience and identity.” 審査員達は、彼の研究スタイルに、貴方と同じような「Yanyuwaの知識人達を見て、彼らの話を聞き、彼らから学ぶだけでなく、彼の師事者達と歴史家としてつきあう姿勢」を評価したそうです。

また、昨年の受賞者Shannyn Palmerの近況も知りました。


"Knit to Fundraise"プロジェクトは、順調です。オーストラリア国立大学の保苅実記念奨学基金の残高は現在AUD$79,081で、毎年$3,342が奨学金にあてられるのですが、目標の$5000の奨学金拠出を達成するには、あと$48,000の寄付が必要です。私のデザイン販売により、これまでにUS$1,830を売り上げました。デザイン過程は楽しいし、それを通じて世界中のknittersと出会えることが素晴らしいです。ウェブサイトを見て、貴方のことを知ってくれる人も多いのですよ。実は、今年9月に"Knit-A-Thon"というイベントの開催を企画しています。私のデザインを選び、編んでもらい、使用した毛糸10 yard (約9メートル)につき、私が基金に$1寄付するという仕組み。より多くの人に、私のデザインを編んでもらい、貴方のことを知ってもらうというのが目的です。近所の二軒の毛糸屋さんは、Trunk Showと合わせたキックオフパーティと、編み上げた作品を持ち寄る打ち上げパーティを予定してくれています。ありがたいことです。9月はKnitersにとって、忙しくなる前にXmasギフト用の編み物を始めるいい時期であり、是非これを毎年恒例のイベントにしたいと思っています。最初の年は10人でも参加してくれれば、嬉しいです。



May 10, 2013 [ Mailing List ]


Dear Everyone -

I hope you all are doing well. It has been 9 years passed since we lost Mino on May 10, 2004.

Maybe we don't need to remind ourselves that he passed away, but I think of May 10 as a prelude of his birthday in July. So…please stay with me.

My friend recently told me "the fact that even just a few people remember the deceased tells us that he/she had a valuable life. His life meant something to those people."

Mino had a good life. While he was waiting for his diagnosis, he told me

"Yuki, even if I had to die right now, I'd have no regrets. I spent an amazing 10 years with the Gurindji people."

Then, after 9 years of his passing, I still write to you on this day about my brother. You might know him in person or you met him through his book or at the photography exhibitions or through my knitting project. It does not matter how. You all are connected with him even now, just as he wished until his last breath. He appreciates this relationship you have with him today.

My old friend from junior high school remembers Mino, who was always following me behind. He also remembers that I said my "ideal" "dream" man was my own brother, when I was 20 years old. He now runs a pharmacy in my home town. As a training material for the new employees, he uses the e-mails that Mino wrote to his friends during the 10 months of his illness. I hear some cry reading them. Those new and young employees who work as a pharmacist would remember to stay close to the patients, just like doctors and nurses.

I am proud of my brother who influences others even now and I miss him so much.

Thank you very much for reading my mail again this year on this day.

Yuki Hokari

May 09, 2013 [ Mailing List ]









彼が亡くなって9年がたった今でも、私は皆さんにこうやってメールを書いています。皆さんは、弟の友人だったかもしれませんし、彼の著書を手に取った方かもしれない。写真展で初めて保苅実の存在を知ったかもしれない。私の"Knit to Fundraise"という編み物プロジェクトを通じて、彼のことを知ったかもしれません。きっかけは何でもいいのです。今、皆さんが彼とつながっているということ、それを彼は最後の息を引き取る瞬間まで望んでいました。






December 27, 2012 [ Mailing List ]


Dear Everyone

I hope this mail finds you well. This year, my "Knit to Fundraise" project took off really big. I continue to design knitting patterns and have reached out to the knitters all over the world as well as the local knitters by selling the patterns. My designs are named after Mino, "Japarta" or Australian items such as "Japarta's Wings" "Japarta Off Road" "Japarta Journey" "Frilled Lizard Neckerchief" and "Platypus Neckerchief". "A Long Loop for Mino" series consists of 4 versions; "Dreaming" "Boomerang" "Songlines" and "Outback." Knitters are kind and generous, love the idea of my fundraising for my late brother's
memorial scholarship fund. I have sold about 200 copies of my original patterns. Please find "Nimara & Japarta" in Facebook ( where I post many pictures of my knitting projects. You will be surprised how fast I knit. LOL.

Mino's Japanese book "Radical Oral History" has been mentioned in the articles of a major business magazine as well as "The Big Issue Japan." ("The Big Issue" was founded in England to provide a tool for homeless people to earn some living.) It seems that some people think how Mino lived and what he learned from Indigenous Australians might provide some lessons for Japan to get out of its current mess.

Recently, a mail arrived in my inbox. Mr. K asked for a permission to write about Mino's Japanese book in his blog. He is a student at a law school. A modern Japanese literature teacher at his high school introduced "Radical Oral History" in the class. Ever since, he has been interested in reading it. He could not find it at a local library or a book store. Years went by and finally purchased a copy. Although Mino's writing is very clear and easy to understand, the issues that he raised are profound and complex, Mr, K wrote to me. He sees Mino's struggles to communicate over the gap between the two modes of
history, wishes to take it to his heart and will apply it to whatever the life takes him to. I felt such a deep satisfaction and pleasure for Mino's accomplishment; This is exactly what Mino wanted to happen. With a petal that he threw, he has been waiting for the bang.

As I write this to you, I was listening to my new iPod shuffle. "Shuffle" mode was on, and here came "Desert Rose" (Sting). This is the song that Mino and I listened together so many times. Then, my 7 years old daughter, who was born after Mino's passing, came to me and said "Mom, I want to see Uncle Mino." …I know Mino is here with me now.

I wish you all a happy new year.

Yuki Hokari




今年は私の"Knit to Fundraise"プロジェクトが、大きく前進しました。私のデザインは、編み図の売り上げが亡き弟の記念奨学基金へ寄付されるという約束と共に、世界中のKnitter達と、そして、地元の毛糸屋さんに集まる人々の間で、浸透しつつあり、これまでに200部近くを販売しました。デザインには、保苅実かオーストラリアにちなんだ名前をつけています。"Japarta's Wing" "Japarta Off Road" "Japarta Journey" "エリマキトカゲ・ネッカチーフ" "カモノハシ・ネッカチーフ"。そして、"A Long Loop for Mino" シリーズは、Dreaming" "Boomerang" "Songlines" "Outback”の4バージョンがあります。

そして、このたび、オンラインストア "Nimara & Japarta" (を、オープンしました。津波被害の記憶がまだ生々しく残り、復興の目処が立たない中、オーストラリアへの寄付という気持ちにはなかなかなりにくいとは思いますが、お時間のある時にでも御覧になっていただけると嬉しいです。また、Facebookでも、私の作品の数々を紹介しています。(

最近、「ラディカル」が週刊東洋経済(21012.11.10号)と、"The Big Issue Japan"「特集・転換の時代、生きる知恵の渚を洗う55冊」の一冊として、取り上げられました。保苅実の生き様と、彼がオーストラリア先住民から学んだ何かが、今の日本が再生する鍵となるのでは、と考える人がいる、ということでしょうか。


このメールを書きながら、私にしては珍しくiPod Shuffleの"Shuffle Mode"で音楽を聴いていたところ、Stingの"Desert Rose"が流れてきました。弟と一緒に何度も聴いた一曲です。そして、弟が亡くなってから生まれた7歳の娘が、突然「ママ、みぃちゃんに会いたい」と言い出しました。...ミノルが近くにいるに違いありません。



July 08, 2012 [ Mailing List ]


Dear my dearest Mino,

Happy birthday to you! 41 years old! It is 40s that you said you wanted to live. I wonder how you would have lived this energetic 40s, especially when I hear some successful episodes of your friends and colleagues. That's when I am in tears, thinking "I wish my Mino was here now!", as everyone knows, I always have bragged, am bragging and will be bragging about my little brother. I know…I can see you looking at me, "Stop it, Yuki." with a deep sigh.

"Knit to Fundraise" Project is slowly reaching out knitters all over the world, through the brand "Nimara & Japarta." After "Japarta Journey Shawl", I designed "Japarta's Wings" A few knitters who learned about you through my knitting and have visited the website helped me to test knit this pattern. Don't think they are only my friends in NJ. One who lives in Midwest, one in France and a New Zealander living in Greece as well! I sent them an exhibition catalogue as my "thank you" and they all said to me that they now could feel you more closely and enjoyed your work and photos very much. It is true that knitters are compassionate.

The sale of my patterns are not overly successful, but it started producing solid income every month now. I hope the sale of my actual knits will become another solid source of income this winter. My local knitting store's owner has been working so hard to sell my patterns to her customers and gave me her own donation as well as the sale of the pattern. Everyone is helping us. I look forward to wring such heartfelt donation to the ANU soon.

Until the last breath, you have wished to be connected with people. "Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund" has to be funded by as many people's donation as possible. That's how this fund is different from others. Although each pattern sells for only $4, if it reaches as many knitters as possible, that's what I need to do for you, right?

Kids are doing great. Kyle is 11 years old, who will start at the Middle school this fall, while Nicole is 7 years old, the second grader. As both are stubborn and very strong-willed, once summer vacation started, they fight 24/7. It is good that Kyle is engaged in soccer and Nicole in swimming this summer. My summer is full of scheduling and driving for them. John will also become 41 years old this month. His obsession changes from watches, cars, and now weight loss. With daily exercise and carefully planned diet, he has been losing so much weight that he has to buy new clothes. As I got depressed at my body during our spring vacation, I also started going to gym. This gym takes away my knitting time, and housekeeping is barely keeping up to date.

I wish I could see you and talk to you. I want you to meet my kids who always look for "Moon where Uncle Mino lives" from a car window at night. Aw…I cried again. I am sorry this is your birthday. Talk to you soon.

Your sister, Yuki

>> 2012.7.8



"Knit to Fundraise"プロジェクトが、"Nimara & Japarta"というブランドを通じて、少しずつですが、世界中のknitterの目に届き始めました。"Japarta Jounery Shawl"に続く次のデザインは"Japarta's Wings"というショールです。以前から私の作品を通じて、Being Connected with Minoru Hokariのサイトに目を通してくれたknitter達が、このデザインの試作に携わってくれました。近くに住む私の友人だけじゃないんですよ、Ravelry.comを通じて知り合ったアメリカ人、フランス人、そしてギリシャに住むニュージーランド人も。お礼に「保苅実写真展」の図録を贈ったのですが、Minoをとても身近に感じられると、とても喜んでくれました。







May 09, 2012 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2012. 5.10

Dear Everyone -

We are here again on May 10th, after 8 years of Mino's passing. We had a book launch of "Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" on May 10th last year. Many college libraries in Australia and the US now have a copy in their bookshelves. We all hope that it will be used as a textbook in many college courses all over the world, just like it has been in Japan. Please keep in mind that all the royalty goes directly to the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU to support young scholars like Mino.

1. I am pleased to announce Ms Shannyn Palmer (a doctoral student in the Australian Centre for Indigeous History at the ANU), as ANU's 2012 Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship winner. The $3000 award will support fieldwork for her project, titled 'Thinking History Through People and Place: Mobile and stituated historican narratives in Southwest Central Australia'

Ms Palmer is involved in collaborative cross-cultural research with Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people. Her case study is the cattle station Angus Downs, a site rich in historical memories for Aboriginal workers and their descendants. In 1962 Angus Downs was the site of intensive research by the Marxist anthropologist Frederick Rose. Ms Palmer’s project involves close study of Rose’s fieldbooks and photographs in the Mitchell Library, Sydney. Material from the Rose collection is being made available to Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people on community-based computers, where it will provide stimulus for documentation of memories and stories. In conceptualising her project, Ms Palmer drew inspiration from the example of Minoru Hokari, who ‘urged historians to go beyond writing histories of cross-cultural agents…and seek to cross-culturalise history itself.’ Her project seeks ‘to engage with Aboriginal modes of historical practice using digital media to explore the visual, spatial and experiential nature of Aboriginal historical knowledge.’ In making the award to Ms Palmer, the judges were impressed by her thoroughness in scoping the project, her awareness of the ethical challenges, the genuineness of her desire to work collaboratively and the innovative methodology that she brings to the project.

2. My “Knit to Fundraise” project has been up and running. I started selling the patterns at the world biggest online knitters community called Most of my pattern names are Australian or Mino related such as “Platypus Neckerchief” “Japarta Journey” “A Long Loop for Mino” etc. (Are you a knitter? My Ravelry ID is yukihs. Please find me there and shoot me a message!) My patterns contain info about Mino, this “Knit to Fundraise” project and encourage knitters to visit to meet Mino.

Also an owner at a local knitting store, supports this project and agreed to display my creation and sell patterns for me. Although I am such an inexperienced knitter and designer, so I hesitate to charge much, she told me to raise the price since it is a good cause. Customers at this store know me personally and encouraged me to design more. One lady enjoyed knitting “Japarta Journey Shawl” and told me that she would read “Gurindji Journey”!

The “Knit to Fundraise” website is coming soon and I am aware that Australia is heading to winter!! Please reply to this mail or visit if you are interested in purchasing my knits. Some are custom order, you may choose your color(s) and others are “only one item available for sale at times” Think of Christmas presents for your loved ones, a small gift to your children’s teachers or a nice treat for yourself. Please spread the words for me and Mino.

3. My friend and the only translator that I allow to work on Mino’s work, Kyoko Uchida, recently published a poetry collection “Elsewhere” (Texas Tech University Press, 2012) This publication was a result of winning the 2011 Walter McDonald First-Book Competition in Poetry.

“In Elsewhere, Kyoko Uchida unravels the landscapes of childhood migrations and later passages across oceans and continents, seasons and languages―spoken or otherwise―mapping the geographies of longing, loss, grief, and conflict. These poems are preoccupied with itineraries and distance, while at the same time negotiating space at the intersection of shared fragilities and efforts to communicate. Imbued with an outsider’s need for precise definitions, they attempt to pare down to the essential core each place, each yearning and absence.” (Introduction by Robert A. Fink)

Lastly, from next year, before May 10, I will have another anniversary at my house. On May 8, 2012, for the first time since I had Kyle 11 years ago, kids did not bother me when I was on the phone! They were quietly eating snack when my friend, Hiro, on West Coast called me! I never knew the day would actually come.

I will write to you next on Mino’s birthday July 8th. Until then, please take care.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2012. 5.10


今年もまた5月10日を迎えることとなりました。弟・保苅実が亡くなって8年になります。ちょうど一年前のこの日、"Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback"のブックローンチがオーストラリアのシドニーで行われました。あれから一年、アメリカとオーストラリアの多くの大学の図書館に所蔵されることとなりました。日本と同様、大学の教材として広く使われるようになることを祈ります。ご存知とは思いますが、改めて。"Gurindji Journey"の印税は、オーストラリア国立大学(ANU)・保苅実記念奨学基金に直接寄付される仕組みとなっています。

1. ANU・保苅実記念奨学金の2012年の受賞者は、Shannyn Palmerさん(ANU博士課程在学中)に決定しました。Palmerさんは、ANUの博士課程で学んでおられます。AUD$3000の奨学金は、「人々と場所を通じて歴史を考える」というオーストラリア中央南西部の移動・居住する歴史家達を対象とした彼女のフィールドワークを支援します。彼女のプロジェクトは、直接保苅実の研究に刺激を受けたとのことです。

2. 私の"Knit to Fundraise"プロジェクトは、冬が終わって春になってもフル稼働中です。Ravelry.comという世界最大の編み物コミュニティで、編み物パターンを販売し始めました。作品には、保苅実かオーストラリアに直接関係した、例えば、Plarypus Neckerchief, Japarta Journey, A Long Loop for Mino、などの名前をつけています。(編み物をなさっている方はおられますか?Ravelryの私のIDはyukihsです。探してメッセージをくださいな。)パターンには、編み方の他、保苅実の紹介、このプロジェクトの説明、などを書き、できるだけ多くの方に、hokariminoru.orgで、弟に出会っていただくことを奨励しています。

また、お世話になっている近所の毛糸屋さんが、私の作品を店内に飾り、パターンを販売してくださることになりました。私自身はまだまだ未熟な編み手であり、デザイナーの卵のような存在なので、大物デザイナーのような価格をつけることは控えているのですが、亡くなった弟の基金の募金集めであれば、もっと価格を上げたほうがいい、と言われ思案中です。また、お店でで知り合いになったお客さん達からも、もっとデザインするようにと励まされています。ある年配の女性は、Japarta Journey Shawlを編み上げ、是非"Gurindji Journey”を読みたいと言ってくれました。

Knit to Fundraiseのウェブサイトは順調に公開へと向かっています。そして、南半球のオーストラリアは冬が間近です。Facebook/NimaraJapartaを覗いてみてください。購入にご興味のある方は、このメールに返信してください。販売対象の中には、好きな色を選んで注文できる作品と、一点ものの作品があります。クリスマスプレゼントは、早めにご注文ください。そして、お友達やお知り合いの方に紹介していだけると嬉しいです。

3.私の友人であり、保苅実の作品の翻訳をお願いしている唯一の方である内田恭子さんが、このたび詩集を出版しました。“Elsewhere” (Texas Tech University Press, 2012) この出版は、2011年Walter McDonald First-Book Competition in Poetryの受賞により実現しました。小さい頃からカナダ、アメリカ、日本で住んだ経験をもつ内田さんの感性が光る作品ばかりです。ご興味のある方は、どうぞ。




February 28, 2012 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2012.2.28

Dear Everyone -

I am pleased to let you know that we have recently wired AUD$3528.86 from Japan and USD$1300 from the US to the ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. This includes the proceeds from the catalogue sale, the donation added to the catalogue payment and the sale of “Gurindji Journey" (the direct purchase from me) as well as my "Knit to Fundraise" project. Thank you so much for those who participated in any of the above projects.

I started receiving good reviews on GJ. Many libraries in Australia and the US now have a copy. :)

I also have an important announcement as below. This is about a Japanese edition and nothing to do with "Gurindji Journey."


In May 2010, while “The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Australian Aborigines by Minoru Hokari” was on exhibit at the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples, we were contacted by someone who had come across phrases similar to those in "Radical Oral History: Historical Practice of Indigenous Australians" in a serialized novel published in a regional newspaper. The chapter in question appeared starting May 11; we sent the newspaper an inquiry, dated May 25, regarding these “similar expressions.”

In the novel, not only does the name of an Aborigine elder closely resemble “Jimmy Mangayarri,” the name of Hokari’s mentor, but numerous descriptions and analyses developed in Radical Oral History ― including, for example, the concept that for Aboriginal peoples their country is one vast home ― also appear in slightly modified form. Our own comparison of the two texts yielded more than fifteen instances of such similarities.

We were aware that fictional works often borrow from nonfiction and that researchers often have no recourse to redress. Given that this case does not involve “plagiarism” per se, for the passages were not copied verbatim, there was some hesitation in defining it as a case of copyright infringement.

As we knew that no list of references would be published until the serialized novel ended, as we received no response from the newspaper, and as we wanted to verify whether the author ― who had written a positive review of Radical Oral History ― intended to list it among its references, we wrote to the three-newspaper syndicate that controlled the serialized novel’s publication, as well as the author’s agency, requesting that the book be “listed as a reference source.”

Subsequently, we received responses from both stating that it had been their intention from the very beginning to list Radical Oral History as a reference, among other sources, when the novel was published in book form, in the author’s essay to be published in the newspapers following the serial, and on the website as well. In the end, however, the book was not mentioned in the author’s essay, although it was listed among numerous references in the novel’s final installation.

Regardless of whether it qualifies as copyright infringement, we feel that the issue here is one of ethics or of morality.

Hokari passed away a few days after finalizing the manuscript for Radical Oral History. The arguments and analyses he presents in the book are based on the knowledge that “Old Jimmy” and other Gurindji elders imparted to him precisely because they believed that he would communicate their history widely to white Australians, the Japanese and global audiences.

The lament that the Gurindji people consistently articulate through Hokari and his book Radical Oral History is this: Why didn’t the white settlers ask us for permission to live in the Aboriginal lands? If only they had asked us for permission, we would have said, “Mate, let us live together.”

If the author of the serialized novel, who himself had praised Radical Oral History in his review, had understood the Gurindji people’s demand on a deeply personal level, it should have been clear that he should contact the late Hokari’s family in advance. If he had written to say, “I would like to use Radical Oral History as a reference and include these phrases,” we would have been happy to say yes, as with the Indigenous Australians.

