:: Mino's Oral History ::

On December 19th, 2002, Peter Read interviewed Minoru Hokari. An audio recording tape of this interview was given to Yuki Hokari from Peter Read and transcribed by Kyoko Uchida.

The part of this interview is appeared in the final chapter of "Haunted Earth"(2003) by Peter Read, and Mino translated that chapter into Japanese by himself and made it as one chapter of his book, "Radical Oral History"(2004).

I, Yuki Hokari, would like to send my deepest appreciation to Peter Read, who gave me this precious tape, gave me a permission to reprint it, helped me edit it, and encouraged me by saying "The more people who can listen to it, and get to understand Mino's wisdom, the better." "It's very important work that you are doing."

Mino's Oral History