Over the years the Gurindji people had lamented that no matter how many researchers they accepted into their community, the fruits of their fieldwork remained in Camberra and the Gurindji saw none of it. Understanding this, Hokari went so far as to agree to a contract promising to submit all of his research findings to the Gurindji community in Daguragu. He was also incensed by other researchers who, having been allowed to attend religious ceremonies after promising to respect their secret nature, had no qualms revealing the proceedings or publishing photographs. He recounts in Radical Oral History how, before turning in his doctoral thesis to the university, he first returned to the community to obtain permission from the Gurindji elders and others.

We have received several permissions requests in the past, such as when the magazine Kaze no Tabibito [Traveler of the Wind] asked to reprint Chapter 2 of Radical Oral History, and when an Australian scholar wanted to write a paper about Hokari’s contribution to the study of Aboriginal history. And we have responded to every request in good faith. Whether the work in question is fiction, as in a novel, or nonfiction, as in an academic treatise, showing respect for the person engaged in creative or scholarly endeavors and for the work that this person has produced entails requesting permission in advance. To
believe that it is unnecessary to obtain “permission” because there is no legal obligation is neither ethical nor moral; nor does it express sufficient respect for members of Hokari’s family, who are continuing the work of ensuring that this young scholar’s research and insights reach as many people as possible.

Given the above developments, we have decided to declare that no part of the books or other works authored by Minoru Hokari, the publications issued by “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU” or the text, photographs, images, videos or other content posted on its website may be reproduced, reprinted or adapted in any form without prior written permission. Thank you for your understanding.

To use Hokari’s works without permission, regardless of the intended purpose, is equivalent to using the Gurindji people’s and other Indigenous Australians’ historical assets without permission.

January 2012
Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

N.B. Ochanomizu Shobo Publishers, the publisher of Radical Oral History: Historical Practice of Indigenous Australians, is not involved in this case in any way.

(Translation: Kyoko Uchida)



Yuki Hokari

January 08, 2012 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2012.1.8


2010年5月、北海道立北方民族博物館にて「保苅実写真展:カントリーに呼ばれて オーストラリア・アボリジニとラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー」開催中、偶然、ある地方新聞の連載小説の中に、「ラディカル」のテキストと酷似した表現を見つけたという連絡が入りました。この章は5月11日から始まっていましたので、5月25日付けで、新聞社に「表現の類似」についての問い合わせを入れました。















December 19, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.12.19

Dear Everyone -

The year 2011 is about to close. I hope this mail finds you well. The biggest accomplishment since Mino’s passing in 2004, publishing “Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback” (2011 2011, NewSouth Books/University of Hawaii) was finally achieved this year. I am so relieved to finally keep my promise to him. Thank you very much for all your help.

I have some news to share from “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU”

1. A photography exhibition catalogue: “The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari” still have some copies left. 5 of cloth deluxe cover version (JPY 6,000 + S&H) and 35 of paper cover version (JPY 2,700 + S&H). If you have not purchased one or you are looking for some gift idea, please give a thought. All the proceeds will be donated to the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Australian National University to support young scholars. If you are interested, please reply to this mail.

2. We are planning to wire about AUD$3,610 (US$3,590) to the fund in early 2012. This includes the proceeds from the catalogue sale mentioned above, the donation added to the catalogue payment and the sale of “Gurindji Journey”. I will announce on the website once it is completed. Thank you very much for your support.

The fund balance increased from AUD$64,168 (as of October 2010) to AUD$66,135 as of now. Currently the fund produces $3,217 annually for the scholarship award. In order to provide $5,000 every year perpetually, we need another $40,000.

3. I met Mr. Glen Stasiuk, 2011 ANU scholarship award winner at the book launch in Canberra. He told us that some Indigenous Australians organization had suggested him to apply for it. How wonderful is it?! Here is the latest activity on his project.

“I am currently finishing my documentary WADJEMUP: Black Prison - White Playground and have begun preliminary research - lit review - on the Minoru project - Swan River Colony (1829-1834): From Collaboration to Conflict by meeting with significant Swan River (Wadjuk) Noongar Elders and investigating Midjagooroo and Yagan who were Noongar resistant warriors. I have several articles on them and will overlap this research with my current project.”

4. I started knitting again after 20 years. As you know, I have worked for an investment bank for more than 10 years, moving money from one side to the other to make money. I realize that knitting is a way of making something concrete with my hands and it gives me such a pleasure and fulfillment in my life. Recently, I came across an Alpaca farm and decided to start a “Knit to Fundrase” project with their 100% Alpaca yarn. I created a brand “Nimara & Japarta.” As you know, “Japarta” is a skin name that the Gurindji people gave Mino and “Nimara” is Japarta’s sister. I not only knit but also design my own pattern to sell. I really enjoy knitting and designing and it is great that helps Mino. I just finished designing that is my Christmas gift for Mino. Find “Nimara & Japarta” on Facebook and “Like” it, please.

My deepest appreciation goes to you who have been connected with Mino in 2011 and to you who recently met him. I wish another healthy and happy year is waiting for you and your family. Happy Holidays.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2011.12.19


2011年も終わりに近づいてきましたが、皆さん、元気でお過ごしでしょうか。今年は、英語本”Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback”(2011, NewSouth Books/University of Hawaii Press)を出版するという、弟・保苅実との約束をついに果たすことができ、大きな節目となったと感慨深いです。



2. 前述の写真集販売代金と、それに追加して送金いただいた寄付を合わせた28万円程度の基金への送金を、年明けに予定しています。送金が無事完了しましたら、ブログでご報告申し上げます。ご協力してくださった皆様、どうもありがとうございました。


3.キャンベラでのブック・ローンチで2011年の奨学金受賞者Glen Stasiukと会いました。あるアボリジニの団体が、この奨学金を申請するように提案してくれたのだそうです。嬉しいことです。彼のその後の活動状況をお知らせします。

「ドキュメンタリー映画[ WADJEMUP: Black Prison - White Playground]がもう少しで完成するというところです。同時に、ミノが手がけていたプロジェクト-[Swan River Colony (1829-1834): From Collaboration to Conflict]のリサーチも始めました。Swan River(Wadjuk) Noongarの長老達と会い、Noongarのレジスタント戦士だった Midjagooroo とYagan のことを調べています。このプロジェクトについて発表するいくつかの論文は、今現在抱えているプロジェクトとも重なった内容です。」・アソシエイト・プログラムを通じて、基金に寄付ができることをご存知ですか?

上のページの下にある Associateのロゴ、もしくは各著書の映像をクリックして、アマゾンに入り、そこで買い物をしていただくと、わずかながらも紹介料が入ります。購入商品は保苅実の著書に限らず、生活雑貨でもミュージックでも何でも構いません。これをまとめて、基金に寄付しています。少々手間ではありますが、アマゾンでご購入の折りには、どうかご一考いただけると幸いです。

5. 私事ですが、去年の冬から20年ぶりに編み物を再開しました。銀行勤めをしていた私にとって、自分の手で何かを作り出すという作業は、言葉では表現できない楽しさと充実感を、私の生活にもたらしてくれます。最近、アルパカ農場とある出会いがあり、そこのアルパカの毛糸を使って編んだ作品を売って、基金へ寄付するプロジェクトを開始しました。”Knit to Fundraise”というこのプロジェクトは、”Nimara & Japarta”というブランド名で行っています。ご存知の通り、Japartaは、保苅実がグリンジの人々からもらったスキンネーム、NimaraはJapartaの姉妹です。他のデザイナーの作品は許可をとったものしか販売できないことから、私自身でデザインし、作品と同時にそのデザインを売ることも始めました。好きなことをして、それが弟のためになるというのは、一石二鳥じゃないですか。Facebookで、”Nimara & Japarta”を探して「いいね!」をよろしくお願いします。



July 08, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.7.8

Dear my brother, Mino

Happy Birthday to you! 40 years old?!

I know you have been watching over me from the sky. It has been a busy year. We had the photography exhibition in three more locations in Japan and, more than 7000 people came to visit the one at Hokkaido University this Spring. About 80 people attended the roundtable discussion titled "How do we succeed Minoru Hokari's Historiography?" People who were inspired by your life and work planned and executed the exhibition, and created and provided an opportunity for others tomeet you! It is great to know that they all felt your existence throughout the event. Yes, we are still connected with you, Mino.

I am so pleased to tell you that your English book "Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" was finally published. Yes, the book is published!! We had two launches at Gleebooks and ANU Co-op Bookshop. There was a strong awareness and an exciting expectation that this book that you left would start something or change something, rather than it is sad that you weren't there at the launch. John Maynard, Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Ann McGrath shared many episodes of you and everyone was smiling and looked so happy to have your book in their hands. I felt so fulfilled as many people thanked me for not giving up to publish. All royalties from the sale will be donated to the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU. Yes, I know. We have to return your work to the Indigenous communities.

In Sydney, I spent quite some time with your friend, Bowhoa. I did not know it was "she" until I called her as soon as I checked in at a hotel. Yeah..Of should be a woman, right? We are talking about you, Mino, here…When she saw me, her eyes filled with tears, hugging me. Tessa as well, always smiles looking at me "You really look similar to Mino."

We had dinner, took ferry and walked all over the city. As we chatted, she remembered many things about you, we laughed and laughed. My laugh reminded her of another thing about you, one after another. She clearly remembered you often said "I want to change the world." Her warm smile and personality must have been comfort and encouragement to you. After saying good bye to each other, we started walking to the different directions. Since I came to USA, somehow I stopped "seeing off" people, but I felt something and turned around to look for her. Then, I saw her looking toward me as well. It was such a wonderful feeling. We stretched out our arms and waved good-bye again for the last time.

Although I've never seen your finished project, I know you were a knitter. I started knitting again (after 20 years!) this winter and now totally obsessed and addicted to it. As one knitting project is about to finish, I talk to myself "I have to get this and that done before starting another knitting project." But as soon as I'm done, I cast-on a new project on the same day! Not much around house or Minoru Hokari related project has been done for the last few months. I wonder your saying "It's OK. You have done a lot. Please enjoy knitting as much as you like for a while." I knit a hat for you this winter and probably a pair of gloves next winter.

You said at the hospital that you would like to live your 40s. I am thinking what I can do to flourish your 40s. There are still many more things in my mind that I want to do for you. ...Oh, before I forget…here is a birthday message from Mihoko.

"Happy Birthday! You are now 40! Even 30s was a mystery to us, now already 40s! I can easily imagine Hokari-san will be just as same at 40s as you were. I wonder what you would say...probably smiling…"I finally hit 40s! Well, you will catch up with me soon!" Yes, I bet you say that!"

Talk to you soon!

Your sister, Yuki

>> 2011.7.8




そして、5月10日の命日に、"Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback"をやっと出版できました。英語本の出版だけは絶対に成し遂げなければならないと思ってたから、出来上がった一冊を手にしたときには、感無量。貴方がよく通ったというシドニーのGleebooksと、ANUのCo-op Bookshopで、ローンチをしました。貴方が会場にいないことが哀しいのではなく、貴方が遺してくれたこの一冊で何かが始まるのだ、という心強く前向きな気持ちに満ちたローンチとなりました。二つのローンチ会場で、John Maynard、Tessa Morris-SuzukiとAnn McGrathから次々と貴方のエピソードが飛び出し、大勢の貴方の友人が笑顔で私に「出版してくれてありがとう」と言ってくれて、それが本当に嬉しかった。印税はすべてANUの保苅実記念奨学基金に直接寄付されるように契約しました。貴方を受け入れてくれたグリンジの、アボリジニの人達にお返ししなければ、ね。


Bowhoaと一緒に食事をして、ローンチで会い、その翌日に一緒にフェリーに乗って、二人で地図を見ながらシドニーの街を嫌というほど歩き回ったのですが、おしゃべりしながら、彼女はいろんなことを思い出して、私たちは大笑いに笑い、その私の笑い声がまた彼女に貴方の何かを思い出させるという繰り返しでした。オーストラリアに来たばかりの貴方が、"I want to change the world."としきりに言っていたことを彼女はとてもよく覚えています。彼女の温かい笑顔と人柄が、慣れない土地で、貴方の慰めと励みになったのだろうと、思ったよ。最後に別れる時、さよならと言って、お互いに背を向けて歩き出したのですが、アメリカに来てから「見送る」ということをしなくなった私が、自然と振り返って彼女の姿を探したら、ちょうど彼女も振り返っていたの。言葉では単純に表現できない、胸がいっぱいになった一瞬でした。そして、お互いに背伸びして笑顔で大きく手を振りながら、別れたのでした。






May 23, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.5.23



また、2011年保苅実記念奨学金受賞者も発表されました。Glen Stasiuk、Murdoch Universityで映画製作を学ぶアボリジニの方です。この奨学金のことを、あるアボリジニ関係の団体から聞いたとのことですので、奨学金が広くオーストラリアに知られるようになってきているということだと思います。

シドニー・ローンチは、編集者のPhilippa McGuinessが司会、John Maynardがローンチャー、キャンベラは、Ann McGrathが司会、TessaMorris-Suzukiがローンチャーを引き受けてくださり、私も一言ご挨拶しました。弟をよく知る皆さんが集まり、たくさんの小さなエピソードがスピーチの中にでてきました。


さて、ローンチに出席できなかった皆さんへの情報です。 (オーストラリア、日本、ヨーロッパ)

こちらのリンクから、"Gurindji Journey"の注文ができます。友人割引で20%オフとなっていますので、ご利用ください。各国のアマゾンでは、まだ在庫なし、となっているところが多いようです。

北アメリカ(米国、カナダ)にお住まいの方は、University of Hawaii Pressからの購入となりますが、まだリンクの準備ができていないようですので、追ってご連絡します。とりあえず、私の手元に10冊ほどありますので、ご希望の方はご一報ください。ご希望であれば、スタンプを押して、お送りします。



>> 2011.5.23

Thanks to all of you! The book launch was a great success. We have sold about 70 copies combined in Sydney and Canberra. Many friends of Mino came and I was amazed how many people knew Mino in person. Everyone was very happy to see and have the book in their hands finally. It was such a wonderful night for all of us. I "stamped" Mino's signature on each copy and I asked everyone to sign on my copy, too.

The 2011 Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship winner was announced at the Canberra launch as well. Congratulations to Glen Stasiuk, an Indigenous PhD scholar and documentary film-maker from Murdoch University. He flew from Perth to attend the launch and it was such a pleasure to have him there.

Please read my speech on the next entry, and I am preparing the dedicated page on my website, including pictures and the wonderful speeches by John Maynard and Tessa Morris-Suzuki. It was great to have John and Tessa, close friends of Mino to launch the book as well as Ann McGrath, who supervised Mino throughout his PhD years in Australia and the publisher, Phillipa McGuiness, as a chair.

With all of us, we had so many little episodes of Mino to share and everyone was smiling. Mino and I met some new people at the launches and the connection again extended.

For those of you who could not attend the launch, here is the link to purchase a copy with "Friends & Family" discount. Currently, most of Amazon (internationally) does not seem to have an inventory and it is best to order directly from the UNSW Press through the below link. (Australia, Japan and Europe)

For North America (USA and Canada), it is sold by University of Hawaii Press, and I will send you a link as soon as I confirm it. In a mean time, I have several copy to spare, so please reply to this mail if you wish to purchase a copy from me. I am happy to "stamp" on and send it to you.

I would like to ask you a favor. If you see any review on "Gurindji Journey"...either journal, newspaper, a personal blog or anywhere, please send me a copy or a link. I will keep everything on the website just like his Japanese book. Thanks again.

Yuki Hokari

April 22, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.4.22


先日、私の手元に、"Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" (New South Publishing 2011)が届きました。7年間辛抱強く待ってよかったです。これでやっと弟がグリンジの人々に約束した通り、グリンジの人々の声が世界に伝わります。彼が亡くなっても、こうやって彼が遺したものが形となり、生き続けることができるのは、皆さんのおかげです。ありがとうございます。

さて、本もできたよ、ということで、オーストラリアでのブックローンチの準備が本格的に始まりました。詳細は以下の通り。(公式の招待状はこちら。シドニーキャンベラ) ご出席なさる方は、各会場に予約を入れてください。

2011年5月10日 (火)6 pm 開場 630 pm 開始
@ Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe UNSW 2037

2011年5月12日(木)5 pm 開場 530 pm 開始
@ ANU Co-op Bookshop, Bldg 17, Union Court, Canberra, ACT 0200
RSVP by 5 pm, May 10 to or (02) 6249 6244

繰り返しになりますが、"Gurindji Journey"は「ラディカル」の英訳ではありません。"Gurindji Journey"の原稿がまず先にあって、そこから抜粋と日本の読者向けに弟が書き上げたのが「ラディカル」です。"Gurindji Journey"を読まずになされる「ラディカル」や保苅実の研究についての議論は片手落ち、となるでしょう。

アメリカの国立図書館とも言える議会図書館に、写真展図録を寄贈したところ、アジア部の責任者から手紙が届き、"Gurindji Journey"を蔵書する予定であり、この図録が素晴らしい補足資料となります」と書いてありました。(蔵書記録はこちら。)図録や著書が、図書館にたどり着く、というのは本当に嬉しいことです。




April 18, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.4.18

Dear Everyone -

Please see the invites for the two book launches in Sydney and Canberra. Please forward to anyone who might be interested.

"Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" by Hokari Minoru
(published by New South Publishing)

May 10, 2011 (Tue) 6 pm for 630 pm
@ Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe UNSW 2037

May 12, 2011 (Thu) 5 pm for 530 pm
@ ANU Co-op Bookshop, Bldg 17, Union Court, Canberra, ACT 0200
RSVP by 5 pm, May 10 to or (02) 6249 6244

I look forward to see you all!'s the weather there?

Yuki Hokari

March 07, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.3.7



「保苅実写真展 カントリーに呼ばれて―オーストラリア・アボリジニとラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー」
会場:北海道大学総合博物館 2階展示室(札幌市北区北10条西8丁目)
〒060-0808 札幌市北区北8条西6丁目 Tel&FAX:011-706-2859

無料・申込不要.2011年度・前期 道民カレッジ連携講座


そして、7回忌となる5月10日に、シドニーのGleebooksにて"Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback"のブックローンチが決まりました。詳細は、こちらの招待状 をご覧ください。また、その二日後の5月12日に、キャンベラのオーストラリア国立大学/ Co-op Bookstoreでも、ローンチを行います。こちらの詳細は追って発表します。最初の書評はこちらです。




2.私の滞在中(シドニーは、5/10 - 5/11、キャンベラは5/12のみ)に、直接お会いできるようであれば、豪ドルA$35を現金でお支払いください。どなたかが注文をまとめてくださっても構いませんし、個人ベースでも問題ありません。お時間があれば、お茶でもランチでもディナーでもご一緒して、弟の思い出話ができれば幸いです。




>> 2011.3.7

Dear Everyone

I am coming to Australia in May to attend a book launch of "Gurindji Journey: A Japanese Historian in the Outback" (UNSW Press)!! We have booked one in Sydney, May 10 (Gleebooks) and the other in Canberra, May 12th (ANU Co-op bookstore). As many of you know, May 10 is our sad anniversary of Mino's passing and it will be exactly 7 years since. However, I am very excited to spend this day at a long-awaited book launch.

Please find the invite for those who will be able to join me at this exciting event in Sydney (An invite for Canberra launch will follow.) as well as the first wonderful review of "Gurindji Journey."

Since I will be in Sydney and Canberra, if any of you would like to purchase the exhibition catalogue, please write to by April 20. The price is JPY 2900/A$35 (No shipping charge) However, please read the instruction below carefully.

1. IF you come to the book launch and receive a copy of the catalogue from me in person, you have to pay through Paypal ( in JPY2900, before May 1st. No money exchange will be allowed at the book launch.

2. IF you can meet me in Sydney or Canberra during my stay (May 9 through May 11 in Sydney and May 12 in the afternoon in Canberra), you can pay me A$35 in cash. I am more than happy to meet you for either coffee, lunch or dinner, and share our memories of Mino.

The catalogue includes many pictures which are not in his book, his series of essays "The Living Earth: The World of the Aborigines" which was first published in a Japanese newspaper in 2003, then in "Conversations" (Summer 2006) in English, and a few essays from those who were involved in the first Exhibition in Japan. All the text are bilingual; Japanese and English.

Again, this catalogue sale is to fundraise the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund at ANU, to support the young researcher in the field of Indigenous Australians. Please consider to be a part of it.

Of course, you will have to read "Gurindji Journey" as well. Mino will be back with us and talk to us with passion. His voice is so vivid and clear. I cannot wait for you to hold this book in your hand.

I am also pleased to announce that another photography exhibition "The Call of the Living Earth: Photographs of Indigenous Australians by Minoru Hokari" will be held at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, from April 8 to May 8. People who are involved with its planning and preparation have never met Mino in person. A poster/flyer was designed by Morikatsu Sato, who also designed the cover of the catalogue. The connection to Mino is still spreading.

I look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to follow me & Mino in Twitter @hokari_minoru

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

January 10, 2011 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2011.1.10

Dear Everyone -

A happy new year!

On January 10, 1997, exactly 14 years ago from today, Mino first arrived at Daguragu, wondering how to introduce himself to the Gurindji people and being nervous if they would understand his Japanese accent. Then, he met Old Jimmy on January 15, his life-changing event. My son, who was 3 years old when Mino passed away will be 10 years old on January 15 this year. This year, we will finally publish his book in English. I cannot imagine how exciting year 2011 will be.

I am now in the middle of proofreading “Gurindji Journey: A Japanese historian in the outback” (UNSW Press). I don’t know how many times I have read the manuscript and cried every time, and this time is not any different. His writing is so lively and vivid, and I can picture him listening to Old Jimmy, sitting next to him. His logic is so clear and easy to follow even for a person like me, non-academic. I cannot wait for all of you to read this book. It will prove him as a historian, not an anthropologist.

As technology develops, we have now so many different tools to connect to each other these days. I decided to start using “Twitter” for ongoing and future Mino-related activities. I also mutter my favorite memories of him. Please follow Mino on Twitter. I also added a Twitter logo on our website, which takes you to his Twitter page. The more of you follow, the more people will meet Mino and find out about the related events. Please join in.

The third photography exhibition, in Osaka, Otemon Gakuin University (2010.11.20 – 2010.12.3), attracted about 100 visitors. I received many favorable comments from them. I am planning to create a dedicated webpage for all the exhibitions with pictures and reports from those involved in each event.

On the final note, all the messages on this mailing list were posted on the website and sometime I post your reply to my mailing list. Recently, John Maynard kindly sent me a picture of Mino in 2000. I am pretty sure that most of you remember this big smile.

Yuki Hokari

>> 2011.1.10



14年前の今日、1月10日に、保苅実は、どんなふうに自己紹介しようか、自分の英語が通じるかどうかを不安に思いながら、期待に胸を膨らませて、ダグラグに初めて到着しました。そして、1月15日に彼のリサーチのテーマだけでなく人生を変える存在となったジミーじいさんに出会います。保苅実が亡くなった年に3歳だった息子が、1月15日に10歳の誕生日を迎えます。そして、今年の春、ついに保苅実の著書”Gurindji Journey: A Japanese historian in the outback”が出版されます。2011年が、どれほど意義ある素晴らしい一年となるでしょうか。

私は、今、”Gurindji Joureny”の校正作業をしています。この原稿を何度読んだか覚えていませんが、読むたびに泣いたことは覚えています。今回も例外ではありません。彼の文章は生き生きとしていて、ジミーじいさんの隣に座って真剣に耳を傾けている弟の姿が目に浮かびます。彼の論理は明晰で、研究者でない私のような素人でも容易に理解できます。「ラディカル」を既に読まれた皆さんが、この本を手に取る日が待ち遠しいです。保苅実は歴史学者です。


追手門学院大学での保苅実写真展(2010.11.20 –2010.12.3)は、約100名の方を魅了し、無事に終了しました。多くの閲覧者から好意的なコメントをいただき、このMLに参加していただくことになりました。近いうちに、ウェブサイトに各写真展の詳細を記録として残すページを作りたいと思っています。


* * *






* * *

最後に。このMLのメッセージはすべてウェブサイトに、時折いただくお返事とともに掲載しています。最近、John Maynard氏より2000年当時の弟の写真を送っていただきました。多くの皆さんが覚えている笑顔です。



December 10, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> UNSW IH 保苅実記念奨学金受賞者(2011)


"Gurindji Journey"のお知らせに対して、2010年のUNSW インターナショナルハウス・保苅実記念奨学金受賞者であるEva Buvoさんから、メールをいただきました。

「近況報告をどうもありがとうございます。Minoの本の出版が決まるまでの貴方の努力に、感動しています。今年いただいた奨学金には本当に感謝しています。今、私はドイツに住んでいて、もうすぐこの地にあるWorld Visionで働き始めます。奨学金が大きな助けとなりました。出版作業が順調に進むことを祈っています。Eva」



Ms. Lyla Berman


Mr. Andrew Clayphan




>> UNSW IH Scholarship Winners for 2011

Dear Everyone -

We have received an e-mail from Eva Buzo (2010 UNSW IH scholarship winner) in response to a news about “Gurindji Journey”.

* * *
“Thank you so much for your updates, it is very inspiring to hear about your hard work to have Mino’s book published. I very much appreciated the scholarship this year. I am now living in Germany and about to start work for World Vision here, so thank you for helping me this year. I hope everything goes well with the book. All the best. Eva”
* * *

It is great to hear from Eva as we always wonder how the winners are doing, as a result of “Our” Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship. Now, here are the 2011 scholarship winners at UNSW International House.

2011 (announced in Nov 2010)

As well as being high achievers academically, these residents have gone above and beyond to make a real difference in IH, as well as in UNSW and the local community.

Ms Lyla Berman

The panel was impressed by the ongoing efforts Lyla is making to help the underprivileged in her hometown in Swaziland; what began as a short community-work requirement for her secondary schooling has evidently fuelled an ongoing passion and commitment to improve the lives of those around her. Lyla spent her gap year working at a local orphanage, which led her to choose a career in social work at university. Rather than working to raise funds for the big aid organisations, Lyla believes in taking a grassroots' approach to charity so that she can see the difference her efforts make to the end user. This approach is evident in the implementation of her current fundraising activities at IH, which aims to raise funds for specific organisations in Swaziland with which she has an ongoing personal connection. Her active role as president in i-Vision and her efforts to share her experiences with International House residents introduces the residents to a life foreign to most and aids in promoting International Tolerance and Understanding.

Mr. Andrew Clayphan

Andrew started helping out those around him by taking up roles in his faculty such as student rep and tutoring, before starting to actively organise activities such as fundraising for water filters for Aboriginal communities in the NT. It is evident that everywhere Andrew goes he makes an effort to make it a better place, and that he actively seeks out things that could be done better and people that could do with help - all with an open mind and boundless eagerness and enthusiasm. Besides the sheer challenge of balancing his academic and philanthropic goals, he has shown those around him that we can all do more to assist those around us in some way, regardless of what their background is.

Please remember that your contribution generates a fraction of the scholarship every year. Please do not forget that these two funds at ANU and UNSW live forever with Mino’s name, supporting young students with international mind and young researchers of Indigenous Australians in the outback. All the Mino’s work will be returned to the international and Aboriginal communities.

Yuki Hokari

November 01, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2010.11.1

Dear Everyone -

The second biggest (after Christmas) event in the US, Halloween was over! Now, we are heading to Thanksgiving in late this month and Christmas in December, then we will see 2011 coming before we know it. I have a few news again this time.

1. I am pleased to announce that the Mino's photography exhibition will be held in Osaka, Japan from 2010.11.20 till 2010.12.3. It will be at Otemon Gakuin University where the Australia Library was opened with a collection of 15,000 references donated by the Australia-Japan Foundation in 2007. Mino often visited the original location of the collection at the Australia-Japan Foundation. Also, the Center for Australian Studies at this university serves as the only permanent institution in Japan solely dedicated to Australian studies. The purpose of the Center is to promote research on Australia and its neighboring countries and to contribute to cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Australia and Japan.

2. Ms Pamela McGrath, the 2008 ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship winner just submitted her PhD thesis on Friday. Its title is "Hard Looking: a historical ethnography of photographic encounters with Aboriginal families in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia"

Pamela wrote to Prof. Ann McGrath.."Thanks again to you and your team and the Hokari family for supporting my research in its early stages – it made all the difference."

I am so grateful to hear this news and share this with all of you who support the fund in various ways. Thank you very much.

3. Mino's photography catalogues have been selling well. We have now 120 copies left. I also appreciate your comment on the catalogue once you receive it. I will post it on the website to share. Please refer this page about how to order a copy.

I again want to let you know that all the profit from the sale will be donated to the ANU Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. I will not make any money for myself or the newly created organization "Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU" that would handle Mino-related activities and events.

We believe that any form of Mino's work should be returned to the Gurindji and the Australian Aborigines. Please support the fund by purchasing this catalogue, which includes the beautiful pictures that Mino took while he stayed with the Gurindji people as well as Mino's writings from his 2004 Japanese book, "Radical Oral History" as well as his series of essay that was published in 2003.

We have sent one copy to Daguragu, addressed to one of Mino's main teachers, Billy Bunter.

That's it for now. I do appreciate our connection that Mino created. Thank you all.

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

>> 「保苅実写真展」追手門学院大学にて開催決定




「保苅実写真展 カントリーに呼ばれて ~オーストラリア・アボリジニとラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー」

期間: 2010年11月20日(土)~12月3日(金)(日曜・祝日は休館)入場無料
会場: 追手門学院大学 将軍山会館 
住所 〒567-8502 大阪府茨木市西安威2丁目1-15 

主催: 追手門学院大学附属図書館
後援: オーストラリア大使館、豪日交流基金、茨木市、茨木市教育委員会
協力: 保苅実とつながる会、北海道立北方民族博物館、追手門学院大学オーストラリア研究所

連絡先電話:追手門学院大学附属図書館 オーストラリア・ライブラリー 072-641-7746 

スクールバス(緑風観光 はとバス)を運行しています。ご利用ください。
JR茨木駅下車 マイカル茨木北側
阪急茨木市駅下車 西口ロータリー




2008年に奨学金を受賞したPamela McGrathさんが、金曜日に無事博士論文を提出したそうです。受賞当時にお知らせした内容は、以下のとおり。

「ANU奨学金の2008年の受賞者は、ANUの博士課程二年目のPamela McGrathさんに決まりました。プロジェクトの内容は、1950年代の西部オーストラリアのNgaanyatjarraの人々を撮影した映画を、re-documentationするというものです。その独創性と、歴史・文化人類学・映画を橋渡しするクロスカルチュラルな取り組みが評価されました。」


"Hard Looking: a historical ethnography of photographic encounters with Aboriginal families in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia"

リサーチの初期段階で、この奨学金を受けられたことが、大きな助けになり、大変感謝しています、というメールを、Prof. Ann McGrath経由でいただきました。基金への寄付にご協力いただいた皆様と、このお知らせを共有できることを大変幸せに思います。




先日、ダグラグにいる、保苅実の恩師の一人であるBilly Bunter宛てに一部送りましたこと、ここに報告します。



July 08, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2010.07.08

Happy Birthday, my dear brother!

This summer is extremely hot. It was 41C two days ago. Kyle plays soccer in this heat all the time, so he became very tolerant of heat. Nicole is running around in our backyard with the sprinkler system on, wearing a bathing suit. We are consumed with FIFA World Cup Soccer these days and I have no idea how many different country uniforms that John purchased in the last several weeks.

By the way, what are you doing to me lately? You have been so quiet for the last few years and, all of the sudden, I have to handle too many things for you! Starting with the Exhibition, a request to hold another exhibition in Sapporo and Tokyo came to “Connection”, which is a newly formed organization that handles all the Minoru Hokari related events and plans. Yeah, it’s like a fan club. :-) As its name “Connection” implies, this is a necessary organization for us to be connected with you. Friends of mine and yours as well as people who only have met you through your book, offer me help for all the events.

3,509 people in total visited the exhibition. From Niigata, our parents, their friends and my friend who knew you from our childhood, and from Tokyo, Prof. Tetsuro Kato and his wife, your editor, Iku Hashimoto and Naoko Terada, a travel journalist, who always wishes to have met you in person, your old friend, Mihoko visited there. The fact that 16 copies of your books and 7 copies of “Kaze no Tabibito,”a magazine that published an excerpt of your book along with the photographs by Seiichi Motohashi were sold, seemed to startle the museum employees.

Irumi Sasakura will soon start the process of publishing an exhibition catalogue, for the future exhibitions including in Tokyo and Sapporo, a major city in Hokkaido. When I implied some monetary compensation for her, she politely declined by saying “I am well compensated with the fact that I am involved with Hokari Minoru.” What fortunate people are we!

For the last few months, I was too busy with the things that you brought to my attention, and did not have time to go to Yoga. While I was swamped, many thoughts came to me. You requested permission to 10 indigenous communities for your fieldwork. 7 ignored your request, 2 declined and only one community accepted you, which was the Gurindji. Before submitting your PhD thesis, you went back to Daguragu and asked for an approval, Old Jimmy said, “This book make me happy.”Also, you clearly stated ".....I also made an agreement with the Daguragu Community Government Council to share the copyright of the primary information – fieldnotes, tapes and photos – of my research. Helen Morris, one of the council members, complained that many researchers came there to study, but all the products had gone to Canberra. Accordingly, I added one more clause in our agreement saying I would submit my published works to the community." As I think of your sincere attitude towards the Gurindji people, anything that will be done under the name of “Connection” and “Minoru Hokari” has to honor your agreement with the Gurindji. I swear not to ruin your name.

As Old Jimmy said “Country called you,” I feel whatever relating to you happens when and how it should happen, just like you give me a “Go ahead” sign. I don’t need to force it to happen, people as well as things start moving when it should. I promise that I would never do anything that I am ashamed to report to you. I would never do anything that I cannot face to you in the sky, for you, the Gurindji people and for myself.

Unfortunately it has not been confirmed as of your 39th birthday, but I will have more great news for you real soon. Wait for it.


>> 2010.07.08


誕生日おめでとう。今年の夏も暑いです。おととい、41℃でした。猛暑の中でサッカーをしている海ちゃんは「こんなの何でもないよ」と平然としているし、香ちゃんは水着を着て、スプリンクラーの水を浴びて庭を走り回っています。我が家はWorld Cupにまみれています。ジョンが一体何カ国のユニフォームを持っているのか、その日の試合が始まるまでわかりません。










June 20, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> Updates on the Scholarship Funds

Hi Everyone -

Soon after Mino's passing in 2004, the two universities that he attended founded a memorial scholarship fund under his name, ANU and UNSW International House. We have raised about US$20,000 until now for both funds combined through the fundraising association in Japan, which does not include the family donation.

Recently, we again wired A$1702.80 to ANU and A1238.40 to UNSW. (Donation to ANU is from 8 donors, $30 from LOS CD sales and $240 from Mino's translations rescue plan. Donation to UNSW is multiple donations from one donor.

While ANU announces its winner in every July, UNSW International House does in every November. As we wait for an exciting news from ANU for now, this time I am happy to write about the winners for the UNSW IH Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship.

Many of you might have wondered, but for the last few years, I could not inform you the winners as I lost in touch with IH. Recently, I was able to receive the relevant and sufficient documents from Margaret Kwan at UNSW, who actually knew Mino in person. This is just wonderful.

UNSW IH announces its winners in every November for the following year’s recipients. Below are the winners for the year of 2009 and 2010.

2009 (announced in Nov 2008)

Mr. Hugh Bromley (Australia/British) double majored in Photovoltaic Engineering and Arts. He was engaged in 9-month working holiday in the US, Western Europe, India and South-East Asia. He offers such an international experience to the IH.

Ms. Arooke Kahawita (Australia) majored in Medicine. She is genuinely interested in different cultures and very actively involved in charity and community group.

2010 (announced in Nov 2009)

Mr Tristan Harley (Australia) is a law graduate student. From his experience in Guatemala, Canada, Cuba and Laos, he sees people from different cultures maintain a belief in humanity.

Ms Eva Buzo (Australia) majors in politics and international relations and plans to proceed into Law in graduate school. Her particular interest is with war-affected communities. She spent 5 months to work in Northern Uganda.

I am pleased that all of our contribution to the fund has been helping these young students to honor Mino's memories.

All the proceeds from any Mino related events have been and will be donated to the two funds. The funds will assure its perpetuity to give Mino an eternal life and connection to the world. Thank you very much for your support.

Yuki Hokari

>> 記念奨学基金についてのご報告





過去2年間、受賞者の発表がなかったことを不思議に思われている方が多いかもしれません。インターナショナルハウスとの連絡が途絶えてしまったためなのですが、このたび、UNSWの大学本体に連絡をとり、弟を直接知るMargaret Kwanが基金に携わっていることがわかり、過去の受賞者の情報を送ってもらいました。


Mr. Hugh Bromely(オーストラリア・イギリス国籍)


Ms. Arooke Kahawita(オーストラリア)



Mr. Tristan Harley(オーストラリア)


Ms Eva Buzo(オーストラリア)





June 16, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> More about the Exhibition/Another Project Completed.

Hi Everyone -

There are a few more days until the closing of the exhibition on June 20. My children are moving toward summer vacation and I've had a few opportunities to introduce my brother to their classmates' moms. They are enjoying Mino's writing ("The Living Earth: The World of the Aborigines" from the "Conversations": As you know you can find it on this website.)

One of them suggested to have an exhibition in New York....That's not a bad idea, isn't it?

Australian Embassy Website has a page about the Exhibition now.

I have another news to share. Unfortunately, I have not promptly notified by either an author or its translators, but I found out that a book that Mino had worked on its English translation has been published in the US. "Otaku: Japan's Database Animals" (Hiroki Azuma, Minnesota Press 2009)

I negotiated for the Mino's credit with the author a few years ago. Mr. Azuma and, Mr. Abel and Ms Kono, the translators, kindly mentioned Mino's name in Preface and Introduction. It explains that this translation project began with an e-mail from Mino in February 2003, suggesting the original Japanese version to be translated in English.

Mino worked with Julia Yonetani only on the first chapter and had to stop it due to his illness. As Mr. Azuma wrote, the final version of the translation belongs to the two translators, but I am very pleased to see an idea and a work that Mino started has been completed.

One more thing is done! :-)

I will have more things to share soon. Until then....

Yuki Hokari

>> もっと写真展、そしてもう一つのプロジェクト完了。









"Otaku: Japan's Database Animals" (Hiroki Azuma,Minnesota Press 2009)が、去年の初めに出版されていたことがわかりました。





June 02, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> A Mail from Olivia

Dear Yuki,

I'm writing to you because I wanted to say how important Mino's work has been to me over the years. I first came across his work when I began my PhD in Melbourne in 2002. He completely shifted my way of thinking on Aboriginal history from the perspective of an Asian migrant to Australia. His work continues to be important in my life as I continue my research in this area.

I wanted to let you and your family know that I would like to write a paper about the important contribution Mino made to Aboriginal history in the upcoming 30th anniversary special of the journal Aboriginal History (see attached). It will focus on Asian/Aboriginal intersections. I will spend time re-reading all his work and develop an essay on the importance of not forgetting his teachings.

I'm hoping you wouldn't mind if I sent you a copy to look over before I send it to the editors. Also, I know your brother was going to publish his book and I was wondering if there will be/is an english translation available.

With best wishes,

* * * * *

Dear Olivia

Thank you so much for thinking of writing to me. You don't know how pleased I am to learn how Minoru influenced you and others. This is exactly what Minoru wished for...the connection to the world and people.

I will be honored to read your paper and I strongly encourage you to apply for Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship at ANU for upcoming years. The topic that you are studying is exactly what Minoru had in his mind for his next project. On the way to Bloome for that project, he had to stop for his back pain near Alice Spring and discovered it was cancer. You can find the scholarship info on his website.

I look forward to reading your paper soon. Thank you for reaching out to me.


>> Oliviaからのメール



由紀さんとご家族にお知らせしたかったのは、ジャーナル"Aboriginal History"の30周年記念号に、実さんの研究が、アボリジニ史にいかに重要な貢献をなしたかという論文を書こうと思っているということです。論文の焦点は、アジア人とアボリジニの交差点です。実さんの論文等すべてに改めて目を通し、実さんの教えを忘れないことがいかに重要かというエッセイを書くつもりです。



* * * * *



貴方が提出する論文草稿を読ませていただけるとのこと、光栄に思います。そして、近い将来、どうかANUの保苅実記念奨学金に応募してください。貴方が研究している課題は、弟が次のプロジェクトとして考えていたものです。そのためのフィールドワークに、Bloomeへ向かう途中、背中の痛みのためAlice Springの近くで、旅を断念し、癌とわかったのです。



May 27, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> Episode page

Dear Everyone -

Have you visited the "Episode" page on this website?

My brother, Mino, passed away on May 10th, 2004 in Melbourne, Australia and we had a memorial service on May 12th. He was cremated and we brought back his ashes to our hometown and buried him there. On June 19th, 2004, Mino's friends, teachers and editor, organized the event "Talking with HOKARI Minoru" at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.

As you know, he corresponded all his friends by e-mail during his illness, was encouraged by their love and support, continued to write until his passing. The invites for this event were sent to all the people on this original mailing list of Mino's. About 100 messages came to the organizer and were given to me and my parents. At that time, it was so hard for us to read all the kind messages and I had to stop since my tears were pouring out. It is still hard even now, but since then, we always wanted to share these messages with you in some way.

It has been 6 years and as I see myself still writing to you and the photo exhibition has been successful, I decided to introduce some messages on the Episode page on the website. Please contact me at if you prefer to be anonymous. I can use initials instead.

I still need more episodes for this page. As Mino said "Life is not about how long you live, but about how deeply you live," it does not matter if you know him for a very brief period. Any episode, short or long, is deeply appreciated. It is time to share your memory, how Mino lived his life, what he said in the conversation with you at a coffee shop, with those who have never met Mino. Thanks always.

Yuki Hokari

>> 続・エピソード公開



弟は2004年5月10日にメルボルンのホスピスで亡くなり、12日にメルボルンでメモリアル・サービスを行いました。お骨を日本に持ち帰り、新潟のお墓に埋葬したわけですが、2004年6月19日に、一橋大学佐野書院で「保苅実さんと語る会(Talking with HOKARI Minoru)」という集まりを、友人の皆様と一橋大の先生方、そして「ラディカル」の編集者・橋本育さんで構成する事務局が企画・開催してくださいました。





May 10, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> エピソード集・公開



このブログの右側の"GO TO"リンクからEpisodeに飛んでください。この命日の公開に間に合わせてエピソードを送ってくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。




>> 2010.05.10

Dear Everyone -

Today is May 10th and it has been 6 years since I lost my brother. It was in the middle of the night. My son, Kyle, who was 3 years old and I were in the bed when the phone rang. I woke up Kyle, dressed him up and irritably waited for a cab as they told me not to walk to the hospice. I got out of the car, held Kyle in my arm and ran to his room. Outside the room, someone told me he just passed away. I don't remember what I did with Kyle. I jumped onto my brother, whose eyes were closed, and screamed his name.

My parents told me that I came into the room just as he stopped breathing and everyone assured me that he heard my scream and he knew I was there before he left this world. I was also told that he shouted my name for a few times before he lost his consciousness.

Irumi asked me if I think Mino had expected that I would organize his photo exhibition as well as publish his work. I said I don't think so, but now I think he might have. He had a full faith in me. He knew I would do anything for him.

This is how the exhibition looks like.

You can see the photos and panels, which are the excerpts from Mino's book, "Radical Oral History" beside each photo. People read his writings and see the pictures, then grasp what Mino tried to deliver to the world. 5 copies of his book were already sold there. There are some updates on the exhibition on the website.

Due to some technical difficulties, I could not deliver the "episode" page on the website today. As you know me well by now, I will deliver it soon. I am sure Mino has no doubt about it, too.

Yuki Hokari, Mino's sister, from the US

========= The following message is written in Japanese.=========










February 01, 2010 [ Mailing List ]

>> エピソード募集


保苅実が亡くなり、今年5月で6年目を迎えます。このMLの受信者は、彼を直接知る人達に限らず、その後の"Being Connected"の活動により保苅実を知ることとなった人達も多く含まれるようになりました。そして、年末のMLでお知らせしたように、Wikipediaに保苅実の項目を作ってくださる方まで出現しました。


メモリアル・ウェブサイト"Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU"に、エピソードのページを作ろうと思うのです。長くても短くても、どんなに些細な思い出でもいいので、保苅実のエピソード(小学時代、中学時代、高校時代、一橋学部時代、一橋修士時代、オーストラリアUNSW時代、オーストラリアANU時代)を、info@hokariminoru.org宛にお送りください。第一回めの締め切りは4月末とします。エピソードがだぶることは当然予想されますが、こちらで編集します。



December 20, 2009 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2009.12.20

Dear Everyone

We have decorated our Christmas tree. I have done Christmas shopping, finished wrapping all the presents and kept them hidden in the attic. I have purchased the candies and else for stockings (for my husband, John, myself, Kyle, Nicole and Mino). A small ham is in the freezer and a cake was ordered. Kids' excitement is at the very peak and we have a few more days to go.

How are you all spending this holiday season?

My sister-in-law is getting married on January 1st. Since this is a very big traditional wedding, I thought it would be interesting for my parents. My mother is joining us and arriving here on 27th. I had to warn her to be ready for my kids' constant fight throughout a day, which my mother has never experienced. I just cannot figure out why they fight so much and why Mino and I did not at all...Well...both of my kids are a kind of bossy..tell each other what to do while Mino was a complete slave to me under the condition of my absolute love for him. It is a big question how John and I can keep our sanity during this holiday...Oh yes, Santa and Mino are watching us all....

Mino...I have two big news for you.

1. The Photo Exhibition

The Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples is ready to proceed for Mino's photo exhibition. We have received the official permission from the Guringji! Let me tell you how we got here. It was a long long way...

In January 2009, I consulted Andrew Pike (Ronin Films) and Prof. Ann McGrath on how to obtain a permission from Gurindji. They asked Brenda Croft (a photographer and a Gurindji) for an advice and were referred to Colvin Crowe (Northern Territory Government). I got in touch with Colvin in February and was advised with requirement for a permission until the end of March. At that point, I knew what to do, but could not find the right contact person to proceed. On 13th of April, I found a fax paper written by Mino, asking for a permission to stay with Gurindji, addressed to Sean Heffernan (Daguragu Town Clerk at that time), by accident. This would have been his stay in Summer 2003 if he had not gotten sick. I forwarded it to Colvin and he gave me the contact info on Sean (Currently, CEO of Katherine West Health Board). I e-mailed Sean in late May, sent several pictures, Roslyn Frith (Former Vice President of Daguragu Community Goverment Council, refered by Sean) went to see Gurindji and obtained the final permission in October.

If I had not found the Mino's fax, I would not have obtained the permission. This is just amazing.. Things about Mino often turn out like this.

I am happy to announce that the Museum is planning to hold an exhibition from late April till mid June 2010 and the details will follow.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has a Japanese article for Minoru Hokari now. I was contacted by a person who read Mino's book "Radical Oral History" and notified me that he wrote the article. Wikipedia was my next major project, but someone who was inspired by Mino's work started writing about him. I cannot imagine how pleased Mino is. I will have to translate it in English in near future.

This spring, I am planning to go back to Japan with my family and stopping by at the Museum in Hokkaido. Unfortunately the exhibition will not be ready, but it will be nice to step into the place that will be filled with Mino's presence and to meet my friend, Irumi who works there and suggested the exhibition to me. Just so you know...we have never met! I deeply appreciate all of your support and help to make things possible for Mino. He is a very fortunate person to have friends like you all.

The final news for you. I have made some changes on Please visit when you have a chance. Now, the Mino related news are on the top page as a form of blog. Hiro Obara, my best friend, spent time to made this change for me. Thanks always, Hiro.

Happy Holidays!

Yuki Hokari

========= The following message is written in Japanese.=========








Ronin FilmsのAndrew PikeとANUのProf. Ann McGrathに、グリンジからの許可をどう申請したらいいかと相談したのが、今年の1月でした。二人が写真家でGurindjiであるBrenda Croftに相談し、Northern Territory GovernmentのColvin Croweに問い合わせるように、と指示してくれました。2月に入り、Colvinにメールし、どういう写真の許可が必要で、どのようなプロセスで取得すればいいのかについて、3月末までやりとりを続けました。本来であれば、直接グリンジに会って写真を見せ、許可をとるしかないのですが、アメリカに住んでいる私にそれができるわけはありません。どうすべきかを理解しつつも、そこからどうやって進めばいいのか、まったくの行き止まりだったのです。そして、4月13日に、偶然ミノルの荷物を整理していて、彼自身がグリンジに滞在許可を求めたファックスを見つけました。あて先はDaguragu Council。"Approved!"とサインしていたのは、Sean Heffernan。これは彼が発病しなければ、実現したはずの2003年夏のフィールドワークの許可申請です。このファックスをColvinに転送すると、現在はKatherine West Health BoardのCEOとなっているSeanの連絡先を教えてくれました。Seanとつながったのが5月末のこと。展示に使用したい写真を送り、当時ダグラグ・カウンシルのVice PresidentだったRoslyn Frithがダグラグに行き、直接グリンジから使用許可をもらってくれました。それが10月のことでした。



2. Wikipedia保苅実







July 08, 2009 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2009.07.08

Dearest my brother

Happy Birthday to you! You are 38 years old today.

I was getting ready to write this message last night and decided to write about the food-related memories of yours. Then, guess what...I just received a mail from your friend from the middle school, which was titled “It is his birthday today.” She has been thinking about your birthday since late June and ended up visiting your favorite
“Yakitori” restaurant. Our thoughts for you are somehow connected and I am sure this makes you very happy.

I remember that you could not eat brown rice even though it was supposed to be really good for you since your diagnosis. I learned recently that brown rise tastes completely different based on how you cook it. It could feel tasting either sand or plants! In Australia, away from Japan, your mother was always cooking Japanese food for you with very limited Japanese ingredients. Your friends kindly kept sending you a Japanese traditional sweets or pickles from some famous stores upon your requests.

Although you were a horrible cook, everyone knew that you loved good foods and very picky or selective in a gourmet way. I cannot tell what are in a particular dish, but I always know if it tastes good or bad. By raising two children, I realized how well Japanese kids eat compared to American kids. I cook Japanese food, which means huge variety of flavors and cooking styles, then wonder why my kids don’t like onion, don’t even try anything green…where have these “strong meaningless opinions” come from….I concluded that’s because they are American.

Our mother always said to us, “If you eat with an open big mouth without thinking what they are, everything tastes good!” but such an illogical statement would never reach American kids. Although I listened to her and ate with an open big mouth without thinking what they are, I still did not think it was tasty. However, it was true that I actually was able to eat it. How come Japanese kids are so obedient?! One of my American friends cannot deal with the stress at the meal time and has a policy that they don’t have to eat if they don’t want to eat!! On the other hand, I force them to eat what I cook and made them cry sometimes. It is not acceptable not to try even a bite especially at this difficult time of economy! There will be a time for them to eat no matter how much they don’t like a certain food. I also tell them to think about children who don’t have food to eat. I don’t think they have any idea what I am talking about. Even I don’t know what it is like not having enough food…After John and I finish eating for 15 minutes, we wait our kids to take 1 hour to finish theirs. I had no idea how long this practice would go on…then, as my mother says “Nothing will be the same forever in raising a child. Things WILL change as they grow,” I started to see a change in Kyle. He started trying a bite of a completely new food to him! Although Nicole is still a challenge, she eats “Natto (fermented soybeans)” and salmon eggs…..She knows the taste difference in different kind of “Natto”…In this aspect, she is not an American.

Do you remember the day that I took you to a famous Sushi Bar and told you to order as much as you wanted? That was when I got my first bonus and you were a freshman in Hitotsubashi University. When I took you to an “All you can eat” Shabu Shabu restaurant, you screamed “I cannot believe this! Meat stays beef, not changing to pork! AND the quality of beef stays same!!” I laughed so hard and wondered what you ate every day. Since then, you grew your taste buds and don’t you think our taste buds started from our mother’s cooking? When you could not eat anything except liquid during chemotherapy, your mother cooked vegetable soup with lots of butter and cream to keep you alive. My kids love that soup and my meat sauce that you also loved.

Since Kyle was born 8 years ago, John and I had only a few times a year to go out on our own. Lately, we decided to go out on a monthly basis. After 12 years of marriage, we realized how important it was to spend time together without kids to stay happy and have fun with each other. We used to go to the same restaurant every time since we never want to be disappointed since it was such a rare occasion, but now every time we try different restaurants and we both really enjoy it.

Everyone remembers you. Everyone still talks and thinks about you. Every time we see a moon in the sky, Kyle and Nicole say “Hi! Uncle Mino!” Your tree, a Japanese maple, transplanted from our old house seems to be settled in our new yard.

Well…it was so nice to write to you on your birthday. Happy Birthday and talk to you soon.

Your sister, Yuki

========= The following message is written in Japanese.=========












May 10, 2009 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2009.05.10

Hello Everyone –

How are you? In the US, we say “April shower brings May flowers” and it is still raining a lot here in almost mid-May. Although my sunflowers are growing very fast, my 8 years old son’s baseball and soccer practice/games have been cancelled a lot. My 4 years old daughter recently started taking dance classes and swam 2m all by herself for the first time. Under this very difficult economy, my husband who works in Wall Street, has been busy working long hours and taking week-long business trip. Onto myself, while dealing with stressful and crazy schedule with my kids and our new house, I am taking good care of my body with Yoga and Pilates. Although I thought I was healthy and in a good shape, my teachers don’t see my body that way at all. I don’t have strong “core”, my chest is not open at all, my shoulder is weak…etc…but as I commit myself to practices, I feel the improvement.

It has been 5 years….5 years since my dearest brother, Mino’s passing as of today, May 10th, 2009. Would you please spare a few minutes on thinking of him? Mino was always listening to music, his long fingers and toes, his funny shaped nails, his irresistible smile, he was a good listener to anyone and could not stop talking….. Can you hear his voice now?

I have a few news to share with you this time.

I mentioned last time about the Mino’s photo exhibition (the photo that Mino took). The preparation has started at the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. Irumi Sasakura, who offered this exhibition proposal to me, works at this beautiful museum and my good friend.

As we are still in the process of getting permission from the Gurindji to use Mino’s photo for the exhibition, I cannot tell you exactly when it is held, but please start thinking about visiting Hokkaido, a Northern island in Japan.

I have an interesting story again. Ronin Films helped me to reach the right person who can guide us to get to the Gurindji and as I started to feel we were almost there, a bookshelf that I ordered for Mino’s books was delivered. While I was organizing his books little by little, I came across a fax that Mino requested an approval for his stay in Daguragu and another fax that wrote “Hi Mino! Appoved!” He became ill on the way to this fieldwork. The discovery of this fax paper confirmed our final destination for the permission. Again, Mino helped me.

The other great news is regarding the English version of “Radical Oral History,” the very successful book that Mino wrote in Japanese. Prof. Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Prof. Ann McGrath took over this important project recently. His mission and promise to the Gurindji, delivering his research to the world, will be soon accomplished.

By the way, “Radical Oral History” now became an adjective in Japanese. An academic paper used it like this. “Radical Oral History-like thinking….” Please laugh with Mino…AHAHAHAHA!!!

Minoru Hokari still meets new people through my social network, through all of you, through his Japanese book “Radical Oral History” and the website “Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU.”

It is Mother’s Day today. I will talk to you again on July 8th, Mino’s birthday…

Yuki Hokari, Mino’s big sister

========= The following message is written in Japanese.=========


お元気でお過ごしでしょうか。アメリカではApril shower brings May flowersと言い、4月が梅雨の季節なのですが、5月に入ってもまだ雨が続いています。今年8歳の息子は野球とサッカーチームに所属していますが、この雨のせいで練習や試合がキャンセル続きです。4歳になる娘はダンスを始め、1年ほど続けている水泳教室で、先日2mほど初めて一人で泳ぎました。ウォール街に勤める夫は、この厳しい環境の中、残業と出張続きで、ありがたいことですし、私は、ヨガとピラティスで体を「整えて」います。小さい頃から運動好きで健康体だと思い込んでいましたが、ヨガとピラティスの先生の目にはとてもそうとは映らないようです。肩が弱く、姿勢が悪く、腹筋が弱い。でも、真面目に毎週クラスに足を運ぶにつれ、だんだんそれなりの進歩を遂げつつあるようで、うれしい限りです。




この展示許可の取得ですが、長いトンネルの向こうに光が見えてきました。Ronin Filmsが紹介してくれたツテをたどり、うっすらと最終地点が見え始めた頃、弟の本を納める書棚が配達されました。遺品の整理をするのは辛いので、少しずつ本を納めていたところ、弟が出したダグラグ滞在許可を求めるファックスと、”Hi Mino! Approved!”というサインの入ったファックスに目が留まりました。このフィールドワークに向かう途中に発病したのです。このファックスが出てきたおかげで、許可取得の最終目的地(人?)が明確となりました。弟が助けてくれたに違いありません。

もう一つのニュースは、「ラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー」の英語版出版に関してです。Prof. Tessa Morris-SuzukiとProf. Ann McGrathが、5年越しのこの大切なプロジェクトを引き継いでくださることになりました。保苅実のリサーチを世の中に広く伝えるというグリンジとの約束が、一日も早く実現されることを願ってやみません。この件に関して、御茶の水書房の橋本さん、お願いしたいことがありますので、ご連絡いただけないでしょうか?





January 22, 2009 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2009.01.22

Dear everyone –

A happy new year!

It has been a while since I sent this ML to you. About two months ago, I moved to a nearby town which is known for a really good school district and my husband cuts his commuting time much shorter. Under this difficult time of economy and my husband works in Wall Street, we are doing well. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas at our new home and really love and enjoy our house.

Mino's books and CDs are still in boxes, but I finally found a nice glass door bookshelf for him. Just like how he always was, I did not compromise. Gee, I have been contributing to stimulate the economy, haven't I?

I have a confession to make. My old laptop, which I bought soon after Mino's passing, broke down in this past summer. Although I managed to retrieve and save all the data, I have not been successful to transfer to my annoying Vista laptop. Please allow me to communicate some of you through this ML as I don't have your individual e-mail addresses. That being said, Mr Shun Ikeda, please reply to this mail with an e-mail address of your sister, Akiko Hisamatsu. Since she left her work, I don't know how to reach her any more.

Interestingly, Mino was very quiet during my crazy moving project and my son's 8th birthday project in January. As soon as everything is done and I feel being somewhat settled, I started hearing some Mino-related noise here and there. It is like he says to me, "Come on, Yuki! It is time to move on and work on my project!" Yes, yes, my dear brother, I am planning to start!

THEN, I noticed my car making strange noise, lost my mobile phone when I took my two crazy kids to swim class in this freezing weather, lost my favorite SIGG water bottle, my central vac does not have enough suction power and my 3 ½ years old daughter (Nicole "Minori") ran fever at school. As I am writing this now, she is taking a nap and I am waiting for my new Blackberry curve to be delivered by Fedex. I cannot believe how paralyzed I am without a mobile phone! Do you remember Mino refused to own one until he got hospitalized?

I am determined to proceed with a few major Mino projects this year. In addition to publishing an English version of Mino's book and promoting ANU's scholarship fund, there is a plan to have a photo exhibition in Japan. I am sorry that I cannot tell you the details yet, but will let you know very soon.

I still receive mails from Mino's old friends who recently found out his passing and who have been thinking about him. It is unbearable to think how much he could have done for the last four years and that takes us to the same place…Why Mino? Why my brother? Then, I think of him and think how much he has accomplished in his life. He said his life was fulfilled and he had no regrets. I am sure he is just very happy to see us talking about him and thinking about him.

Please take care and talk to you soon.

Yuki Hokari, Mino's big sister

========= The following message is written in Japanese.=========







車が奇妙な音を立て始め、やんちゃな子供二人を水泳教室に連れて行った際に携帯をなくし、私のお気に入りのSIGGボトルをなくし、家のセントラル・バキュームシステムの吸引力が突然落ち、3歳半の娘(ミドルネームは"Minori")が学校で発熱。これを書いている今、娘は昼寝中で、新しいBlackberry Curveの配達を待っています。携帯ひとつなくしただけで、こんなにも生活が不便になるとは。覚えていますか?弟は、発病して入院するまで携帯所持を拒否していましたよね。





July 08, 2008 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2008.07.08

Dear Everyone,

It has been "not so hot" summer in NY. As our summer has began since mid-June, I have been driving my son (7) and daughter (3) from camp to camp. While they are in camps, I go to Yoga and Capoeira (Brazilian Marshall Arts) class. Days pass so fast and tomorrow is Mino's 37th birthday. I have several news to share.

1. From the end of May till the beginning of June, Australian Educational Film company called Ronin Films and Prof. Ann McGrath visited Japan and interviewed several friends and teachers in Mino's life, in both Tokyo and Niigata. It is their Grindji project and they came across Mino's involvement. They are planning to make 5 episodes of Grindji story (30 minutes each) and focus solely on Mino in one episode. I asked 17 people to participate in the interview and only one declined as he lives in Singapore. In Niigata, they met my parents, friends and his teacher (at Middle-School) and filmed Mino's grave, his favorite places (fishing spot and coffee shop) and interviewed my parents at their house. In Tokyo, the entire two days were consumed for all the interviews for his friends, teachers and his editor. Ronin films and Prof. GGrath wrote to me that the outcome was more than they originally expected. I also think it was an important breakthrough in "History of Mino's life" that people who came across at some point of Mino's life, but never met each other until this time, finally met and felt all connected through Mino. I am sure this was all Mino's plan. Ronin Films will work on funding to make this film and hopefully it is completed by the end of 2009. Thank you very much for all of you who involved in this wonderful project.

2. I also started a marketing campaign for the ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship. My friend offered to help and she designed and created a beautiful flyer. We encourage the application from Japanese scholars and ask for donation. We just started mailing out, and it will reach at 300 destinations including various Australia-related organizations, museums, universities and media, throughout Japan. The fund was also officially introduced to the Australian Studies Association of Japan) at their annual conference. It required careful consideration and lots of preparations and I deeply appreciate Akiko Hisamatsu for her help.

3. The 2008 ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship winner was Pamela McGrath at ANU. She is in her second year of doctoral studies at ANU, working in the Research School of Humanities. Her project involves the re-documentation of selected films made in the 1950s, relating to the people of the Ngaanyatjarra region of Western Australia. Her experience relates directly to the project, having worked as a photographer and researched native title claims.

4. I am sorry to report this late, but the 4th award ceremony for UNSW International House Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship was held in last November. Minoru Hokari Scholar for 2008 were Ms Jean Loo and Ms Fiona Lee. Ms Jean Loo articulates in her future vision which is focused on helping the disadvantaged and being involved in outreach programs such as community psychology. She has a very high academic record including the University medal in psychology and an International Postgraduate Students award. Ms Fiona Lee has been involved in University mentoring and orientation for Foundation students, and as a volunteer in several community organizations.

Finally, I would like to share this amazing story. About a month ago, I gave a copy of Mino's essay (the one appeared in "Conversations" ) to my daughter's babysitter. She looked puzzled and said she recognized Mino's name. Where did she hear about Mino? At her Sociology class, her teacher briefly mentioned Mino's work. It was a few years ago, so she is now digging the class/prof information for me. Mino's work was mentioned at a county college in my town!

Minoru Hokari is still with us. If you have similar experience, please share with me.

Mino's big sister, Yuki Hokari

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1.5月末から6月はじめにかけて、オーストラリアの教育番組(DVDやビデオ)制作会社であるRonin FilmsとProf. Ann McGrathが、日本を訪れ、東京と新潟で、保苅実の人生に深く関わった人々に会い、インタビューを行いました。グリンジを対象としたこのプロジェクトを進める中で、Ronin Filmsは保苅実の存在に出会ったといいます。グリンジをテーマに、5本のシリーズ番組(それぞれ30分ずつ)を制作し、そのうち1本を保苅実に注目したものにしたいとの意向を受け、弟の恩師や友人の方々、合計17名の方に撮影にご協力いただけないかと問い合わせたところ、シンガポールにお住まいの方一人を除いて全員が快く承諾してくださいました。新潟では、私の両親、弟の友人そして中学時代の恩師にインタビューを行い、実家や弟のお墓、彼の好きだった場所(魚釣りのスポットや喫茶店)を訪れました。東京では、丸二日かかって、恩師、友人、編集者など大勢の方が集まってくださいました。撮影後、Ronin FilmsとProf. Ann McGrathから、予想・期待していた以上の収穫があったと、喜びのメールをいただきました。私は、個別に弟を知る人達が、一つの場所でそれぞれの存在を知り、出会うという貴重な機会になったと思っています。これは、間違いなく、弟の「仕業」です。この作品は、予算の問題を解決した上で、来年中には形になる予定と聞いています。ご協力くださった皆様、お忙しい中、本当にどうもありがとうございました。


3.ANU奨学金の2008年の受賞者は、ANUの博士課程二年目のPamela McGrathさんに決まりました。プロジェクトの内容は、1950年代の西部オーストラリアのNgaanyatjarraの人々を撮影した映画を、re-documentationするというものです。その独創性と、歴史・文化人類学・映画を橋渡しするクロスカルチュラルな取り組みが評価されました。

4.ご報告が遅くなりましたが、昨年11月に発表されたUSNWインターナショナルハウスの奨学金の受賞者は、Jean LooさんとFiona Leeさんの二人でした。Looさんは、community psychology(地域心理学)のような手法を用いて、恵まれない人々を助けることを将来の目標としています。彼女は、心理学でUniversity MedalやInternational Postgraduate Students Awardなどを受賞するなど、大変優れた成績を収めています。Leeさんは、大学内での後輩指導に従事したり、様々な地域の団体で積極的にボランティア活動を行っています。

最後に、最近経験した不思議な偶然を紹介させてください。一ヶ月ほど前、娘のベビーシッターに、"Conversations"に英訳が掲載された新潟日報の連載エッセイのコピーを渡しました。すると、少し不思議そうな顔をして、"Minoru Hokari"という名前を聞いたことがある、というのです。一体、どこで?と問うと、数年前、彼女が受講していた社会学の講義で、教授が保苅実の論文について少し触れたのだと思い出してくれました。私の住む町にある大学で、弟の研究が紹介されたというのです。今、彼女はそのときの講義ノートを探して、担当教授の名前を調べてくれています。



June 06, 2008 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2008.06.06

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May 10, 2008 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2008.05.10

Hi everyone,

How are you? It is May 10th again and has been 4 years since the day that we never can forget. Is your memory of Mino still vivid? I sometimes receive such mails like below.

"Is my memory of Mino fading out? Is there something that I already forgot? I worry about not only I forget about him, but also Mino in the sky (I always look up the sky when I think of him) forget about me or if I have bored him. When I worry like that, I read his book or his essay on the website. I feel relieved to see his writing just sounds like his talking. I am amazed with the power of writing. I believe he watches every aspect of me, both those that are changing and those that stay same."

"Sometimes I feel Mino makes me talk about what he thinks about history. Although I say it is his theory, my theory is now mixed with his. I think of many things as the homework that he left for me to keep working on."

There is also a person who has been making donation every 6 months to Mino's scholarship fund. I am sure there are many people who are thinking of him although I am not aware of it. I can tell you that the "connection" is still growing for this past 4 years.

At the end of last year, another 500 copies of his Japanese book, "Radical Oral History"were printed, now totaling 4,000 copies. His publisher remembers Mino said, "I would like my book to reach 5,000 copies at least." .....1,000 copies more to go! And a great news to you all, English readers, Debbie Rose started working on editing the English version. I am curious to see how different the English version is from the Japanese one as he clearly thought of different knowledge base of Australian Aborigines Australian and Japanese people have.

The two Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Funds are doing well in favorable Australian financial market. Regarding the ANU fund, we have raised about A$3,000 in Japan, responding to my last year-end call for further donation and its fund balance is about the half of our final target of $125,000. Currently ANU is in the process of choosing the 2008 winner.

I recently had a dinner with Mino's friend who was visiting NYC and she pointed out that we were now at the stage for asking for support from not only Mino's friends but also those who love Australia or/and Aboriginal culture and I agree with her. If you know any group, organization or companies who might be interested in supporting the fund, please e-mail me.

On the other hand, UNSW International House's fund is now about $51,000. They have two Minoru Hokari memorial Scholarship ($1000 each) for those who reside in IH and demonstrates commitment to international understanding, community involvement and financial needs. In addition, once the fund reaches at $60,000, they will add one more scholarship ($1000) for those who resides in IH and are from rural/regional Australia with financial hardship.

While my life with two children (3 and 7 years old now) is crazy as my son's baseball season started and the two are constantly fighting for the last 6 months, I am also still busy as a big sister. I have an obligation and pleasure to write to you for a few times a year, this opportunity makes me think of what else I can do for my dearest brother and encourages me to keep moving forward. I will write to you again on July 8th. Please take care.

Mino's big sister, Yuki Hokari

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去年の暮れ、「ラディカル」がまた増刷となり、6刷500部が出て、4,000部となりました。御茶の水書房の橋本さんによると、弟は「僕の本は5千部はいきたいですねえ」といっていたそうです。あと少しです。そして、「生命の大地」の著者であり、弟の指導教官であったDeborah Roseによる「ラディカル」の英語版編集の作業も始まりました。日本とオーストラリア(英語圏一般)では、アボリジニへの基礎知識レベルが違うという認識から、弟は英語版では英語版なりの彼特有の「仕掛け」を入れたはずですから、晴れて出版の暁には、英語版も是非ご一読いただければと思います。元になった博士論文は英語で書かれたものですので、本にすると決まった時に、どういうアレンジをしたのか、とても興味がありますよね。

最近、ウェブサイトに、これまでは英語版だけを載せていたPeter Readによるミノのオーラルヒストリーの和訳を掲載しましたが、お気づきになった方はいますでしょうか?弟の書いたものの翻訳はすべて私の友人である内田恭子さんにお願いし、一貫性を保つようにしていますが、今回もまたあの長いインタビューを美しい日本語に訳してくださいました。読んでいると、弟が語っている姿が目に浮かぶようです。





December 09, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.12.09: P.S.

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December 05, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.11.27

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2004年にオーストラリア国立大学(ANU)・保苅実記念奨学基金が設立され、皆様のお力添えで、2006年と2007年に、A$5000(約49万円)の奨学金を授与することができました。これまでに集まった寄付の総額はA$44,943.99(約438万円。寄付額推移は以下の通り)基金資産総額はA$63,000(約613万円)を超えました。しかしながら、寄付額はご覧の通り確実な減少傾向にあり、現在の資産額からは、毎年A$3000の奨学金しか提供できません。2006年には私個人が、2007年はProf. Ann McGrathの部署(Australian Centre for Indigenous History, ANU)がその差額を負担しました。最近、保苅実の遺族である私と両親、そしてANUのEndowment officeとの間で慎重な相談がなされた結果、今後はその対象年に基金が生み出す利息のみでまかなえる額で、奨学金を設定することになりました。(つまり2008年はA$3000)


2004 - $32,265.82
2005 - $4,182.07
2006 - $6,716.33
2007 - $1,779.77





ANUへ直接送金した場合、ANUから美しい受け取りが郵送されてきます。日本にある口座(郵便局とジャパンネット銀行)に振り込んでいただいた場合は、母が手書きのお礼状を差し上げていますが、それに加えて、このたびの呼びかけに答えてくださった方には、保苅実が主宰したコンファレンス”Locations of Spirituality(スピリチュアリティのありか)”の論文集CDを、そこに含まれている保苅実の英語論文(“Re-enchantment of History:Writing Aboriginal Spiritualities”)の和訳付で差し上げます。
*** 既にCDをご購入してくださった方には、寄付の有無に関わらず和訳を送付する予定です。




November 16, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.11.16

Dear Everyone,

I am writing to ask for your help.

Since ANU’s Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship fund has established in 2004, with all of your support, we were able to provide scholarships awards (A$5000) in 2006 and 2007. The total donations are A$44,943.99 (please see
the donation history below) and fund asset now exceed A$63,000. However, this level of fund asset can only produce A$3000 annually for an award. In 2006, I personally supplemented the award and this year, Prof. Ann McGrath’s department (Australian Centre for Indigenous History at ANU) did the same. After the careful and thorough discussion between Hokari family and the endowment office, we agreed that the award should be set at the level that the fund can produce each year (i.e. $3000 award in 2008)

Donation history

2004 - $32,265.82
2005 - $4,182.07
2006 - $6,716.33
2007 - $1,779.77

Ultimately, our goal for the fund asset is $100,000 to award $5,000 every year. Since the interest rate in Australia has been very generous, we are hoping to achieve this target in next few years to secure its perpetuity.

In my eyes, this fund is so unique and special because it has been built with various amount of donations (from $10 to a few thousands dollars) from so many people. My parents and I certainly do not want this fund turning into “Thank you very much, Hokari Family fund” by only us donating further. Mino would never approve it. Of course, Hokari family continues to support the fund and we would like to ask for your further donation, too.

For those who have not donated, please take a moment to consider this opportunity. For those who had done it before, I would like to ask for your further support. I would appreciate any amount that you are comfortable with. All the donations will stay as a part of fund assets and will never be a part of the actual award. Your donation will be kept as a part of the fund asset to support the scholarship forever.

You can find the donation form and info at the website below and please forward this mail to anyone that you know. In this way, more people will meet Mino and his connection will expand further. That's what he wished
until he took his last breath.

Here is the donation form

I strongly believe, with Minoru Hokari Scholars who have won and will win this scholarship, Mino’s work will continue and his dream will come true some day. I deeply appreciate your understanding and supports.

P.S. Re: Calling for further donation

My love for my brother gave me a wonderful idea. I will send Mino’s conference proceeding CD (“Locations of Spirituality”) to donors until the supply lasts. Of course, there is no minimum donation amount to receive it. I just want to take this opportunity to share one of Mino’s accomplishments with as many people as possible and to show my deep appreciation for your support.

Here is the conference CD information.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari, Mino’s big sister

October 26, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.10.26

Dear Everyone,

As I grew up in Japan with four seasons, I cannot take such a short spring and fall in NY. It gets too hot and too cold so quickly. However, It is unusually fortunate and we are enjoying the long fall this year. I have dug out the bulbs that cannot survive the harsh winter weather here and planted a few hundreds bulbs of Iris and Anemone. Since deers love eating the lilies buds, I gave it up. Looking at the changing leaves, I remember my brother's visit here four years ago. He said the recent toys were full of metal and computer sounds, then took out my son for a walk, picked up a stick and made him listen to the sounds by hitting the tree with it.

This summer, my family went to the Caribbean for vacation. As I played with my kids at the beach, I remember I used to play a lot with sand/dirt with my brother when we were kids, digging the ground, running the water, making a dam, making a mud pie, decorating with flowers and leaves...I told Mino to collect stones, flowers and leaves, he just followed my orders. We were very close. We used to say he looked like Snufkin from Moomintroll. I treasured my younger brother very much. People said as if he had two mothers. It has been three and a half years since his passing. My 2 1/2 daughter points at his picture and says, "That's Mama!"

I have several news for you this time.

* 2007 ANU Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship was given to Ms Crystal McKinnon, who is studying at the university of Melbourne. The recipient will receive $5,000. This year there were eight applicants which was twice the number from those who applied last year.

Here is the abstract of Crystal McKinnon's project. She is an indigenous student from University of Melbourne.

"The broad aim of the study is to examine the political and historical significance of Indigenous musicians and artists, and the works that they produce. The key questions are to establish what they are trying to achieve in the works, and what they perceive their works as achieving, both within the Indigenous community and the larger Australian society, and even internationally if this is applicable. It will look at how they perceive their works as a part of history, and what from the past and present has influenced them to become artists or musicians."

* 2007 UNSW International House Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship award ceremony will be held on November 3. There were two winners last year. (Please see the photos.)

* Some people might know that Mino had a project in his mind, which he would translate a book written by Hiroki Azuma into English. Once his cancer became in remission, he started working on it, however, cancer came back after a few months, so he completed only one chapter and left the project in Julia Yonetani's hand, co-translator. In fall of 2004, Julia gave up on this project, Azuma took over and found two translators. Two years later, Mino received a credit of co-translating the first chapter and I heard a news from the translator that the book would be published soon. We always wish to officialize or publish whatever he has done, either small project or big, and I deeply appreciate that Mr. Azuma and the translators understood and supported our feelings.

* After his passing, we donated a collection of books that Mino owned to ANU. This collection at the Pacific Asian History Dept was recently moved to a new location, resource room of RSSS(Research School of Social Sciences, History Program (Room #3124 at Coombs Building)at ANU. Most of this collection are about Australia and Aborigine-related, came from the library of Australia-Japan Foundation. Mino offered to take them when they could not keep them due to the limited space. Now, I am very happy to hear that more people have been utilizing them.

* I started working on the website, here and there, editing and adding contents. Soon you will see new photos in Memory Collection and "Written by Yuki Hokari" is now "blog"ged.

Several mails that I have received made me believe that Mino's life is still going forward as his network expands with those who never met him in person. Keyword "Minoru Hokari" works as an agent and more people are meeting Mino, young scholars who were inspired by Mino's work published books and new ideas are discussed at the conferences. I still receive mails asking to purchase his translation, which I saved from disposal two years ago. I know you guys have been talking and thinking about Mino. Additionally, I would like to share a mail from Prof. Ann McGrath.

"Last night I went to an art exhibition opening and was introduced to a man called Charlie Ward who was one of organisers of Freedom Festival at Kalkaringi. He told me he had looked up the Hokari website etc because the Gurindji people talked a lot about Minoru being very special and getting it all right. He said they regarded him very highly indeed. He said he had then read Mino's works from the website and thought they were fantastic. I was really gratified to hear this news from a young man who spent a lot of time there. He brought up the topic, so it was a very pleasant exchange."

I feel that his memories keeps alive as long as the website is updated. I will try my best to keep working on it. I deeply appreciate your support.

Yuki Hokari

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* オーストラリア国立大学(ANU)・保苅実記念奨学金(A$5000)・第二回受賞者がMs Cristal McKinnon (メルボルン大学)に決まりました。申請者数は8名、昨年の倍だったとのこと、嬉しいことです。アボリジニである彼女の研究課題は次の通り。


* ニューサウスウェールス大学(UNSW)・インターナショナルハウス・保苅実記念奨学金の第三回受賞式は、11月3日に予定されています。昨年の授与式の様子はインターナショナルハウスのウェブサイトで見られます昨年の受賞者は2人でした。

* 生前、保苅実が東浩紀氏に「動物化するポストモダン」の英訳を持ちかけたということをご存知の方は多いかもしれません。病床の彼が手がけることができたのは第一章だけとなり、2004年秋に共訳者である米谷ジュリア氏がこの共同翻訳プロジェクトを断念した後、東氏がブログ上で翻訳者を募集、その後、このプロジェクトは河野至恩氏、ジョナサン・エイブル氏の手に渡りました。それから二年がたち、弟が共訳した部分を残した形で、今年の春にミネソタ大学出版局と出版契約が成立した(出版時期は未定)との連絡を受けました。弟の短い人生で彼が成し遂げた仕事はいかに小さくともきちんとした形で遺したいという私達遺族の願いを汲み取ってくださった東浩紀氏と翻訳者の御二人に、心から御礼申し上げます。

* ANUに寄贈したMinoru Hokari Book Collectionですが、この春にPacific Asian History Deptから、RSSS(Research School of Social Sciences, History Program:社会科学研究学院の歴史学科)のresource room (注:Coombs Buildingの3124室)へ、移動しました。このコレクションの多くは、豪日交流基金オーストラリア図書館(今年5月31日にサービスを終了し、資料は全て追手門学院大学附属図書館「オーストラリア・ライブラリー」に寄贈された)が一部の資料を廃棄せざるを得なかった際に、弟が「先住民に関する本は、古くても二度と出版されない本もたくさんあるので、廃棄するなら僕にいただけますか?アボリジニ関連、オーストラリア史関連の書物であれば、多少にかかわらず、喜んで引き取らせていただきます。」と譲り受けたものです。より適切な場所で、より多くの学生の方に利用されることを願っています。

* ウェブサイトのあちこちに手を加えています。公募書評のページにある飯嶋秀治さんの書評がupdateされました。Written by Yukiのブログ化。そして、近日中に思い出コレションの写真も少し追加したいと思っています。




July 08, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.07.08

Happy Birthday my dearest brother, Mino. It is your 36th birthday.

I was, am and will be so happy that I have a wonderful brother and I love you very much. Today I suddenly wondered if you ever had a big birthday party with your friends from school when you were a kid since your birthday must have always been after the school closed for summer. It is funny that I thought about such a thing all of the sudden, but this is because my life is driven by my kids lately. I will have to ask our mother about it.

Yes, Kyle and Nicole are doing well. Kyle is 6 1/2 years old and is singing a birthday song for you today. He sometimes asks me why a doctor could not "fix" you, but believes that you have a second life since you were very kind to others. He is very proud that he spent some time with you while Nicole never did.

Nicole is 2 years 3 months and started going to a pre-school last week. She already made a good friend (her name is Jackie.) and they are holding hands and talking to each other. For the first 3 days, she cried at a drop-ff for about 3 minutes, but now she does not cry any more and just walk over to her friends. She can say your name now. Oh, you already know this since every morning, we say "good morning, Mino." to you.

John will be 36 years old this month, too, and the other day, he teased me that I married to a guy who is younger than my brother. Well, as you know, I am very good at taking care of younger boys. He has been really into watches and he could have found you a very nice watch that satisfies your particular taste.

I am doing fine. Yes, sometimes, it is stressful to handle too many things about my family and house and etc, but I am enjoying it, which John never believes. I am. It keeps me busy. Since Nicole started at school, I am thinking to resume taking Yoga classes and tennis lessons. Remember, you said to me, "Well, I don't think you would ever do it, but Yoga is really good for you for a long term." Well, you got me. Since you said I would never do it, you made me think and I had no problem trying it. I love you.

July 8th reminded me of my loss. This year, for the first time since you left, I feel I am celebrating your birthday. I am glad that you were born on this day 36 years ago. May 10th is tough. Then, on July 8th, I feel like I am having you back.

I love you very much and Happy birthday.


===== The following part is written in Japanese. =====



海瑠と仁香瑠は元気にしています。海瑠は6歳半。今、「Happy Birthday みいちゃん」って歌ってるよ。時々、聞くんだよね、「ママ、どうしてお医者さんはみいちゃんのことを治せなかったの?」って。でも、みぃちゃんはとても優しい人だったから、絶対に生まれ変わるって信じてる。そして、香チャンはみぃちゃんに会えなかったけど、僕はみぃちゃんと遊んだことあるんだって、とても自慢みたい。







May 10, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.05.10

Dear Everyone,

It is May 10th. Yes, it has been three years since he left us. I would like to ask all of you to send your thoughts to Mino and share his memories with someone on this day.

Please see the attached photo. The gum tree planted for his memory at the Coombs courtyard at the ANU has grown this much. Please compare it to the photo on the website. (Click "Canberra" on the left)

Also, the Minoru Hokari Book Collection in Pacific Asian History Department has been moved to the Australian Center for Indigenous History. I would send my sincere appreciation to the people in both Pacific Asian History Dept. and Australian Center for Indigenous History.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

===== The following part is written in Japanese. =====



添付の写真二枚をご覧になっていただけますか?ANUキャンパス内(Coombs courtyard)に植えていただいた記念樹のゴムの木がこんなに大きくなりました。ウェブサイトにある写真(左にある "Canberra" をクリックしてください)と見比べてください。

また、Pacific Asian History Departmentに寄贈した弟の遺品である"Minoru Hokari Book Collection"が、Australian Centre for Indigenous Historyに移されました。いろいろとお世話くださった両部署の皆様に、心より御礼申し上げます。

Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU (

March 20, 2007 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2007.03.20

Dear Everyone,

I did not realize the last time I sent this ML was 6 months ago. How are you doing?

I have been so occupied with my kids and home management that I could rarely find time to work on my brother's website. My 6-year-old son sometimes says to me, "Mama, when Uncle Mino be born again? I hope he will be born again before I die. I want to see him again." Then, he says to his 2-years-old sister, who recently started saying "Mi-chan (Mino's Japanese nickname), "You never met Mi-chan, but I know him. So, one day, I can tell you a lot about him." If you share his memory with someone around you, he would be born again here and there beyond time and places, I think.

Last fall, I planted another hundred bulbs. This year it was Iris. My yard will be full of colorful flowers in Spring and Summer when Mino's anniversary (May10, it will be three years since he death) and his 36th birthday (July 8) come.

ANU's Prof. Ann McGrath just notified me that ANU started calling for applicants for Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship this year. Please go to the ANU's site for more details. Its deadline is in April.

If you go to the top page of, you will see the latest Mino-related news, but let me repeat here.

* As of September 2006, the market value of ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund has reached at A$47,996.03.

* November 2006: The third award ceremony for UNSW International House Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship was held. Minoru Hokari Scholar for 2007 were Ying Ying Liew, a medical student from Malaysia and Mimi Ho Ming Kan, a psychology student from Australia.

At last, the sale of Conference Proceedings CD (Locations of Spirituality) has not been doing so well. Any profit comes from the sale will be donated to ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship fund. Originally, we were planning to make a donation from the sale in time for the award ceremony in 2007, but I am not sure if that is going to happen. On the other hand, thanks to several blogs mentioning the rescue mission of Mino's translations, I still sometimes receive a mail from Mino's old friends and those who learned about him recently. I appreciate your continuous cooperation.

That's it for this time. Please take care and talk to you soon.

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

===== The following part is written in Japanese. =====







* 2006年9月時点で、ANUの保苅実記念奨学基金の市場価値はA$47,996.03に達しました。

* 2006年11月に、第三回UNSWインターナショナルハウス・保苅実記念奨学金の授与式が行われ、この年の受賞者は二名。マレーシアからのYing Ying Liewさん(医学専攻)と、オーストラリアからMimi Ho Ming Kanさん(心理学専攻)でした。

最後に。残念なことに、昨年8月より開始したコンファレンスCD"Locations of Spirituality"のCD販売経過があまり芳しい結果をあげていません。販売からの利益はすべてANUの記念奨学基金に寄付することになっており、販売当初は2007年の授与式に間に合うように寄付しようという目標だったのですが、今の状況ではかないそうにありません。一方で、断裁救済の呼びかけに何人かの方がブログで宣伝してくださったのですが、今でもそれらのページを通じて、弟の昔の知り合いの方や彼の研究に興味をもった方から時折連絡があるのはとても嬉しいことです。引き続き、CDの宣伝・販売にご協力をお願いいたします。


Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU (

September 26, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.09.26

I sent out the following mail in early August, but due to the academic vacation, it seems that many of you did not receive it properly.

Regarding the Conference Proceeding in CD "Locations of Spirituality" is one of Mino's works which is definitely worth looking into. Most of you probably once asked "Why did he come to be interested in Australian Aborigines?" and I think his piece in this CD, "Re-enchantment of History: Writing Aboriginal Spiritualities" is his sincere answer to that question. I assume his personal "spiritual experience" made him decide to have this conference.

Please consider to purchase this CD (US$10 including shipping and A$10 plus shipping). All the profit made from sale will be donated to ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. You can learn more details about this CD here. I appreciate your cooperation.

Yuki Hokari

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====


尚、Conference proceeding: "Locations of Spirituality"のCD(論文集)ですが、個人のスピリチュアルな経験を題材に書かれた収録論文はとても興味深い内容です。そして、保苅実の論文"Re-enchantment of History: Writing Aboriginal Spiritualities"は、「なぜ彼がオーストラリア・アボリジニに興味をもったのか」という誰もがもつ疑問に対して、おそらくこれが彼による一番誠実な回答なのではないかと、私は思います。ここに書かれてある彼の思想が、この成功を収めたコンファレンスの開催を想起させたともいえるのではないでしょうか。



August 07, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.08.07

Dear friends,

I came back from Japan/Australia trip in early July and now got settle back in the US these days. Today, I have two big news to share with all of you.

1. ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship: Its inaugural award (A$5000) was awarded to Ms. Lorina Barker, an associate lecturer in the School of Classics, History and Religion at the University of New England. She said, "I'll now be able to afford another four weeks in the field, which means I'll be able to collect much more data than I had originally thought possible." I made a small speech at the ceremony and it is on the website now.

We are all very excited to see the first scholar to receive this award and I am in the process of getting a reprinting permission on the web for an article (with a photo) appeared in a national Indigenous newspaper, Koori Mail. I will follow up on this.

Also, I am pleased to let you know that ANU's fund is doing really well and it reached at AUS$53,142 (Donations received so far have totaled approximately A$38,000) and our final goal to keep its perpetuity is A$85,000. I am sure all of you already contributed, but I will keep working on various fundraising possibilities (actually you will see it in the second news.) and I am counting on your continuous support and involvement.

2. In 2002, Mino convened a successful conference at ANU, "Locations of Spirituality." In the final months of his life, with Linda Bennett, he was working on putting its conference proceedings together to publish. Upon his untimely death, Linda took over that responsibility and finally produced it in a CD. We are now selling them in Australia, Japan and the US.

There are only 500 copies available and the price is very reasonable, A$10! All the profits made from the sale will be donated to the ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship fund. (There you go!) Please go to LOS page to learn more about it and PLEASE talk to your friends who might be interested. You may forward this mail and say, "Please donate $10 to the fund, then you can get a Mino's work!"

For those who live in Australia, please contact for further details such as how to order and pay for it. If you live in the US, all the information are in the website. For those who live in some other part of the world, please reply to this mail. I will figure out a way for you.

Again, I deeply appreciate your continuous support and feelings for Mino. As I said in my speech at the award, I don't feel his life ended two years ago. He is such a fortunate guy to have you all.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

===== The following part is written in Japanese. =====



1.オーストラリア国立大学・保苅実記念奨学基金の記念すべき第一回奨学金(A$5000)がLorina Barkerさん(an associate lecturer in the School of Classics, History and Religion at the University of New England)に授与されました。「この奨学金のおかげでで、フィールドワークを4週間も延長し、当初予定していたよりももっと多くのデータが収集できます。」というのが、彼女のコメントです。この授与式で行った私のスピーチは、Written by Yukiで読むことができます。どうかお時間のあるときにでも、ご一読ください。

このたび、保苅実記念奨学金の受賞者第一号を迎えることができて、本当に嬉しいことです。この授与式のことが写真入りで、全国版のアボリジニ関連新聞(Koori Mail)で記事になりました。現在、ウェブサイトへの転載許可を申請しているところです。この件についてはまたご報告します。


2.2002年に、保苅実はANUで"Locations of Spirituality(スピリチュアリティのありか)"というコンファレンスを招集し、成功を収めました。彼は病床で、Linda Bennettと共に、このコンファレンスの内容を一冊の本として出版するために編集作業をしていましたが、残念なことに仕上げるだけの十分な時間がなかったため、Lindaさんがその作業を引き継ぎ、このたびCDとして世に送り出してくれました。このCDを、オーストラリア・日本・アメリカで、販売開始します。

限定500枚のこのCDの価格はとても手頃で、わずか、豪10ドル(送料別)、米10ドル(送料込)、1000円(送料込)です。そして、販売からの利益はすべてANUの保苅実記念奨学基金に寄付されます。このCD販売関連のページ( を作成しましたので、どうか詳細はこちらでご覧になってください。そして、このメールを転送するのでも、口コミでも構いません、どうか興味を持ちそうな方にこの情報を流してくださいませんか。「1000円寄付してくれたら、保苅実の業績の一つであるCDを差し上げます」といった宣伝方法でも構いません。



Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

June 26, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.06.26

Dear everyone,

There will be a CD launch at ANU on July 5th. This CD includes the collection of papers submitted to the conference "Locations of Spirituality" that Mino organized with Linda Bennett. It was a great success. It will be a separate event from the scholarship award ceremony on the same day, but I hope many people can attend this event. The profit from the sale of the CDs will be donated to the ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Yuki Hokari

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====


弟、保苅実がLinda Bennettと共同主宰し、大成功を収めたコンファレンス"Locations of Spirituality"がCDになり、そのローンチが、7月5日、ANUにて行われることとなりました。CD販売からの利益は、ANUの保苅実記念奨学基金に寄付されます。同日の夕方から、記念奨学金の授与式が別に行われることになっていますので、合わせて、ご出席いただければ幸いです。


June 05, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.06.05

Dear Everyone,

How are you? I will leave here with my family on this Saturday for Japan. I am losing my mind in packing three suitcases with things for Japan (summer!) and Australia (Winter!). I am wondering when on earth I could just relax and look forward to coming my own home country.

Here are two news for you.

1. Please see the attached file. It is an invitation for the inaugural award of the Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship at ANU.

Wednesday 5 July 2006, 5:30 PM
Drawing Room, University House
Balmain Crescent
The Australian National University

RSVP by Tuesday 27 June 2006
Karen Smith
T: 02 6125 4850

I wish many of you can attend this event and see me in person!

2. From the rescue mission of Mino's translations, I donated US$1300 (appx. A$1700) to ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship fund. Again, I appreciate all your help and support.

On July 8th, Mino's 35th birthday, I will fly from Melbourne to Japan. One of my good friends told me that the birthday is the day to celebrate the birth, NOT how many years a person lived. Please join me to celebrate Mino's birth and life.

Yuki Hokari

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====




1.添付書類をごらんください。先日お知らせしたオーストラリア国立大学(ANU)・保苅実記念奨学金の第一回授与式のご案内です。7月5日(水)午後5時半からANUキャンパス内のUniversity House, Drawing Roomにて行われます。お問い合わせ・参加申し込みは、6月27日までに,Ms. Karen Smith ( もしくは 02-6125-4850)までご連絡ください。直接でも間接にでも弟を知っている、できるだけ大勢の方に出席していただけることを祈っています。




May 18, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.05.18

Dear Everyone,

Please see below, "Call for Applications for ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship." Please forward this mail to anyone who might be interested. The judges are: John Maynard, Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Heather Goodall.

It is very exciting to feel what Mino left us in this form...

Thanks for your help.

Yuki Hokari



The Australian Centre for Indigenous History, the Australian National University, wishes to invite applications for the Inaugural Minoru Hokari Memorial scholarship. Please forward this posting to your colleagues and friends who may be interested.

The $5,000 scholarship is intended to support historical fieldwork in any Australian Indigenous community. Postgraduate students and scholars recently awarded PhDs are invited to apply. Full information is posted here.

PLEASE NOTE: Closing Date for Applications is the 9th June.

For further enquiries, please contact

The Administrator, History Program,
Research School of Social Sciences,
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences,
Australian National University, ACT 0200.
Telephone - 02 61252354.

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====


下記のメールをご覧ください。 "Call for Applications for ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship" ANUの保苅実記念奨学金の申し込み受付が開始されました。このメールを、興味のありそうな方達に転送してあげてください。審査員は、John Maynard, Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Heather Goodall です。





The Australian Centre for Indigenous History, the Australian National University, wishes to invite applications for the Inaugural Minoru Hokari Memorial scholarship. Please forward this posting to your colleagues and friends who may be interested.

The $5,000 scholarship is intended to support historical fieldwork in any Australian Indigenous community. Postgraduate students and scholars recently awarded PhDs are invited to apply. Full information is posted here.

PLEASE NOTE: Closing Date for Applications is the 9th June.

For further enquiries, please contact

The Administrator, History Program,
Research School of Social Sciences,
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences,
Australian National University, ACT 0200.
Telephone - 02 61252354.

May 10, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.05.10

Dear Everyone,

How are you? Can you believe it is 2 years on May 10th since our dearest Mino's passing?

I have a few news to share with you.

His book "Radical Oral History" has been selling well and the publisher decided to print additional 500 copies (this is 5th) which makes 3500 copies in total. On April 24th, there was a symposium in Tokyo, discussing Mino's work and more than 100 people including young scholars attended. I have received several mails through the website from the readers. Although I cannot tell you exactly when the English version is published, I assure you that we will have it in our hands some day.

Regarding the "rescue mission" of his translations, with many helps and cooperation, we saved all the 86 copies of "Seimei no Daichi" (the actual sale was 110 copies) and 140 out of 327 copies (the actual sale was 153 copies) of "White Nation" from the partial disposition planned by the publisher (as of Mar 16). Since I still receive purchase orders, we plan to donate a part of the sale to ANU's scholarship fund at the end of May.

In Japan, we have raised A$7491.63 for ANU and A$1,073.44 for UNSW as of Feb, 2006. As we receive donation, we send it to the two universities and you can see the activities on the website. UNSW already had two awards ceremonies for the last two years and ANU will have an inaugural award ceremony on July 5th. I am attending with my father and my son.

I appreciate that Mino is still with us in various ways with your help and thoughts.

In my yard, forget-me-nots are blooming beautifully. All the bulbs that I planted last fall have been coming out and flowering one after another. My 5-year-old son, Kyle, talks to Mino when he was scared of darkness in his bed at night. My 1-year-old daughter, Nicole, giggles and smiles when she wears Mino's cowboy hat. I think about him when I face a difficult time in taking care of two kids and wonder what he would tell me and how he would encourage and support me. As Kyle is reaching the age when I took so good care of Mino as his big sister, more and more forgotten memories come to me these days.

Is Mino still living happily in your memories? Please stay connected with him.

Yuki Hokari
Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

=====The following part is written in Japanese.=====









Being Connected with HOKARI MINORU

March 22, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.03.22

=====This message is written in Japanese.=====







【主催】慶応義塾大学21世紀COE CCC「戦後市民意識研究ユニット」


もつこととした。従来の歴史学が、その成り立ちから「近代西洋知」の、または「白人」の歴史学であることは言をまたないが、保苅氏は、90年代の日本・オーストラリアでの「歴史論争」を経るなかで、多文化世界における人種・民族・文化の差異を十全に視野に入れた歴史学をいかに創り上げられるのか、自らの人類学的アプローチによるフィールドワークに根ざした歴史実践から、Cross Culturalising Historyという 概念を提起した。彼の問題提起を受けとめつつ、従来の個別ディシプリンを超えた相互討論を通じて、歴史学の新たな方法を模索し、ひいては現代社会における多文化共生のための市民意識構築の方向性を探る一助としたい。

12:30 受付開始
13:00ー13:10 開会挨拶:関根 パネリスト紹介:司会:塩原
13:10-13:40 パネリスト(一人目)発表
13:40-14:10 パネリスト(二人目)発表
14:10-14:20 休憩
14:20-14:50 パネリスト(三人目)発表
14:50-15:20 パネリスト(四人目)発表
15:20-15:40 休憩(フロアからの用紙での質問受付)
15:40-16:50 討論(フロアからの質問・意見含む)
16:50-17:00 まとめ(司会)

February 06, 2006 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2006.02.06

Dear Everyone,

It is very warm winter here in New York while I hear Japan is very cold and Australia is very hot. Some of the bulbs that I planted in September are already coming out. After the busy holiday season and my son's 5th birthday in January, I finally found time to work on the website during my 10 month-old daughter's nap time.

Here are some new contents for you.

* Latest "Mino" news - The index page of the website ( is written in both English and Japanese, and you can read the latest Mino-related news.

* "Mino's Oral History"- a transcript of an interview done by Peter Read.

* "Tributes" - Ann McGrath talked about Mino at the book launches for two new books.

* "The Living Earth: The World of the Aborigines" - Originally written by Mino for a Japanese local newspaper. Now translated by Kyoko Uchida and appeared in the Australian Journal "Conversations." You can read all of 15
chapters in its electronic version.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====



* 保苅実関連最新ニュース - ウェブサイトのインデックスページ(に、日本語と英語で、関連ニュースを随時更新しています。

* 「ラディカル」を囲んで -飯嶋 秀治氏の公募書評を追加

* ミノのオーラル・ヒストリー -「ラディカル」の第六章のもとになっているPeter Read氏によるインタビューを録音したテープを起こしたものです。現在は、英語版だけです。

* 追悼の言葉 -昨年11月にオーストラリアのキャンベラで、保苅実に捧げる二冊の本のブックローンチが行われました。そこで、Ann McGrathが保苅実について語ったスピーチです。現在は、英語版だけです。

* 新潟日報の連載コラムを、内田恭子氏に英訳していただき、オーストラリアの学術雑誌"Conversations"に全編15回分が掲載されました。電子版で読むことができますので、最新ニュースのリンクからご覧くださいませ。





December 06, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.12.06

Dear Everyone,

In New York, we have snow! It is not much, but enough to cover the ground. We bought a Xmas tree on snowy Sunday and Kyle was in charge of decoration without being asked. He kept moving things around and Nicole was stunned to see the big tree in the living room, and after her nap, the tree was all decorated, so she was speechless.

I have a few updates on the website and a few news for you.

* On November 5th, UNSW International House had the second award ceremony for Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship. As soon as I received more details from them, I will upload the photos and profiles for the winners last year and this year.

* For ANU, I was told that the scholarship fund is doing well (Thanks to all of you!) and they expects to have the inaugural award next year. As soon as I get more details for the ceremony, I will let you know.

* I added two Mino's photos in the index page of the website ( . If you kindly link from your website or etc, please link to the very first bilingual index page. I keep adding the latest news about him and his work on that page.

* Peter Read kindly sent me an audio tape that recorded his interview with Mino in December 2002. The part of the interview is on his book, "Haunted Earth"and Mino personally translated that chapter in Japanese and made it one chapter of his book "Radical Oral History." It was amazing to listen to his voice and talk. I am now at the final editing process with the help from Peter Read, Darrell Lewis and Deborah Rose. Once it is finished, I will add this on the website because "the more people who can listen to it, and get to understand Mino's wisdom, the better." quoted by Peter Read.

* The next issue (Vol. 6 No.2 Summer 2006, the release will be in January 2006) of "Conversations" will contain a series of Mino's essay, first published in our hometown local newspaper when he found out that he got cancer. My bilingual friend, Kyoko Uchida, beautifully translated in English and all the English readers can enjoy his writings very soon. I deeply appreciated that Tessa Morris-Suzuki made all the arrangements with the "Conversations"and made this possible.

* Mino translated two books in Japanese, "Nourishing Terrains" by Deborah Rose and "White Nation" by Gassan Hage. The publisher recently contacted me that they would have to discard some portion of the outstanding copies of those two books. My parents and I decided to purchase all the 86 copies of "Nourishing Terrains". However, there are too many copies for "White Nation", so I am taking orders from anyone until the end of this year. I can sell you both books at the discounted price (20% off from the retail price) and we will donate to the ANU Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund from the sale.

If you know anyone who can read Japanese and is interested, please have them contact me ( Also, if you know any library (public or college) who has Japanese books, please inquire if they can buy from me at the discounted price. The most important thing for me in this situation is to let more people know about my brother's work. I am aware that the "discarding copies" is not unusual matter in academic publishing, but I really don't want to waste his very limited work. Again, I can sell you "Nourishing Terrains" at any time, but for "White Nation", please contact me by the end of this year. I really appreciate your help.

Best regards,


P.S. It has been more than 1 1/2 years since Mino's passing. Whatever the reason is, if you wish to leave this mailing list, please go ahead to do so by visiting and click the link at
"Written by Yuki Hokari."

December 02, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.12.02

=====This message is written in Japanese.=====



* お勤めの大学の図書館、お近くの市町村図書館で、二冊が蔵書されているかを確認の上、利用者として「購入依頼」を出してください。話によると、私達遺族から依頼するよりも、利用者からの依頼のほうが聞き届けられる可能性がずっと高いそうです。

* 図書館から、私宛(に注文いただければ、著者割引(郵送料、消費税はいただきません)=定価の80%で購入でき、売り上げの一部をオーストラリア国立大学・保苅実記念奨学基金に寄付、ということを、図書館にお伝えください。

* 図書館が、出入りの書店もしくは平凡社に直接注文する場合は、断裁分からの販売にならず、著者割引にもなりません。が、本になった弟の仕事が大勢の人々の目にとまる機会を創り出すことこそが大義なので、それでもまったく構いません。

* 例えば、大学の図書館分を、個人で購入して後で払い戻ししてもらう、といった方法はとれますか?もしくは、大学図書館に皆様から寄付していただく、ことはできますか?




December 01, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.12.01

===== The following message is written in Japanese.=====


寒くなってきましたが、お元気でお過ごしですか?11月24日の感謝祭の朝は、雪でした。すぐに解けてしまいましたが、ニューヨークの厳寒の冬の到来はもうすぐです。私は、10月末のハロウィンから、11月の感謝祭、12月のクリスマス、そして1月に息子海瑠の5歳の誕生日まで、ノンストップのholiday seasonの最中です。また、11月半ばから新潟から両親が二週間ほど遊びにきました。海瑠のパワーに圧倒され、目を細めながら仁香瑠の相手をする二人の笑顔を久しぶりに見ることができました。





3.Peter Read氏が実にインタビュー(その一部がPeter Read"Haunted Earth"に、それを和訳したものが「ラディカル」の中の第6章「ミノのオーラル・ヒストリー」となっています)したテープを起こしたものを、ウェブに掲載する予定です。また、新潟日報の連載の英訳が、オーストラリアのジャーナル誌に近々掲載されます。詳細については、また改めてご報告します。






* 皆さんご自身、また、お知り合いの方で、購入希望の方はいませんか?「ホワイト」は専門書で少々難しいですが、海外に暮らした経験のある方なら楽しめると思います。クリスマスに本のプレゼントなんていうのは、いかがでしょう?

* お勤めの大学の図書館や、お近くの公立図書館に、二冊は蔵書となっていますか?なければ、断裁分からの購入を依頼していただけませんか?

* 大学等で教鞭をとっておられる方、ゼミや講義での指定図書にしていただくことはできませんか?





追伸:弟が亡くなり1年半以上がたちました。皆様個人の事情もおありだと思いますので、どうか私に気兼ねすることなく、このMLの受信解除を希望する方(また、受信アドレスの変更も)は、ttp:// のページ一番下にある"Written by Yuki"の項目からリンクがはってありますので、そちらで行ってください。

September 28, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.09.28

Dear Everyone,

It has been a while since I wrote to you last. Nicole will be 6 months old on 5th, October and Kyle (4 1/2 years old) started going to Montessori' school from September and has been doing really well. As I see her smile, I cannot help but thinking Mino would have adored her and when I see Kyle trying to make Nicole laugh, I wonder how Mino and I were like. I hope my children will love and take care each other just like us.

In September, Kyle and I planted 150 Narcissi bulbs and seeded columbines in the section of Forget-Me-Not, right by the windows of our library where Mino's corner is. Also, we planned the total 300 bulbs of Hyacinths, Iris, Tulips and Lilies. Kyle has been watering Hollyhocks which just germinated. Next Spring around May, I hope they will all bloom for Mino in the big blue sky.

I have a few things to let you know.

1. Website ( updates.

This time, all the updates are in the Japanese pages. "Publications etc." page is completed. You can read the original series of columns appeared in a Japanese newspaper in the PDF format, thanks to Niigata Nippo Newspaper. We opened a on-line banking account for donation. Finally, you can now read some of the book reviews. I am still in the process of getting permissions for all the reviews.

2. A part of "Radical Oral History" will appeared in a beautiful magazine called "Kaze no Tabibito"(meaning "a traveler in the wind") October issue.

3. USNW International House will soon begin distributing information about the scholarship to the residents. Iterviews will be conducted in October and the award will be announced in early November.

4. Our high school alumni prepared a wonderful brochure about Mino and we are now ready to distribute a digital copy. It includes the comments/memories from his family, his friends and his editor. Although it is written in Japanese, if you know anyone who can read Japanese, please forward this attachment to them. The more people will learn about Mino, the more connection will be created as he always wishes.

Please take care as we are entering into the different season (cold in the US and Japan and hot in AUS) and drop me a note if you can. I am always happy to hear from you.

Yuki Hokari

===== The following part is written in Japanese.=====







* 「ラディカル」のページ、記事・書評の転載を開始しました。現時点で閲覧できない記事もありますが、許可が取れ次第、更新していきます。また、字数制限のない公募書評にどうかふるってご投稿くださいませ。

* 業績のページは、「史資料ハブ」に掲載された報告書を最後に、全論文転載が完了しました。

* 新潟日報に連載された「生命あふれる大地ーアボリジニの世界」のページに、日報社からの協力で、実際掲載された記事のPDFが閲覧できるようになりました。

* 「保苅実記念奨学基金」の日本国内窓口「募る会」の口座が、郵便口座に加えて、ジャパンネット銀行の口座を開設しました。ATMもしくはネット・バンキングでの振り込みが可能です。






July 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.07.10

Dear Friends,

How are you? Soon Mino's 34th birthday is coming.

I am getting used to deal with two kids and feeling "We are family" since Nicole was added. She is an amazing sleeping beauty and sometimes even makes me worried. When Mino was little, he also slept all day long and my grandma was worried that he might have some kind of brain damage. Nicole definitely has his gene. Kyle has grown up so much and is crazy about her. Just like Mino, Kyle (as well as I) sleeps with his eyes half open. Lately, I am so into gardening. This started from my desire for planting flowers that I can decorate Mino's corner and of which scent can reach him.

As my mother remembers that Mino mentioned that he would like to donate the recorded tapes of Gurindji's oral history to some museum in the future, I have been working on it for the last six months. Finally the deposit of the tapes completed and those precious tapes were safely donated to AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies). I am so pleased that I followed his wish and made those tapes available for others.

One of the projects that Mino asked his colleague/friend to complete is the English translation of a Japanese book written by Hiroki Azuma. Recently, I happened to find out that the project was given up and there are new translators working on it. Through the author, I managed to contact them and made sure Mino's work would be credited, even though it was only one chapter.

The first ANU's Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship was originally scheduled to be awarded around the Mino's birthday in July, but it was postponed until next year due to several reasons. The latest outstanding is AUS$32,500. For UNSW International House Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship, the outstanding is A$31,820 including the board matching. There is an article in ANU reporter is available on the web based on the interview during my stay in Australia last November.

By the way, it has been more than one year since he is gone and his 34th birthday is coming soon. I decided to stop writing to you on the monthly basis. From now on, I will write to you only when there is an update on the website and on May 10th every year. However, I want you to know that I always look forward to hearing from you.

From this year, I plan to have an annual BBQ party at my house in every July. I will think of my dearest brother with my friends around. This year, Nicole will be introduced to everyone, and they all know this is also Mino's birthday party.

Please take care of yourself. Since Mino became ill, I have always been appreciating your love and support for him and his family. Thanks again and always.


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================




実が録音したグリンジの人たちのオーラル・ヒストリーですが、生前「これはもう二度と録れないものだから、いずれ博物館にでも寄付したい」と言っていたのを母が記憶しており、AIATSIS(Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies)という機関に寄付することで、この半年ほど手続きを進めてきたのですが、それがこのたび無事に終了しました。他の研究者の方達に末永く利用していただけることになり、実の希望を果たしてやれたこと、嬉しく思っています。


ANUの保苅実記念奨学金の第一回授与は、当初今年7月に予定されていましたが、諸事情により来年に延期となりました。現時点での基金残高はAUS $32,500です。また、UNSWの基金残高はA$31,820(半分はmatchingによるもの)です。昨年11月に渡豪した際に、ANU reporterという学内誌の記者からインタビューを受けたのですが、その記事がオンラインで見れますのでお知らせします。






July 08, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.07.08

Dear Everyone,

It is July 8th, Mino's 34th birthday. Here are the updates on

* Tributes - Ann McGrath's tributes appeared on "Aboriginal History"
* Cemetery - a photo is added
* Written by Yuki - ML on 2005.07.10 is added

Terrorist attack in London reminded me that I had an office in 1 WTC when it was attacked on 2001.09.11. Mino was worried sick to find out that I was OK. Luckily, I was working from home on that day. I started telecommuting a few days a week since Kyle was born in January 2001. I cannot help thinking it is so ironic that I survived from 911 and lost my dearest brother a few years later.


=====The following part is written in Japanese.=====



* 追悼の言葉 - "Aboriginal History"に掲載されたAnn McGrath氏による追悼の言葉

* 墓地所在地 - 写真を追加

* Written by Yuki - 2005年7月10日のMLを追加。



June 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.06.10

How are you?

I appreciate some of you e-mailed me how you spent a day of May 10th, thinking of him, talking about him and expanded "the connection." I played his favorite Japanese artist's new album, which he could not listen to. He liked this artist, Yasuyuki Okamura, since high school and told me to listen to it. My friends were surprised that we had a very close relationship to share such a thing. When I visited him in Melbourne, Mino told me that there was a new album coming out soon. The last album was 8 years ago. He was really excited about this news. However, the album came out a few months after his death. Okamura's voice reminds me of my brother in high school and in Melbourne.

Our fundraising activity entered the next stage. About A$2500 has been raised from our junior high school alumni and their teachers with tremendous help from those who know Mino from elementary school. Now, the high school alumni started working on it. Originally, my friend from junior high and high school found other alumni who knew Mino. Although he did not have any direct relationship with Mino, he has been organizing the appeal to the other alumni and we are working really hard currently. Interestingly, at the end of last year, I was talking with Mino's friends about this fundraising activity. We all agreed that we should expect that those who don't know Mino directly would like to join the activity eventually and we should be prepared for it and welcome them. It is our privilege to know him personally, but we should not exclude others just because they never met him or talked to him. I believe that "connection" that Mino always treasured should reach those who would like to know his life.

Regarding his book, "Radical Oral History," the fourth print (another 500 copies) has been decided. More and more book reviews came and will be coming.


P.S. Any update information on can be found in the index page.


"Mailing List" under "Written by Yuki Hokari" has all the ML postings in the past. (ID: ml PW: connection) For address change or delete from this ML, please go to

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================








"Written by Yuki Hokari" の"Mailing List" で、過去のML (ID: ml PW: connection) が見られます。また、このMLの受信メールアドレス変更やMLからの削除は、をご覧ください。

May 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.05.10

Dear Everyone,

It has been one year since my brother passed away. I still can hear his voice, see his smile and feel his bony body. I remember his big hand touching my hair over and over again when I saw him breathing hard and cried.

When I hold my daughter, Nicole Minori, I remember he was here when my son, Kyle, was born four years ago. I was struggling with everything about motherhood and he extended his stay one week just for me and stayed besides me. It hurts me really bad when I think about what he could have offered to my children as their uncle.

His book kept doing really well with constant good book reviews. There are many personal websites talking about his book. I also started receiving mails through It is very encouraging and makes me feel good about what I have created for my dearest brother, but at the same time, the harsh fact that he is not here any more, hits me really hard, and I don't want to face that fact.

I want to say thank you to all of you for being there since he became ill. Thank you very much for sharing his memories with me. Please think about him on May 10th, talk to your friends about him, read his book, and look up the sky and tell him that we all are still connected with him.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari

P.S. Thank you very much for your messages replying to "the birth of Nicole Minori. " She is now one month and doing really well. She has long toe and fingers just like me and Mino.


"Mailing List" under "Written by Yuki Hokari" has all the ML postings in the past. (ID: ml PW: connection) For address change or delete from this ML, please go to

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================



娘、仁香瑠(Nicole Minori)を抱くと、息子、海瑠(Kyle)が4年前に生まれた時に弟がここにいたことを思い出します。私は初めての母親業の全てと格闘し、そんな私を支えるためだけに、彼は当初の滞在予定を1週間も延長し、そばにいてくれました。彼が生きていたら、私の子供達に叔父としてどれだけのものを与えることができたか、と考えると、つらくてなりません。




追伸:前回送信した、"The birth of Nicole Minori"にお祝いのメールをどうもありがとうございました。娘は1ヶ月になり、元気にしています。彼女の手足の指は、私と実そっくりで、とても長いのですよ。


"Written by Yuki Hokari" の"Mailing List" で、過去のML (ID: ml PW: connection) が見られます。また、このMLの受信メールアドレス変更やMLからの削除は、をご覧ください。

April 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.04.10

Dear Everyone,

Nicole Minori ("Mino") was born on April 5th, 2005 (8:29 AM EST) in New Jersey, USA. Her birth weight was 6 lbs 15 oz. (3150 g) and length was 18 inches (45.72 cm). Please see the attached pictures.

Best regards,


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================


2005年4月5日午前8時29分(米国東部時間)、Nicole Minori (仁香瑠 実)が生まれました。 誕生時の体重は3150g、身長は45.72 cmです。写真を添付しましたので、ご覧ください。


March 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.03.10

Dear Mino's friends,

It has been 10 months. About a year ago, my brother was under the last chemotherapy after the relapse and moved to the hospice at the end of March. When I see a tall skinny man, I think of him. I remember hugging his bony body when he came to see me in NY and when I visited him in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Regarding the website, there is not much update this time. I have got reprinting permission from the most of the journals that he wrote the papers for. You can download them as PDF file.

I am writing to you this time to let you know that I am 8 month pregnant with my second child. My due date is April 10th, 11 months anniversary from his death.

My husband and I have been trying for the second even before Mino got sick, but there was no luck. Then, he got sick and the possibility of my becoming a donor for the bone marrow transplant. Of course, we held off my pregnancy. After he passed away, one of my good friend said to me, "Your children have your brother's gene and blood. You will see it in them." "He might want to born again as your child." "You will have one more person (addition to my son, Kyle) to share your memory of him. " That gave me an comfort and I got pregnant right away.

I don't believe this is Mino's rebirth. He will never allow us to force this child to redo his life. I am just so happy to have another human being who has blood relation to my brother, living side by me as my child.

It is a girl. We already decided to name her Nicole Minori ("Mino").

Please wish me luck. I will talk to you soon.


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================






じつは、女の子だということがもうわかっています。ミドルネームをつける習慣のあるアメリカ生まれなので、Nicole Minori ("Mino")と名づけることになっています。日本名は保苅仁香瑠 です。



February 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.02.10

Dear Mino's friends,

One more month have passed and there are two wonderful news to share with you.

First, the second copy of Mino's Japanese books are out with some minor corrections and the third copy is also on the way. According to the publisher, Mino agreed the first print for 1500 copies, but he laughed saying "I think it will sell more." By the time for the second copy of 500 is ready, an order of about 500 copies came in, so they decided to print the third batch of another 500.

Second, one of Mino's good friend works for Judge Owada (a father of Japanese princess, Masako) at the international criminal court and she gave Mino's book to him. According to her, he was very happy to receive the book and seemed genuinely interested in it. To her surprise, he already knew of Mino's work because he has been considering appointing Mino as Japan's representative to the UN Committee on Indigenous Peoples! (The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues) She wrote to me that he was sad to learn that Mino had died because he thought Mino would have been perfect for the UN position.

Here are the updates on

1. Publications, etc: I have been working to get reprinting permission from various journals and most of them now are available for downloading as PDF files.

2. Tributes: Eulogy and tributes from the Memorial Service on 2004.5.12 in Australia.

3. Memory Collection, Favorite Places

4. Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Funds: More info on UNSW International House Minoru Hokari Memorial scholarships is there.

Several people have been helping me to gather various information and make copies of Mino's paper to build this website. Thank you very much. Now, there are a few projects that you might want to be part of.

In the Memory Collection, there will be "Book Collection" page. I have his book collections at ANU, Niigata, Japan and here in New York. I plan to make database for all the collections and share with everyone who wants to know what Mino has read for academic purpose or for his pleasure. I expect it takes a few years to complete to type all the basic book data in the excel spreadsheet off from the bookshelves at each location, and possibly download all the detailed date through the Internet, but if any of you can or would like to help, please let me know.

Friends of Mino and mine from middle school and high school have been working on fundraising in Niigata for the scholarship funds, asking for donations at the student/teacher alumni gatherings and mailing out the scholarship info to his friends and teachers. So far, they have raised about A$1300 from two of the middle school alumni gatherings and expect raising more at the upcoming teacher alumni gathering on 2005.2.13. If any of you are interested in joining them or having a fundraising event on your own, I am more than happy to work with you. So, please let me know.

Book reviews kept coming out since last September and more tears in Niigata, Japan and New York. However, his book as well as two scholarship funds make me feel strongly that his life and the proof of his life in this world are still with us, still vigorously alive. Maybe that's why I have to keep reminding myself of his physical death every day. But I am doing OK. My 4-year old son keeps me busy and I have to keep my life moving forward as my brother always watches me from up there.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari

P.S. If you want to change e-mail address to receive this mailing list, or to be deleted from this list, please go to this page.

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================




ふたつめ。実の親しい友人の一人が現在オランダにある国際司法裁判所で、雅子妃のお父様である大和田氏のもとで働いています。実の本を差し上げたところ、大変興味を示したそうなのですが、驚いたことに、大和田氏は実のことを知っていたと言います。先住民問題を扱う国連委員会(The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues)の日本代表として、実を指名することを考えていたそうです。見事にその役割を果たしたであろう実の死を大変残念に思ってくださったそうです。




3.思い出コレクション:好きだった場所 昨年11月に私が渡豪した際に撮ってきた写真を掲載。

4.二つの保苅実記念奨学基金:UNSW インターナショナル・ハウス 保苅実記念奨学金制度の詳細情報を追加。


思い出コレクションの中に、Book コレクションを作ります。実の遺品である本は、キャンベラのANU、新潟、そしてNYの私の家の三箇所に分散して存在していますが、これらの本をデータベース化し、実の研究に役立った書籍や彼が趣味で読んだ本を、後続の研究者や皆さんと共有することができないかと考えています。完成までに何年かかってもいい作業ですが、まずこれらの書籍データをエクセルシートにタイプし、ネットに存在する書籍データをダウンロードすることが可能ではないかと考えています。この気の遠くなる作業に、どなたか興味ある方がおられたら、どうぞご連絡ください。






January 10, 2005 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2005.01.10

Dear Mino's friends,

A happy new year. I hope you had a nice holiday season. It is still 9th in the US, but it's 10th in Australia and Japan, which means it has been 8 months. Since my husband and son were home from Christmas till new year, nothing has been added to the website, unfortunately.

My son, Kyle, who will be 4 years old next week, thinks Mino lives in this house with us, so we bought a Xmas stocking for Mino, too. I put a box of Ghirardelli filling chocolates in the stocking, which I always bought for Mino at San Francisco Airport on the way to Australia. Since the new year's eve, I lit a candle for him every night.

My husband, John, gave me an iPod as a Xmas gift and I have been transferring Mino's CD to the iPod. I inserted one by one to my laptop and cannot help thinking I wish I got this for him while he was still with us. I can imagine how excited he will be to receive an iPod from me.

There was one thing that I did not write in the previous mail. It is about the University of New South Wales: International House Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship Fund. They had a nice first award ceremony while I was in Australia in November and I expect all the detailed information in both English and Japanese to be uploaded on the website pretty soon. I want to tell you how kind the scholarship committee members were to me during my stay in Sydney. Not only they picked me up and dropped me off at the airport and arranged the hotel accommodation, but also they walked with me in the campus and drove me to the places where Mino used to hung out in the city. When I was at the International House, I met a few kitchen staff who remember Mino and I had a dinner there just like Mino used to do every day. A current resident kindly showed me the room where Mino used to live.

As "Minoru Hokari Scholarship Funds page" briefly explains, unlike ANU's fund, it provides financial assistance to a resident at the International House who has demonstrated a commitment to international friendship and cross-cultural understanding and encourage the recipient and others to make a contribution to society. I heard even staff in the International House (such as kitchen staff) as well as committee members contributed to the fund. When some staff saw me and said, "I thought you would be much taller, but yes, you look very similar to him." I cried a bit when I heard it.

Both of the fund truly valued the two aspects of Mino himself and his life and it is a perfect way to keep his memory alive forever and pass onto our future generations. I really appreciate their efforts and your support.

I have always talked about my brother (proudly?!) to my friends and after his passing, I gathered so many memories which I didn't even knew how he talked about me from many of you. Now I can share those memories with my friends and I am so grateful. Although there will not be any more new episodes in my/Mino's future, his memories are shining like stars with you from all over the world and Mino must be seeing them from up in the sky.

I always appreciate your warm-hearted mails. Talk to you soon again.

Yuki Hokari

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================





前回のMLで、詳しくご報告できなかったことがあります。ニューサウスウェールズ大学: International Houseの保苅実記念奨学基金のことです。第一回目の授与式を無事終えたこの奨学基金については、今月中には、おそらく日本語・英語の資料がそろい、ウェブサイトに詳細を掲載できる予定ですが、11月の渡豪中に滞在したシドニーで、どれだけこのInternational Houseの奨学基金委員会の皆様のお世話になったか、言葉では表現できないほどです。空港までの送迎、ホテルの手配だけでなく、キャンパスやシドニー市内の思い出の場所を、車で案内していただきました。International Houseを案内していただいた際、キッチンで実のことを覚えている方達にもお会いし、実がほとんど毎日そこで食事したダイニングで、夕食を一度ご馳走になりました。彼が暮らした部屋も、今現在の寮生が快く見せてくれました。

この奨学基金は、二つの奨学基金のページにも簡単に説明がありますが、オーストラリア国立大学の奨学基金がアボリジニ研究者を対象としているのに対し、こちらは実の人生のもう一つの側面である「国際交流」「異文化理解」を実践した寮生を対象としています。この基金の設立と共に、委員会のメンバーを初め、International Houseで働く人たちも寄付をしてくださったそうです。私を見て、「もっと背が高いかと思ったけど、やっぱりよく似てるねぇ」と皆さん言ってくださり、思わず涙がこぼれました。





December 10, 2004 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2004.12.10

Dear Everyone,

It has been 7 months since…. I spent one week in Canberra and Sydney this November. I met his friends, ate at his favorite restaurants and walked around the campus to feel him there. It was a very emotional trip, but I am glad that I did it.

I have never visited him in Canberra and Sydney, so I don't have any memory or image of him being there. When I visited several places, nothing really clicked inside of me, but meeting Mino's friends and talking about him brought me a strong sense of his life there. Everyone that I met had many fun memories of him and I constantly felt that he was still somewhere, just could not make it, so that only I was meeting with his friends.

I realized that many people felt they have not done enough for him while he was still with us. But I want you to know this. He refused to see anyone particularly who just wanted to see him before he died. He was fighting his illness, just thinking of getting better to see you. There were only a few friends who actually saw him, but they helped him on moving or on manuscript of his book, rather than just came to see him. As I read through his messages during his illness recently, I noticed he kept asking you to understand that he could not see you due to his conditions. One of his friends that I met in Canberra told me, "I wanted to see him, but I respected his wish. Then, after he died, someone told me that I should have just visited him." I apologize that you could not see him, but I really appreciate those who granted his wish rather than pursuing your own wish to see him before he died.

We all still feel that we could have, we should have done something more for/with him while he was still here. Just praying for a miracle, my parents, my husband (He could not tell him things such as "Don't worry about your sister.") and myself as well as you, suffer from some sort of regret. When I cried saying that I wish I could spend more time with him in Melbourne, Mino's very close friend said to me, "He always felt you were there, which gave him an enormous security and relief. Every time I saw him, he always talked about you." As in his messages, he always felt your love and support. He wrote the last message to you a week before his passing, wished to spend his remaining time with his family, prepared a card for Mother's Day the day before his passing, and shouted my name twice as his final words while his parents were at his bed side. Please believe that you were also there for him along with his family.

Have a happy holiday season. I will write to you again in 2005. Thank you very much for your love and support throughout this rough year.

The new contents on the website are as follows;

* Mino's profile
* Memory collection: Mino's CD collection
* Scholarship funds: Added International House Scholarship page, but the details will follow.
* Written by Yuki Hokari (speech, including the UNSW IH scholarship award ceremony on 2004/11/13 and my messages during his illness, etc.)
* Mailing List page under "Written by Yuki": Password required

From Yuki, lately thinking a lot of his pre-school age days.

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================







新コンテンツ at

* プロフィール
* 思い出コレクション:CDコレクション
* A songline for Minoruの和訳
* 二つの記念奨学基金
* 書評リスト
* 同人誌エッセイ「純粋新潟高校批判」から、Written by Yuki内にあるエッセイへのリンク)
* Written by Yuki (11月13日に出席したニューサウスウェールズ大学インターナショナルハウスの奨学金授与式でのスピーチを含め、語る会でのスピーチ、闘病中のメッセージなど)
* Written by Yuki"内の「メーリングリスト」のページ:パスワードが必要です。

由紀 (最近、弟の幼稚園の頃のことをよく思い出します。)

October 10, 2004 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2004.10.10

Dear Mino's friends,

How are you? All of the sudden, it's getting cold in New York.

A few days ago, I saw chestnuts at a market and bought some. While boiling them, my thoughts flew to the days in Melbourne. Since my parents were always with Mino at Hospice, my son, Kyle and I were in charge of grocery shopping every day. One day I saw chestnuts at a store and bought some for Mino. My mother boiled and brought them to him. "Your sister bought these for you. Chestnuts are very nutritious so that samurai brought them to a battle." My mother said and he ate some. He died that night. Next day, I cried and ate the leftover chestnuts.

While boiling the chestnuts here in the US, I realized it has been almost 6 months and autumn has arrived here. Precisely it has been 5 months, and I will be in Australia on Nov 10th, exactly 6 months from his passing.

Such a little thing as there are not many flowers to pick up for him in my garden any more, hurts me a lot lately. Building the website takes my mind off in some way, but my sense of loss never goes away.

I wonder why some people cannot understand my loss while everyone can easily imagine how parents feel when losing their children. Maybe there are not always good relationships of siblings out there.

I feel very depressed that I cannot talk to him about my child and aging parents. As he was there for you, he was always there for me. No matter how far we live apart, I knew he was there.

I finished reading his book, "Radical Oral History." Although this is an academic book, even non-academic can grasp what he wanted to convey at the very basic level. However, if I don't understand several academic issues well such as the difference between Anthropology and History, I felt I can never reach the very core of Mino's theories, what he tries to tell us at the very far end. I was amazed that the power of his writing and the creative structure enable to convey his ideas even to non-academics, and at the same time, I feel that this book can change its depth of its message as if it can talk to and fits any types of readers. "How much can you understand what I try to say, Yuki?" I can visualize him asking me with his mischievous smile. I will read other related papers and go back to his book again and again.

Mino’s friend and a poet, Tony Birch wrote a poem “A songline for Minoru.” He kindly came to the memorial service in Melbourne and finishes this poem with “Mino is here! Mino!” Please find this poem in

If you can read Japanese, please take a look at Japanese pages as well. It has more contents there.

Recently, the local news paper of our hometown Niigata, (the same newspaper Mino wrote a series of columns in) wrote an article about the Scholarship fund and his book. Right away, several bookstores in Niigata placed an order of his books, according to Ms. Hashimoto, the publisher. I am deeply grateful that more and more people will learn about him and his life.


===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================









Tony Birchという弟の友人である詩人が"A songline for Minoru"という詩を書いてくれました。Memorial Serviceに足を運んでくれた彼の詩は、Mino is here! Mino!と締めくくられています。新しいコンテンツです。どうかご覧になってください。




September 21, 2004 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2004.09.21

Dear Everyone,

Hello, again. I meant to use this mailing list every 10th of the month, but many things have been happening rather quickly and forced me to contact you now.

1. International House of UNSW decided to dedicate their scholarship in memory of Mino. as you probably know, Mino attended University of New South Wales when he first came to Australia. Unlike ANU's scholarship, the main purpose of the scholarship fund is the provide financial assistance and recognition to IH residents who exemplify the values of International House: International understanding, friendship and tolerance towards other. Scholarship Committee felt that Mino's life exemplified those values.

They will have the first award ceremory in this November 13th (Sat) and I was invited. I plan to visit for a few days each in Canberra and Sydney in the week of Nov 8th. If any of you are around that time, please let me know. I would love to see you all. Please take me to the places my brother loved to hang out.

2. You must have many memories of him. Would you please share them with me? What he talked, what he loved to do, what he loved to eat, his favorite hangoutsand anything about him. When I visit Austalia this November, I would like to go to those places, take picutres and uploade them on the website.

3. New contents are added; Mino's messages during his illness and cemetery info.

4. I attached my message(again!) for the JOHA (Japan Oral History Association) Conference on 11/9.

I still cannot believe he is gone, but I talk to him every day and think of him every day. It's a huge loss in my life, but with the website, I will keep it going for him. I want his memory to last forever for him and all of us. My relationship with Mino and feelings for him has deepen as I talked with many of his friends, shared his memories and learned more about him. I hope you can help me follow his life path and leave it on the website,

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================



1.保苅実著「ラディカル・オーラル・ヒストリー:オーストラリア先住民アボリジニの歴史実践」が、おそらく27日の月曜日にはお近くの書店に入荷されると思いますが、なにせ学術書なので、需要があるというアピールをかねて、できればお近くの書店に予約注文をいれていただければ幸いです。書店でよく売れると、店頭での扱いがよくなるそうです。アマゾンでも書誌データはでてますが、主題と副題が入れ替わってる上に、在庫切れなどと、まるで絶版書のような扱いなので、近々訂正を入れてもらいます。アマゾンサイドの環境が整ったら、 からもリンクを張りますので、よろしくお願いします。



2.ご存知の方も多いと思いますが、実がオーストラリアに初めて行ったときの所属大学は、シドニーにあるUniversity of New South Walesでした。そのInternational Houseという大学の宿泊施設のようなところに住み、彼はそこで多くの友人を得たのですが、そのIHが奨学基金を保苅実の思い出に捧げることを決定しました。ANUの奨学基金とは異なり、その主目的は、IHに暮らす学生を対象として、経済的援助と、IHの理念である国際理解と他者への寛容の精神を実践する学生の表彰です。奨学基金委員会が、保苅実の人生が、このIHの理念を実践したと感じたことから、実現しました。


3.前回のメールでお知らせしましたが、 のコンテンツ企画として、「保苅実の好きなもの」があります。彼が何をよく語ったか、何をするのが好きだったか、何を食べるのが好きだったか、好きな場所、レストランやカフェ、公園、レコード店など、彼に関することなら何でもいいのです、私に教えてもらえませんか?新潟、東京、オーストラリアのこういう場所を年月をかけて訪問し、写真をとり、それを情報と一緒に、ウェブサイトに掲載していきたいと考えています。






September 10, 2004 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2004.09.10

Dear Everyone,

It's been almost 2 months since I asked you to register with this updated mailing list. Very sorry to get back to you this late. I have been tied up with many things and now I can deliver a few great news to you.

1. Mino's book is finally completed. His publisher will bring it to my parents on September 10, exactly 4 months from his death. I am not sure how long it takes to hit the book stores in Japan or, but probably soon.As I learned that it is usually almost impossible to publish a PhD thesis, I am so glad that Mino kept his promise to the Gurindji people to deliver their story to people in Japan.

I recently finished reading his PhD thesis. When he got diagnosed as lymphoma, he told me on the phone, "My last 10 years is very much fulfilling and worth other's 20-30 years. So, even if I have to die right now, I have no regrets." Of course, I believed him when I heard he said it to me on the phone, but after reading his thesis, I am completely convinced that was true. I can even see him smiling when he was writing.

2. I have obtained the domain for him, HOKARIMINORU.ORG and this is one of the reasons why I have been so tied up. You can go to and it takes you either Japanese or English pages. More contents will follow as I have many ideas what to include in that site.

My idea is this; I want to gather my brother's life path, not just as a scholar, rather a Japanese man who was born in Niigata, Japan and moved to Australia with his big dream, in this site and keep it forever, making his wish to be connected with you come true. Since I live in the US, I will probably need some help from you and I believe that the more people get involved in the process of building this site, the more suitable for I have been asking some of you personally for helping me, but as a new project comes by, I will make an announcement here to ask for a help. Please respond if you are interested in participating.

3. The Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship fund by ANU achieved a terrific start with all of your help. It already reached the minimum target of A$25,000, which provides A$1000 study award annually. Our final target is $187,500 for $7500 annual fieldwork/research scholarship. All the necessary info and documents can be seen or downloaded at I appreciate your continuous support for this fund.

4. On June 19, 2004, (I am so not used to write with European date style, 19/6/2004, instead of American 6/19/2004!!) there was a memorial gathering at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan. I made a speech and my friend kindly translated into a perfect beautiful English. I also want to deliver to you in Australia. (I also attach the PDF file)

One of Mino's friends told me. When she had to choose between $150,000 job and $27,000 job, she thought what Mino would do. As a result, she chose $27,000 job. I can see all of us are truly connected with him.

That's it for this time. If you guys ever come to New York, I am more than happy to see you in Manhattan. Please let me know in such an occasion.

I always look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokari S.

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================







3.オーストラリア国立大学による保苅実記念奨学基金は、皆様のおかげで、素晴らしいスタートを切りました。25000豪ドルという年間1000ドルの奨学金を提供できる最低限の目標を既に達成したのです。最終目標は187,500豪ドルで、これだけの基金が集まると、年間7500ドルというフィールドワーク・リサーチ奨学金が提供できるようになります。寄付募金活動に必要なすべての情報と書類は、 -j/scholarship-j.html に揃えてありますので、引き続き、ご協力をお願いします。






保苅 由紀

July 01, 2004 [ Mailing List ]

>> 2004.07.01

Dear Mino's friends,

It's been almost 2 months since Mino passed away. I have been in Japan with my parents for one month and came back to the US on 6/20. It hurts me a lot when I try to get back on my routine here, accepting the fact that he is gone. On the very first night we came back, my son, Kyle, woke up crying and asked for a towel. When I gave it to him, he said, "I want to see Uncle Mino." We hugged and cried together. I set up a small table in our library, placed Mino's photo and belongings. Every morning, Kyle and I talk to him and place a small flower.

I still cannot believe he is gone. I cannot have a conversation with him any more. He gave me lots of different insights about the world. I think I have to feel lucky that he is an academic who can leave his words and thoughts in his book. It will be published (A Japanese version) in August.

On 6/19, we had a wonderful gathering, "Talking with Minoru Hokari" at his university in Tokyo, thanks to Mino's publisher, Iku Hashimoto, Mino's professors and friends from his grade school to Hitotsubashi University. About 100 people came and shared his memories. I was grateful to see them all who helped and supported me throughout his illness. I felt very close to you when I was away from my brother. For the people in Australia, I want to let you know that there will be another gathering for Mino from 3 PM on 7/10 at Australian National University (New Coombs Lecture Theatre, ground floor of Coombs New Annex building), thanks to Tessa Morris-Suzuki. If you wish, please take a trip to attend and share his memories.One big news. Ann McGrath made tremendous effort to set up "Minoru Hokari Memorial Scholarship" at ANU. They will try to fundraise enough to last years to keep the fund going with his name. I will attach two PDF files about it. We have received lots of monetary gift while he was ill and also condolence gift after he passed away (This is pretty much Asian custom, just FYI) and in return, my parents plan to donate some amount to this fund. I myself plan to donate some amount every year since I always give him money or buy things when I see him. I would appreciate if you wish to participate.

One request for you. As a super-organized person (described by Mino), I want to organize this mailing list. If you wish to receive further correspondence from me, please reply to this e-mail with the following info.

1. You full name
2. Your location (City and Country)
3. Your relationship to Mino
4. Preferred language (English or Japanese)
5. Preferred e-mail address (if you wish to receive at the different e-mail address)

I am sorry, but I cannot physically type all the e-mail addresses. So, please reply to this mail with no exception. (I can see Mino holding his head with his big hands, says "Gee!! Yuki! You cannot do that to my friends!" Well, I will do it any way to make my life just a bit easier.)

For the last thing, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you very much to you all for helping and supporting Mino and his family since he got sick. Every time we think of him, we are connected with him, just as he always wishes. I believe he left many words and thoughts to you, please keep it alive. Please keep it alive in your life. That's how we are always connected with him.

I decided to make one project every year on 5/10, to keep his memory alive. Please help me in such an occasion.

July 8th is his birthday.

Best regards,

Yuki Hokariwith listening to Keith Jarrett "La Scala," which my dearest brother gave me on my second trip to Australia
from my home in the US.

===================The following part is written in Japanese.===================


最愛の弟、保苅実が亡くなってから、ほぼ2ヶ月が過ぎようとしています。私は両親と共に日本で1ヶ月ほど過ごし、6月20日NYの自宅に戻ってきました。実が亡くなったという事実が存在しての日常への復帰はとても辛いと感じます。帰宅したその夜中に、息子の海瑠は、起きて泣きながらハンカチをもとめるので、渡すと、"I want to see みぃちゃん"と言い、二人で抱き合って泣きました。自宅の図書室に小さなテーブルを置き、実の遺影や遺品を飾り、毎朝お線香を一緒にあげて話しかけています。


6月19日に、一橋大学で「保苅実さんと語る会」という素晴らしい集まりをもつことができました。お茶の水書房の橋本育さんと、一橋大学の藤田先生、加藤先生、伊豫谷先生と、慶応大学の清水先生、そして、実の小学校から大学時代の友人の皆さんのおかげです。約100人が集り、実の思い出を語り合いました。弟の闘病中、さまざまな形で助けて支えてくださった皆様とお会いすることができて、私は本当に嬉しかったです。オーストラリアから一番遠い国、アメリカにいる時、私は貴方達をとても身近に感じていました。オーストラリアに在住の皆さんに、お知らせします。7月10日午後3時より、オーストラリア国立大学(ANU)でもTessa Morris-Suzuki先生のご尽力で、集まりが開催されますので、もしよろしければ、参加して実の思い出を語り合っていただければ幸いです。

一つ大きなお知らせがあります。ANUのAnn McGrath先生のご尽力で、「保苅実 記念奨学金」が設立されることとなりました。彼の名前をつけたこの奨学金が末永く存続するために十分な資金を寄付によって調達することになります。ここに、PDFファイルで、その詳細と寄付申込書を添付しますので、ご覧になってください。実が病に倒れてからお見舞金を、そして亡くなってからはご香典をたくさん頂きました。そのお返しとして、両親がこの奨学金基金に多少なりとも寄付させていただく意向です。私自身は、毎年いくらか寄付するつもりでいます。毎年、弟と会うたびに、お小遣いをあげたり何かを買ってあげていたので、その代わりです。







保苅 由紀
Keith Jarrett "La Scala"(私の2回目の渡豪の時、彼がくれたCDです)を聴きながら、